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Anja Apih (2022) Eating and swallowing disorders and their consequences in preschool children. MSc thesis.

Melanija Arko (2022) Collaborating with parents during the covid-19 pandemic. MSc thesis.

Nika Avbelj (2022) Importance of counting for preschool children’s understanding of arithmetic operations. Diploma thesis.

Doroteja Benedejčič (2022) Teaching self-advocacy skills to children with learning difficulties as part of the summer camp. MSc thesis.

Darja Bertoncelj (2022) Pupils' attitudes towards learning English as a foreign language in grades 5 and 6 of primary school. MSc thesis.

Sara Bitenc (2022) Characteristics of Practical Training of Preschool Education Students in Preschool Technical Education. Diploma thesis.

Tina Bohak Adam and Mira Metljak (2022) Experiences in distance education and practical use of ICT during the COVID-19 epidemic of Slovenian primary school music teachers with different professional experiences. Social sciences & humanities open , 5 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2590-2911

Gregor Bohnec (2022) Assessment of sustained attention with neurobeans cognitive tool. MSc thesis.

Mateja Bojić (2022) Comparison of outdoor play and learning in the preschool period and in the first triad of primary school. MSc thesis.

Lara Boštjančič (2022) Educator's experience with his educational work in correctional facility. MSc thesis.

Nastja Bozovičar (2022) Using montessori resources in mathematics at primary level in a public primary school. MSc thesis.

Katja Brečko (2022) Distress in adolescent romantic relationships. MSc thesis.

Anja Bregar (2022) Helping and assisting a pupil with a motor deficit through Tera/GIB: a case study. MSc thesis.

Urška Bregar (2022) Knowledge about the water cycle, connection to nature, environmental attitudes and behaviour of primary school students of the second triad. MSc thesis.

Ana Brelih (2022) Vocabulary analysis in textbooks for teaching English in grades 4 and 5 of primary school. MSc thesis.

Neja Brlogar (2022) Role of dynamic didactic activities in the development of number representations in grades 2 and 3 of primary school. MSc thesis.

Jona Brodar (2022) Use of the Teddy Talk screening test to determine the speech and language development of children between 4 and 5 years of age. MSc thesis.

Andrej Brumen Čop and Črtomir Frelih and Roman Makše and Mojca Zlokarnik (2022) Zaključna razstava študentov 4. letnika Oddelka za likovno pedagogiko 2021/2022. [Show/Exhibition]

Liza Cebe Podržaj (2022) On spending time in contemporary society through animation film.. Diploma thesis.

Urška Celarc (2022) Adolescence challenges in teenagers with Asperger's syndrome. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Cvetko (2022) Opinions of parents and professionals on the participation of parents of children with special needs in the process of individual assistance and support. MSc thesis.

Sara Čamernik (2022) Promoting hygiene in the preschool child. Diploma thesis.

Teja Černe (2022) Happily ever after - Preschool learning about death and grief through fairy tales. MSc thesis.

Tina Češek Grmek (2022) Teaching the concepts of water, pouring, forces and motion outdoors in the science and technology subject in the fourth grade. MSc thesis.

Mateja Dagarin Fojkar and Mirjam Grahut and Darija Skubic (2022) Teacher competences for teaching English as a foreign language in the first educational cycle of primary education. European journal of educational research , 11 (1). pp. 423-433. ISSN 2165-8714

Ana Dejak (2022) Experiences and opinions of mathematics and physics teachers regarding cross-curricular integration. MSc thesis.

Tatjana Devjak (2022) Inovativno učenje in poučevanje za kakovostne kariere diplomantov in odlično visoko šolstvo. Sodobni didaktični pristopi v visokem šolstvu. Scientific Monograph. Založba Univerze , Ljubljana.

Katja Doberšek Kilar (2022) Preschool teachers' recognition of gender stereotypes in children's playing and learning. Diploma thesis.

Živa Doberšek (2022) Reading with the help of a therapy dog. MSc thesis.

Oskar Dragan (2022) Comparison of micro-phenomenology and constructivist grounded theory analysis. MSc thesis.

Kristina Fideršek (2022) Visual and tactile paintings. Diploma thesis.

Špela Filipič (2022) Setting up a private music kindergarten with the Reggio Emilia concept elements. MSc thesis.

Katja Frelih (2022) Analysis of the impact of physical exercise on balance development in the preschool years. Diploma thesis.

Nina Fricelj (2022) Challenges and self-advocacy of students with special needs at University of Ljubljana. MSc thesis.

Tamara Gartner (2022) Computer and board game for teaching orientation and cardinal direction in 3rd grade of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Marko Glavan (2022) Flipped learning and teaching in 7th grade mathemathics. MSc thesis.

Tatjana Glavan (2022) Language comprehension and language use of verb forms in children aged 2 to 4. MSc thesis.

Neja Golež (2022) Stimulating speech development in children with special needs. Diploma thesis.

Sara Gorkič (2022) Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the homeless in Nova Gorica and the response of the local community. MSc thesis.

Marja Grebenc (2022) Teaching reading and writing according to the Maria Montessori method. Diploma thesis.

Zala Grobelšek (2022) Landscape motif as a basis for solving painting problems of contrast, colour quality, colour consistency and colouristic painting. MSc thesis.

Sara Grosek (2022) Preschool children's knowledge of dinosaurs and reptiles living today. Diploma thesis.

Maja Hafner (2022) Technical practicum products and teacher assessment literacy. MSc thesis.

Tajda Hari (2022) Primary teachers' opinions and attitudes towards the use of school gardens in teaching. MSc thesis.

Lara Henigman (2022) Integration of Slovenian folk dances in the educational process. MSc thesis.

Jerca Hočevar (2022) Topics on teaching genetics in American biology teacher journal from 2010 to 2020. MSc thesis.

Katja Hočevar (2022) Social inclusion of adults with intellectual disabilities in local environment. MSc thesis.

Sara Hočevar (2022) Barriers to gender equality and their impact on the advancement of female social pedagogues to leadership positions in management. MSc thesis.

Tatjana Hodnik and Vida Manfreda Kolar (2022) Problem solving and problem posing: from conceptualisation to implementation in the mathematics classroom. CEPS Journal, 12 (1). pp. 7-12. ISSN 1855-9719

Teja Hržič and Suzana Knavs (2022) Measurement Characteristics of the Slovenian Translation of the Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test. MSc thesis.

Ana Marija Ileršič (2022) Does the preschool reading badge promote inequalities between children. Diploma thesis.

Nataša Indjić (2022) Opinions of teachers and primary education students on the use of literary language from the first to fifth grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Rebeka Iskra (2022) Characteristics of anger expression in students in the first and second elementary school education periods. MSc thesis.

Lana Janežič (2022) Egon Schiele. Diploma thesis.

Ines Jelenec (2022) Analysis of the Pišek competition results through the understanding of programming concepts, task formats and programming environment difficulties. MSc thesis.

Anja Jerčič Jakob and Mojca Zlokarnik and Jurij Selan and Andrej Brumen Čop and Roman Makše (2022) Krajina / "Krajina". [Show/Exhibition]

Anja Jerčič Jakob (2022) Voščenke iz pigmenta sitarjevec: razstava študentk drugega letnika Oddelka za likovno pedagogiko UL PEF. [Show/Exhibition]

Samanta Jerman (2022) Teachers' perceptions of the influence of assertiveness and empathy on the academic achievement of special needs students. MSc thesis.

Anja Jevnikar (2022) Excercise program for the development of strength at children aged 1 to 3 years. Diploma thesis.

Neža Jug (2022) Teachers’ use of teaching methods and forms in mathematics teaching in grade 3 of primary school. MSc thesis.

Anja Jurčič (2022) Sewing as a participation project in the preschool period. Diploma thesis.

Tara Jurjaševič (2022) Men and masculinities in social pedagogical profession. MSc thesis.

Špela Kaiser (2022) Challenges of providing distance additional professional assistance. MSc thesis.

Anja Kalin (2022) Emotion regulation during learning. MSc thesis.

Tina Kaluža (2022) Attitudes of students towards the use of pop songs in the 5th grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Mojca Katrašnik (2022) Role of a preschool teacher in a hospital ward. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kerin (2022) Story narration as a tool for the assessment of speech and language production of hearing children from deaf parents. MSc thesis.

Jure Kirn and Klemen Šorak (2022) Learning to programme through mobile game development in Stencyl. MSc thesis.

Taja Klemen (2022) Introduction of hydrosphere environmental problems using advanced learning approaches in primary school chemistry lessons. MSc thesis.

Tajda Klešnik (2022) Motif of nature in the selected children's poems by Oton Župančič. Diploma thesis.

Špela Klofutar (2022) Importance of direct experience with forest organisms in early childhood science education. PhD thesis.

Nataša Klopčič (2022) Preschool teacher's role in the development of strengths in the early years. Diploma thesis.

Andreja Kocijančič (2022) Learning about the past with grade 1 pupils at risk play. MSc thesis.

Nina Kočar (2022) Monitoring the weather and seasons in the kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Ana Kogovšek (2022) Slovene primary students’ perceptions of their plurilingual competencies. MSc thesis.

Ana-Marija Kolednik (2022) Comparison of the new Slovenian and Croatian curriculum for literature lessons. MSc thesis.

Nika Konestabo (2022) Dialect use in rural and urban kindergartens on the coast. Diploma thesis.

Nika Koprivnikar (2022) Challenges for female teachers in distance education. MSc thesis.

Tina Koren (2022) The role of social pedagogue with Montessory method expertise in identifying and relieving anxiety in children. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Koren (2022) Needs of Children and Adolescents in the First Six Months of their Stay in Residential Child Care Institutions. MSc thesis.

Nina Kostrevc (2022) Parents' plurilingual and pluricultural competencies in the Slovenian educational space. MSc thesis.

Irena Košir Lovšin (2022) Teacher's anger expressionin a classroom and educational and social-emotional aspects of teaching. PhD thesis.

Klavdija Kovačič (2022) Monitoring the pupils reading with the aid of the therapy dog. MSc thesis.

Pšenica Kovačič (2022) Pšenica Kovačič: Slikopesmi. [Show/Exhibition]

Tadeja Kovačič (2022) Promoting speech-language development through additional professional support in the preschool years. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kovač (2022) Connection between adverse childhood experience and the decision for the helper career. MSc thesis.

Nina Kozamernik (2022) Phonological awareness of prematurely born children at school entry. MSc thesis.

Vanessa Kozar (2022) Sexual life of the persons in care in the Hrastovec Social Protection Institution. MSc thesis.

Špela Kozinc (2022) Influence of parental education on children's choice of literature in the context of the reading project Ciciuhec, we read with the little ones. Diploma thesis.

Evita Koželj (2022) Family motif and problem themes in selected children's picture books. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kralj (2022) Relationship between student's physical activity, health, and attitude towards education. MSc thesis.

Eva Kreže (2022) Reading literacy linked to bilingualism in 4th grade elementary school Slovenian language classes. MSc thesis.

Julija Krivograd Videršnik (2022) Understanding and Attitudes of Primary School Students towards Engineering and Technology. MSc thesis.

Marjeta Križnič (2022) Intensity of the experience of emotions and their regulation in primary school teachers. MSc thesis.

Anja Kuder (2022) Parents and teachers learning about and coping with the diagnosis of Pallister Killian syndrome emagistrsko delo. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Kulovec (2022) The knowledge of 4th grade students about Movement of the Earth in classroom learning and distance learning. MSc thesis.

Mojca Lapanja (2022) Development and stimulation of child’s story-telling ability with KBG sindrom. MSc thesis.

Klara Lebar (2022) Quality analysis of music textbooks from grade 1 to grade 5 in primary school. MSc thesis.

Eva Lederer (2022) Inclusively designed outdoor playgrounds for kindergartens. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Ledinek (2022) Teaching of design and techonology in the COVID-19 era. MSc thesis.

Sara Lovko (2022) Kindergarten coperation with galleries. Diploma thesis.

Urška Lovrenčič (2022) The application of specific principles of the behavioural approach and visual supports to introduce augmentative and alternative communication for preschool children with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities. MSc thesis.

Kaja Lovšin (2022) Attitudes and behaviours of primary school teachers in relation to a healthy lifestyle. MSc thesis.

Laura Lovšin (2022) The importance of physical activity in the development of balance of preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Ema Lukanc (2022) Acquaintance with the external human body structure by storytelling in preschool. Diploma thesis.

Neža Lumpert (2022) Online teaching of the gifted 4th and 5th grade mathematics students. MSc thesis.

Gloria Ana Lupus (2022) Colour dimensions in intaglio printmaking. MSc thesis.

Tanja Maček (2022) Pre-literacy skills in preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Eva Margon (2022) Perspectives of social pedagogy on prison. MSc thesis.

Nina Maslo Plečnik (2022) Addressing people with autism spectrum disorders in the contemporary media. MSc thesis.

Tina Matjaž (2022) Acceptance of asylum seekers' children among their peers in primary school. MSc thesis.

Barbara Matos (2022) Effects of calcium cyanamide on earthworms. MSc thesis.

Klavdija Melinc (2022) Integration of English language into the lessons of environmental studies with elements of convergent pedagogy. MSc thesis.

Lucija Merdavs (2022) How we address the topic of death in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Ana Mladenović (2022) Media constructions of gender and inequality in an educational context. PhD thesis.

Špela Mlakar (2022) Collaboration between special education teachers and parents in distance education. MSc thesis.

Ada Movrin (2022) English vocabulary development of first graders. MSc thesis.

Erika Nagode (2022) Writing and creating stories as a way of coping with difficult life experiences. MSc thesis.

Ajda Novak (2022) Speech and language activities in kindergarten during the covid-19 pandemic. Diploma thesis.

Anja Novak (2022) Mathematical picture book on measurement as a didactic tool in grade 1. MSc thesis.

Sarina Novak (2022) Adolescent women and abortion. MSc thesis.

Maruša Novljan and Jerneja Pavlin (2022) Experiences of Slovenian in-service primary school teachers and students of grades 4 and 5 with outdoor lessons in the subject science and technology. CEPS Journal, 12 (1). pp. 189-215. ISSN 1855-9719

Patricija Oblak (2022) The importance of direct experience with children's perception – analysis of children's drawings before and after direct contact with a frog and a rabbit. Diploma thesis.

Špela Obreza (2022) Landscape activities in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Klara Omovšek (2022) Reading a sixth grader with hyperkinetic disorder. MSc thesis.

Laura Ovčar (2022) Psychosocial recovery of women with breast cancer with the help of the Journal Nekaj mojega. MSc thesis.

Klara Paulič (2022) Mathematics picture book on the number zero as a didactic tool in grade 1 of primary school. MSc thesis.

Jerneja Pavlin (2022) Emily Kington: Elektrika: kaj naredi, da stvari delujejo? Založba Hart, Ljubljana, 2021. Naravoslovna solnica, 26 (2). p. 38. ISSN 1318-9670

Jerneja Pavlin (2022) Kartezijev plavač. Naravoslovna solnica, 26 (2). p. 34. ISSN 1318-9670

Katja Pečenković (2022) A text-free picture book as a means of promoting speech-language development in the preschool child. Diploma thesis.

Nikola Pešić (2022) T-ball basics for developing motor skills in preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Eva Petek (2022) Teaching science and technology in primary school using slovenian educational videos during distance learning. MSc thesis.

Nina Petrič (2022) Validity and reliability of the Slovenian translation of the questionnaire on swallowing disorders in head and neck cancer patients. MSc thesis.

Tanja Petrušič (2022) The identification of quality factors in teaching physical education. PhD thesis.

Lovro Pinter (2022) Analysis of copyright comics and novelties in contemporary comic art. Diploma thesis.

Nataša Planko (2022) Formative assistance of 5th grade students in slovene lessons in primary school with lower educational standard. MSc thesis.

Mojca Plemeniti (2022) Health-related behavioural styles of female secondary school students with physical disabilities. MSc thesis.

Lara Podberšič (2022) Didactic games for the topic of light in science and physics in primary school. MSc thesis.

Katja Podbevšek (2022) Male involvement in contraceptive decision making. MSc thesis.

Patricija Podboj (2022) Classification of finite simple groups of small order. MSc thesis.

Ester Potočar (2022) Suitability of differentiation of reading tasks in literature classes in the second triad of primary school. MSc thesis.

Robert Potočnik and Tanja Košir and Iztok Devetak (2022) Slovenian primary school teachers' opinion on interdisciplinary approach between fine art and science education. European journal of educational research , 11 (1). pp. 435-443. ISSN 2165-8714

Anita Praznik (2022) Primary teachers' attitudes towards the five-stage assistance model and its practical application. MSc thesis.

Maša Primožič (2022) Acoustic analysis of vowels in patients with Parkinson's disease. MSc thesis.

Aleš Pršin (2022) Pupils' interest in topics of physics outside of school frames. MSc thesis.

Majda Rančigaj (2022) Virtual implementation of "social skills training" as an example of digital youth work. MSc thesis.

Marko Razpet (2022) Filon iz Bizanca: študijsko gradivo: zgodovina matematike. [Teaching Resource]

Marko Razpet (2022) Kako se je Jurij Vega lotil logaritmov : študijsko gradivo : zgodovina matematike. [Teaching Resource]

Marko Razpet (2022) Klotoida : študijsko gradivo : zgodovina matematike. [Teaching Resource]

Marko Razpet (2022) Gaussove pripombe k Vegovim tablicam : študijsko gradivo : zgodovina matematike. [Teaching Resource]

Žan Rode (2022) Using the iNaturalist app in biological research and education. MSc thesis.

Barbara Rovšek (2022) Breztežnost in kaj ima s tem Newton. Naravoslovna solnica, 26 (2). pp. 8-12. ISSN 1318-9670

Neža Rudolf (2022) Testing and assessing listening comprehension in Slovenian lessons in grades 1 to 5 of primary school. MSc thesis.

Tanja Rudolf (2022) Opinions of teachers and blind students of the influence of the fine arts subject on their understanding of the specifics of spatial characteristics. MSc thesis.

Soraja Rutar Slivnik (2022) Creativity and motivation of pupils in artistic expression in the forest as an outdoor environment. MSc thesis.

Anja Seliškar (2022) Primary students' knowledge of and attitudes towards traditional foods of different nations. MSc thesis.

Metka Simončič (2022) Role of concrete visual representations for understanding of the long division algorithm in public and Montessori primary schools. MSc thesis.

Janja Skarlovnik (2022) Pre-school teacher's opinion of forest pedagogy efect on children. Diploma thesis.

Manja Slak (2022) Physical activity and educational work in correctional institutions / juvenile facilities. MSc thesis.

Miha Slapničar (2022) Chemical reaction comprehension on triple levels of chemical concepts representations. PhD thesis.

Lucija Sotošek (2022) The impact of fairy tales on the emotional and social development of preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Zora Stančič and Petra Varl (2022) Sočutje: razstava študentk in študentov Oddelka za likovno umetnost PEF Maribor in Oddelka za likovno pedagogiko PEF Ljubljana ter ostali umetniki in učenci OŠ Preska. [Show/Exhibition]

Kristina Starc (2022) Education in Dobrepolje between the two wars. MSc thesis.

Maja Strašek (2022) Importance of learning constructive conflict resolution in kindergarten for psychosocial well-being. MSc thesis.

Tea Suhoveršnik (2022) Anxiety and its risk factors in primary school children with learning deficits from the parents' perspective. MSc thesis.

Dražana Ševa (2022) Child's understanding of the concepts "live" and "not live" in various preschool environments. MSc thesis.

Martina Škrlec (2022) Expression of basic emotions in primary students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. MSc thesis.

Jerneja Škrlj (2022) Awareness and attitudes of professional women towards pregnancy despite the prediction of developmental abnormalities and possible resultant intellectual disability. MSc thesis.

Anja Šuligoj (2022) Role of the primary family in the onset of aggressive behavior and externalized behavioral disorder. MSc thesis.

Zala Šuštaršič (2022) Preschool teacher's role in the play of children aged 1-3 years. Diploma thesis.

Tamara Tavčar (2022) Balancing schoolwork and sport for triad 1 and 2 pupils. MSc thesis.

Bea Tomšič Amon (2022) E-studio: the use of information and communication technologies in the development of drawing competences in different educational environments. Cogent education , 9 (1). pp. 1-19. ISSN 2331-186X

Gregor Torkar and Luka Praprotnik and Žan Rode (2022) Lebdenje v vodi : uporaba modela 5R. Naravoslovna solnica, 26 (2). pp. 30-33. ISSN 1318-9670

Katja Tratnjek (2022) Early identification of developmental coordination disorder in preschool children. MSc thesis.

Katja Traven (2022) Word comprehension and expression in children from 24 to 47 months. MSc thesis.

Eva Trelec (2022) Incorporating traditional Slovenian dishes into children's kindergarten meals. Diploma thesis.

Petra Treven (2022) Sensory integration through sculptural activity. Diploma thesis.

Katarina Turk (2022) Dialect of Preschool Teachers and Preschool Children in the Dolenjska Kindergartens. Diploma thesis.

Klara Uršič (2022) Delving into physical and chemical contents of the science and technology subject with peer instruction approach in the 4th grade of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Katarina Vračar Gavrilović (2022) Preschool teachers' use of non-literary language in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Sara Vrhovec (2022) Importance of revision and the role of didactic games in the student's development of automaticity at the multiplication table. MSc thesis.

Ana Vrlinič (2022) Preschool teachers' attitudes towards the inclusion of musical instruments in music-oriented activities in kindergartens in the Bela krajina region. Diploma thesis.

Tamara Vučko (2022) Intercultural sensitivity of primary teacher education students. MSc thesis.

Alenka Vuga Seljak (2022) Fourth graders' spatial perceptions using a school surroundings map. MSc thesis.

Karin Zadnik (2022) Motivations for choosing a teaching profession and the professional development process of mathematics teachers. MSc thesis.

Tina Zadravec (2022) Storytelling and performing drama activities with a humanoid robot as a form of arts therapies for older people. MSc thesis.

Anka Zajc (2022) Equipping future classroom teachers to understand the situation of low socio-economic status learners. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Zajc (2022) Importance of the play method in the acquisition of finomotor skills. Diploma thesis.

Teja Zalokar (2022) Picture book as a means of promoting a child emotional experience. Diploma thesis.

Matej Zapušek (2022) Domain ontology of programming patterns in introductory programming courses. PhD thesis.

Klementina Zavšek (2022) Involving blind and visually impaired pupils in art lessons. Diploma thesis.

Urška Zgonc (2022) Unaccompanied children and guardianship system in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Darja Zorc Maver and Vesna Leskošek and Helena Smrtnik Vitulić (2022) Inovativno učenje in poučevanje za kakovostne kariere diplomantov in odlično visoko šolstvo. Različnost v visokošolskem prostoru. Scientific Monograph. Založba Univerze , Ljubljana.

Tjaša Zore (2022) Origami geometry. MSc thesis.

Špela Zorman (2022) Learning about nutrition in home economics classes with the help of H5P created interactives. MSc thesis.

Katja Zupančič (2022) Fourth graders personal health and hygiene perceptions. MSc thesis.

Klavdija Zupančič (2022) Correlation between dadaism and children’s drawing. Diploma thesis.

Monika Zupančič (2022) John Hattie, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, Visible Learning for Mathematics: Grades K-12: What Works Best to Optimize Student Learning, Corwin Mathematics: 2017; 269 pp.: ISBN: 9781506362946. CEPS Journal, 12 (1). pp. 241-246. ISSN 1855-9719

Neža Zupančič (2022) Motif and thematic aspect of fiction in the journal Naš rod (1929-1944). Diploma thesis.

Katja Zupan (2022) Snalysis of mountaineering accidents of primary school children in the Slovenian mountainous world from 2006 to 2019. MSc thesis.

Urša Žagar (2022) Implicit conceptions of intelligence and personality of the 5th graders and 6th graders in relation to academic achievements. MSc thesis.

Manca Žuna (2022) Parents' views on the children's free time in the primary first cycle. MSc thesis.

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