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Blaž Abram (2021) Impact of distance education on the digital literacy of teachers and students. MSc thesis.

Lavra Ambrož (2021) Integration of elements of fine arts therapy into fine arts education in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Nadja Arhar (2021) Preventive action for youth psychosocial distress through the online programme. MSc thesis.

Katarina Aškerc Zadravec (2021) The international dimension of the curriculum in higher education study programmes. PhD thesis.

Stanislav Avsec and Vesna Ferk Savec (2021) Pre-service teachersʼ perceptions of, and experiences with, technology-enhanced transformative learning towards education for sustainable development. Sustainability, 13 (18). pp. 1-28. ISSN 2071-1050

Stanislav Avsec and Vesna Ferk Savec and Andrej Flogie (2021) Snovalsko razmišljanje za spodbujanje veščin 21. stoletja. Scientific Monograph. Pedagoška fakulteta , Ljubljana.

Stanislav Avsec and Magdalena Jagiełło-Kowalczyk (2021) Investigating possibilities of developing self-directed learning in architecture students using design thinking. Sustainability, 13 (8). pp. 1-25. ISSN 2071-1050

Stanislav Avsec and Magdalena Jagiełło-Kowalczyk (2021) Developing a framework to predict factors significant forcreative architectural design performance of freshmenand senior architecture students, by adopting and validating the CEDA. International journal of engineering education, 37 (3). pp. 594-607. ISSN 0949-149X


Lucija Bah (2021) Comparison and analysis of violence in the fairy tales of the Grimm brothers and Svetlana Makarovič. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Bajd and Darja Skribe Dimec and Ana Gostinčar Blagotinšek and Dušan Krnel (2021) 25 let Naravoslovne solnice : kaj so napisali, kako premišljevali in za kaj smo se zavzemali uredniki. Naravoslovna solnica, 25 (3). pp. 4-8. ISSN 1318-9670

Barbara Bajd (2021) Ellas Educan Collective: Vse skrivnosti o virusih. Založba Hart, Ljubljana, 2020. Naravoslovna solnica, 25 (2). p. 39. ISSN 1318-9670

Doris Barat (2021) Punitive practices of science teachers at the secondary school of economics, services and construction kranj. MSc thesis.

Ema Barbič (2021) Training to develop reading skills and motivation through a guided reading approach in the presence of a therapy dog. MSc thesis.

Nana Barborič Vesel (2021) Kinetic sculpture under the influence of the natural force of light. Diploma thesis.

Natalija Bardić Velov (2021) Teaching English using online classroom in the first and second triad of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Nika Bedek (2021) Attitudes of primary education students towards problem topics in literature class. MSc thesis.

Endrina Bedö (2021) Physical performance and physical characteristics of children with mild intellectual disability after the covid-19 epidemic outbreak. MSc thesis.

Jasmina Begić (2021) From a minor to a serial killer. MSc thesis.

Urša Benedičič (2021) Developing listening skills in teaching English as a foreign language to fifth graders. MSc thesis.

Tina Benko (2021) Coping strategies of adolescents with psychosocial problems included in NGO support programmes. MSc thesis.

Neža Bergant (2021) Comparison of information and communication technology use in the classroom before and after adopted measures due to the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Bergant (2021) Natural sciences, biology and chemistry classes for talented elementary school students. MSc thesis.

Mojca Bernot Sotenšek (2021) Comparing the opinions of students and parents on the importance of home economics in today's society. MSc thesis.

Ana Bertoncelj (2021) Impact of the covid-19 epidemic on elementary school students' knowledge and understanding of physics. MSc thesis.

Nežka Birk Dular (2021) Innovative assistance forms to address and reduce the emotional distress of adolescents. MSc thesis.

Maša Blažič (2021) Students' experiences of online peer violence during distance education. MSc thesis.

Žiga Bogataj (2021) The acoustic influence of human voice on phonaesthetical perception of a foreign language. MSc thesis.

Kaja Bokan (2021) Teacher's role in facilitating good interpersonal relations between elementary students. MSc thesis.

Urška Bolta Salihović (2021) Literary analysis of animal stories from collection Babica pripoveduje. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Bon (2021) Primary teachers' viewpoints and subjective theories about classroom discipline. MSc thesis.

Neja Boštjančič (2021) Primary teachers' experience with internal differentiation and individualization. MSc thesis.

Anja Božnar (2021) Social anxiety in adolescents of general and sports gymnasiums. MSc thesis.

Teja Božnar (2021) Analysis of selected picture books from the collection »Čebelica« in the first preschool period. Diploma thesis.

Sabina Bradeško (2021) Impact of the fifth graders' family literacy on their reading motivation. MSc thesis.

Urška Brancelj (2021) Emotional and social development in guided music activities in the preschool years. Diploma thesis.

Tina Brate (2021) Role of the puppet and its importance for the daily routine and mutual relations in the kindergarten and at home. Diploma thesis.

Kaja Bratina (2021) Between text and visually supported narration - comparison between a fairy tale and an animated film. MSc thesis.

Mirko Bratuša and Mojca Berkopec and Santana Bojić and Heidi Janež and Andreja Koder and Liu Kontrec and Lara Korelc Vrtarič and Maša Križ and Pia Križnar and Taša Križnar and Nina Kržmanc and Vanja Nedimović and Eva Trampuš and Nika Vadnjal and Laura Zupančič and Nataša Gavrilović and Nina Borg and Venia Divjanović and Hana Erman and Marja Grešak and Klara Grgetić and Nika Jerič and Ana Povše and Manca Semprimožnik and Jerca Šuštar and Katja Troha (2021) Razstava študentskih del pri predmetih Osnove keramike in Kreativna keramika 2020/21. [Show/Exhibition]

Mirko Bratuša (2021) Razstava študentskih del pri predmetih Osnove keramike in Kreativna keramika : Galerija PEF, Ljubljana, 4. 3. 2021. [Show/Exhibition]

Mirko Bratuša and Roman Makše and Andrej Brumen Čop and Anja Jerčič Jakob and Črtomir Frelih and Zora Stančič and Bea Tomšič Amon and Jurij Selan and Urša Barič and Milan Ajduković and Monika Pešič and Katja Lampret and Pika Gačnik and Gaja Smodiš and Vitjan Črešnar Štaus and Jerca Rogelj (2021) 1 + 1 2021: razstava likovnih del profesorjev in študentov Oddelka za likovno pedagogiko Pedagoške fakultete v Ljubljani. [Show/Exhibition]

Urška Brigelj (2021) Preschool children's views on body image. Diploma thesis.

Andrej Brumen Čop and Črtomir Frelih and Roman Makše and Zora Stančič (2021) Zaključna razstava študentov 4. letnika Oddelka za likovno pedagogiko 2020/2021. [Show/Exhibition]

Maša Budič (2021) Therapeutic story and the selected elements of arts therapy with stuttering children, and their attitudes towards their speech. MSc thesis.

Uršula Bukovec (2021) Independence of people with intellectual disabilities in the preparation of meals by recipe. MSc thesis.

Nuša Butala (2021) Views of primary students and their teachers on cyber-bullying. MSc thesis.


Viktorija Capuder (2021) Transformations in Euclidean Geometry. Diploma thesis.

Manca Cerar (2021) Understanding mathematical proof and the validity of proofs in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Roberta Chissich (2021) A comparative study of word formations and morphological processing in Italian native speakers and Italian-Slovenian bilinguals. MSc thesis.

Ines Cifer (2021) Identification of personal accesibility of museums and theaters for mobility impaired people. MSc thesis.

Nadja Cverle (2021) Experiencing and expressing fear and sadness in students in the first and second learning triads of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Biljana Cvetković and Milan Cvetković and Tanja Petrušič and Višnja Đorđić and Saša Bubanj and Boris Popović and Slobodan Andrašić and Svetlana Buišić and Špela Bogataj (2021) Nutrition and physical activity behavior in 11-14-year-old school children in Serbia. Children , 8 (625). pp. 1-10. ISSN 2227-9067


Lili Čadež (2021) Promoting the socio-emotional development of children in public and montessori kindergartens. Diploma thesis.

Karmen Čad (2021) Promotion of the expression of children in the first three years of preschool through individual choice of materials. Diploma thesis.

Lea Čepon (2021) Analysis of selected aspects of movement and health of preschool children during the epidemic. Diploma thesis.

Boštjan Čerin (2021) Creation of the elementary school subjects of engineering and technology by promoting teacher collaboration and the exchange of learning materials via the website. MSc thesis.

Saša Čermelj (2021) Understanding the metaphors of first, third and fifth grade elementary school students. MSc thesis.

Adrijana Černič (2021) Teachers’ opinions and teaching materials for outdoor lessons on the subject matter of the 1st to 5th grade of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Karina Lana Černohorski (2021) An analysis of british augmentative and alternative communication language programme: Makaton. MSc thesis.

Anja Čibej (2021) Teaching and learning the science and technology contents to fifth graders through creative movement. MSc thesis.

Vitjan Črešnar Štaus (2021) Razstava: Vitjan Črešnar Štaus. [Show/Exhibition]

Barbara Čuk (2021) Role of the preschool teacher in identifying and responding to domestic violence. Diploma thesis.


Barbara Dejak (2021) Kindergarten merry-making activities. Diploma thesis.

Bojan Dekleva and Helena Grbec and Mija Marija Klemenčič Rozman and Alessandra Lah and Vesna Leskošek and Anica Mikuš Kos and Petra Polajžer and Jana Rapuš Pavel and Špela Razpotnik and Matej Sande and Sandra Simić and Darja Tadič (2021) Podporne mreže mladih v psihosocialnih stiskah: zaključno poročilo ciljnega raziskovalnega projekta. Project Report. Univerza v Ljubljani, Pedagoška fakulteta, Fakulteta za socialno delo , Ljubljana.

Ana Demšar (2021) Exhibition space design for the blind and visually impaired. Diploma thesis.

Marjana Demšar (2021) Socio-pedagogical family support - between support and control. MSc thesis.

Iztok Devetak (2021) Eurovariety 2021: 9th European Variety in University Chemistry Education Conference : 7-9 July 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia, online conference : book of abstracts. Scientific Monograph. Pedagoška fakulteta , Ljubljana.

Iztok Devetak (2021) Editorial. CEPS Journal, 11 (1). pp. 5-8. ISSN 1855-9719

Tatjana Devjak and Sanja Berčnik and Vesna Podgornik (2021) Inovativno učenje in poučevanje za kakovostne kariere diplomantov in odlično visoko šolstvo: specialne didaktike v visokošolskem prostoru. Scientific Monograph. Založba Univerze , Ljubljana.

Tatjana Devjak and Irena Janžekovič Žmauc and Jože Benčina (2021) The relationship between the factors and conditions of the autonomy of preschool teachers and fostering the autonomy of preschool children in kindergarten. CEPS Journal, 11 (1). pp. 67-90. ISSN 1855-9719

Nuša Dijak (2021) Illusion in painting. Diploma thesis.

Jerneja Dimc (2021) Comparison of quality and daily routine in Slovenian and Spanish kindergartens. Diploma thesis.

Gašper Dolenc (2021) Memes as a didactic tool for the teaching of nonsense poetry. MSc thesis.

Urška Doles (2021) Analysis of the teachers' questions in science and technology lessons in the fourth and fifth grades. MSc thesis.

Barbara Domanjko (2021) First aid content inclusion in the education process of the future preeschool teachers. Diploma thesis.

Martina Dominković (2021) Printmaking practices in the expanded field. MSc thesis.

Tea Dorić (2021) Immigrants as an overlooked group in the social housing sector. MSc thesis.

Martin Draksler (2021) Developing intercultural awareness through learning about of British, American and Indian culture in the fifth grade of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Mitja Drnovšek (2021) Linguistic appropriateness of official letters written by preschool teachers and their attitudes to them. Diploma thesis.

Diana Drobnič (2021) Primary teachers’ attitudes and fears about inclusion of children with special needs into primary school related to professional development stages. MSc thesis.

Ajda Dudáková (2021) Influence of the scout method on the attitude towards oneself, other people, and nature. MSc thesis.

Mihael Dvorščak (2021) Smart home school projects based on Raspberry Pi microcomputer. MSc thesis.


Martina Erjavšek (2021) Modern aspects of home economics education and Slovenia. CEPS Journal, 11 (4). pp. 33-62. ISSN 1855-9719

Martina Erjavšek and Francka Lovšin Kozina and Stojan Kostanjevec (2021) In-service home economics teachersʼ attitudes to the integration of sustainable topics in the home economics subject. CEPS Journal, 11 (1). pp. 27-47. ISSN 1855-9719


Jasmina Ferček (2021) Beneficial impacts of textile arts and crafts on the well-being of women. MSc thesis.

Dea Ferfolja (2021) The use of line drawing in picturebook. MSc thesis.

Ana Ferjančič Budihna (2021) Impact of practical classes on students' knowledge of and attitudes towards molds. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Filipčič and Špela Bogataj and Jernej Pajek and Maja Pajek (2021) Physical activity and quality of life in hemodialysis patients and healthy controls: a cross-sectional study. International journal of environmental research and public health , 18 (4). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1660-4601

Tjaša Filipčič and Vedrana Sember and Maja Pajek and Janez Jerman (2021) Quality of life and physical activity of persons with spinal cord injury. International journal of environmental research and public health , 18 (17). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1660-4601

Anja Filipič (2021) Teachers' professional development in solving the challenges of distance education. MSc thesis.

Rock Finale (2021) Enhancing environmental awareness through art. PhD thesis.

Katja Fink and Kaja Jordan (2021) Storytelling of a child using a picture book without text. Diploma thesis.

Pija Florjančič (2021) Stress management strategies for educational work in an educational institution. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Frančeškin (2021) Comprehensive support to the child with challenging behaviour in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Polona Frantar (2021) Collaboration between family and preschool at the arrival of a new family member. Diploma thesis.

Špela Fras (2021) Beliefs and experiences of pedagogical workers about the use of creative movement when working with children with intellectual disabilities. MSc thesis.

Nina Fricelj and Živa Jakšić Ivačič and Nika Bedek and Lara Gašpar and Lara Zupanc and Ana Čop and Nikolaja Bukovšek and Vitjan Črešnar Štaus and Gaja Smodiš and Anja Lotte Kastelic (2021) Obrazi Pedagoške fakultete: študentski svet Pedagoške fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani. Other. Univerza v Ljubljani, Pedagoška fakulteta , Ljubljana.


Slavko Gaber and Veronika Tašner (2021) Structural over-determination of education reforms and agency. CEPS Journal, 11 (2). pp. 77-95. ISSN 1855-9719

Maša Gabrijel (2021) Parents' views and experiences of disciplining children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Gabršček (2021) Distance education. MSc thesis.

Jan Gamberger (2021) A bird house for a tolerant Ljubljana: a pilot project for the integration of children residing in Asylum home Vič into the local community. MSc thesis.

Taja Geč (2021) Covert discrimination in preschool education. MSc thesis.

Tina Giber (2021) Comparison of traditional, kinesthetic and distant learning using psychophysiology. MSc thesis.

Lana Glavan Pezdir (2021) Representation of emotions in a drawing of a preschool child. Diploma thesis.

Christiana Glettler and Gregor Torkar (2021) First-year pre-service primary school teachers’ conceptual structure of ecosystem ecology concepts. Action research and innovation in science education, 4 (1). pp. 25-31. ISSN 2626-9902

Ana Godec (2021) Exploring children's attitudes towards old people and ageing. MSc thesis.

Katarina Gorenc (2021) Influence of mentor on the professional development of novice preschool teachers during their first employment in education. Diploma thesis.

Uršula Gorjanc (2021) Natural pigments in painting. Diploma thesis.

Leja Gornik (2021) Role of typography in graphic signs. Diploma thesis.

Ana Gostinčar Blagotinšek (2021) Izobraževanje generacije Z. Naravoslovna solnica, 25 (2). pp. 16-17. ISSN 1318-9670

Anja Gotovnik (2021) Supporting pupils with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities with comorbid depression in a special education programme. MSc thesis.

Lucija Govekar (2021) Facture, paint quality of drawing and painting. Diploma thesis.

Kaja Granič (2021) Development of Slovenian school in Toronto and their contribution to the education and preservation of Slovenian identity. MSc thesis.

Daša Grbec (2021) Responses on disruptive behaviour in managing a group. MSc thesis.

Lea Grčar (2021) Importance of illusion in optical art. MSc thesis.

Nejc Grenc (2021) The role of mental representation in problem-solving process. MSc thesis.

Špela Grižonič Lesar (2021) The efficacy of technology in interactive social skill learning for persons with autism. MSc thesis.

Pia Grižon (2021) What and how much to read children in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Zala Grobelšek (2021) Modernism landscape. Diploma thesis.

Urša Grošelj (2021) Role of movement games in learning a foreign language in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Kristina Gruden (2021) Interactive handbook with art diary to support education to strengthen personal, social and learning competence. MSc thesis.

Rita Gsender and Toma Strle (2021) Trust, automation bias and aversion: algorithmic decision-making in the context of credit scoring. Interdisciplinary description of complex systems, 19 (4). pp. 542-560. ISSN 1334-4676

Maja Gubenšek (2021) Perceptions about snails, toads and guinea pigs of fourth and fifth graders. MSc thesis.


Manca Hafner (2021) Teaching physics during the Covid-19 epidemic. MSc thesis.

Ajda Hiti (2021) Emotional competency of twice-exceptional students with specific learning difficulties. MSc thesis.

Neža Hočevar (2021) Opportunities for risky play in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Tatjana Hodnik (2021) Koncept problemskega pristopa in njegova konkretizacija na področju didaktike matematike. In: novativno učenje in poučevanje za kakovostne kariere diplomantov in odlično visoko šolstvo. Specialne didaktike v visokošolskem prostoru. Založba Univerze, Ljubljana, pp. 127-145. ISBN 978-961-7128-00-0

Sarah Horvat (2021) Metacognitive training to solve mathematical text problems of students with ADHD signs and learning difficulties in mathematics. MSc thesis.

Patricija Hostar (2021) Individualization in initial literacy instruction of first graders. MSc thesis.

Maša Hrastnik (2021) Obstacles and difficulties in team work of special education teachers and teachers in primary school. MSc thesis.

Ana Hribar Lemovec (2021) Matrix in contemporary printmaking. MSc thesis.

Ines Hribovšek (2021) Responding to the use of psychoactive substances in educational institutions. MSc thesis.

Darja Hristovski Kandušer (2021) Experience of a mother dealing with a child's special needs and assistance strategies. MSc thesis.

Maja Hudolin (2021) Peer collaboration in distance learning of fourth graders. MSc thesis.


Maja Istenič (2021) Experiences of special need assistants and professionals working with them. MSc thesis.


Sonja Jaki (2021) Fostering preschool children's social development. Diploma thesis.

Zala Jakob (2021) Hiking in selected schools with a special education programme. MSc thesis.

Lena Jakopič (2021) Role of pre-school teachers, primary school teachers, and librarians in engaging immigrant children in reading activities. Diploma thesis.

Nika Jakopin (2021) Portraits in printmaking. MSc thesis.

Živa Jakšić Ivačič (2021) Self-assessment of competencies and attitudes of higher education teachers and associates towards teaching students with special needs. MSc thesis.

Živa Jakšić Ivačič and Nina Fricelj and Nika Bedek and Katja Vadnal and Ivan Robnik and Natalija Golob and Lara Hodej and Sara Danilovska and Barbara Kadunc and Nastja Obrul and Špela Mlakar and Špela Schmidt and Špela Kaiser and Petra Suhoveršnik and Maja Ošlak and Tim Savelli and Doroteja Benedejčič and Tadeja Donša and Tinka Ferkolj and Irena Marinič and Mija Primec (2021) Lahko berljiva Ustava Republike Slovenije. Technical Monograph. Zveza Sožitje - zveza društev za pomoč osebam z motnjami v duševnem razvoju Slovenije , Ljubljana.

Nina Jančigaj (2021) Cooperation with parents during the Covid-19 epidemic. Diploma thesis.

Manca Janežič (2021) The role of educator in encouraging child's moral development. Diploma thesis.

Renata Janežič (2021) Opinions of preschool teachers on illustrations in Slovenian picture books. Diploma thesis.

Petra Janša (2021) Reasons for choosing a public or montessori kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Klara Japelj (2021) Awareness of the book concept in children aged 5 to 6 years. Diploma thesis.

Domen Jarc (2021) Experiments in the teaching of electricity and light as part of the science and technology subject for fourth grade students. MSc thesis.

Manca Jarc (2021) Daily routine in the Kindergarten of Kolezija. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Jarc (2021) Pre-school educators dealing with a child with diabetes in the kindergarten department. Diploma thesis.

Špela Jeglič (2021) Usefulness of didactic tools used in outdoor art lessons in learning about the specifics of local cultural haritage. MSc thesis.

Tamara Jelen (2021) Bibliomethod as a form of social pedagogical work with children with emotional and behavioural problems. MSc thesis.

Tina Jerala (2021) Children's games in the past and today. Diploma thesis.

Anja Jerčič Jakob and Andrej Brumen Čop and Roman Makše (2021) Risba, slika, kip: razstava izbranih likovnih del študentov Oddelka za likovno pedagogiko Pedagoške fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani. [Show/Exhibition]

Katarina Jereb (2021) Gender identity in a preschool child's drawing. Diploma thesis.

Nika Jerič and Katja Troha (2021) Razstava v Knjižnici UL PEF: Avtoportreti (Katja Troha in Nika Jerič). [Show/Exhibition]

Eva Jesenovec (2021) English language learning in preschool with kamishibai. Diploma thesis.

Maja Jevtić (2021) Growing up and cohabitation with siblings with autism spectrum disorder. MSc thesis.

Klara Jordan (2021) Analysis of preschoolers' involvement in organized sports activities. Diploma thesis.

Lidija Jovanov (2021) Self-evaluation of speech-language pathologists on the competence of cooperation with parents: a comparative study of Slovenia and North Macedonia. MSc thesis.

Glorija Jugović (2021) Public awareness of speech-language therapy and surdopedagogy and the role of speech-language therapist – teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. MSc thesis.

Aurelija Jurca (2021) Psychosocial distress, existential vacuum and drug use of youth in correctional institutions. MSc thesis.

Sara Juretič (2021) Subjective assessment of the quality of life of a family with a person with special needs during distance learning. MSc thesis.

Saša Juretič (2021) Communication skills of an adult with aphasia and apraxia of speech after brain tumour removal. MSc thesis.

Mojca Juriševič and Lana Lavrih and Amela Lišić and Neža Podlogar and Urška Žerak (2021) Higher education studentsʼ experience of emergency remote teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic in relation to self-regulation and positivity. CEPS Journal, 11 . pp. 241-261. ISSN 1855-9719


Špela Kadunc (2021) Development of fine motor skills with wooden craft activities in preschool age. Diploma thesis.

Urška Kalina (2021) Daily routine adaptations for children with special needs in kindergarten special needs sections. Diploma thesis.

Mario Kasović and Lovro Štefan and Vilko Petrić and Vesna Štemberger and Iva Blažević (2021) Functional endurance capacity is associated with multiple other physical fitness components in 7-14-year-olds: a cross-sectional study. BMC public health, 21 (669). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1471-2458

Nika Kastelic (2021) Self-portrait of preschool children in the second age group. Diploma thesis.

Ana Kavčič (2021) Interactive picturebook as didactic accessory. Diploma thesis.

Fjolla Kaçaniku (2021) Advancing a culture of quality in initial teacher education in Kosovo in the context of European initiatives. PhD thesis.

Urška Keber (2021) Eighth graders' prior knowledge of human evolution. MSc thesis.

Klara Kenda (2021) Planning and implementation of hiking tours in the chosen occupational and care centre. MSc thesis.

Neža Kernel (2021) Infatuation and psychosocial distress of adolescent girls. MSc thesis.

Nuša Kirn (2021) Comparison of the views of preschool education students and teachers on the interaction of sculptural and drawing development in a 3-4 year old preschool child. Diploma thesis.

Nika Kitek (2021) Knowledge about special nutrition for primary school students. MSc thesis.

Vanja Klanšek (2021) Collaboration of the Zagorje ob Savi kindergarten with the public library. MSc thesis.

Kaja Klevišar (2021) Views of school advisors on cooperation with teachers. MSc thesis.

Amedea Klopčič Vukšinič (2021) Revision of Myosotis arvensis agg. in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Mojca Klopčič (2021) Dance for toddlers. Diploma thesis.

Anuša Kobal (2021) Development of fine motor ability in children aged 3–5 years old with help of various technical sets. Diploma thesis.

Anja Katarina Kocmur (2021) Understanding abstract concepts in children aged 4 to 6 years. Diploma thesis.

Anita Kočan (2021) Different ways of using bases in preschool drawing. Diploma thesis.

Kelli Kogoj (2021) Gravitational lensing in the classroom. MSc thesis.

Mojca Kogoj (2021) Climate analysis and proposals for its bettering in the preschool at elementary school dobrova. MSc thesis.

Kristina Kolbezen (2021) Recognizing, preventing, and addressing peer violence among girls. MSc thesis.

Petja Kolenko (2021) Impact of the social situation on the visual image of the new wave music. MSc thesis.

Lea Kolman (2021) Water knowledge retention after experiential learning in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Tinkara Konc (2021) Importance of play in a neohumanist international preschool in Denmark: Sunrise international preschool. Diploma thesis.

Katja Kopajnik (2021) Evaluation of elementary and secondary science textbooks considering the special needs of students with learning disabilities. MSc thesis.

Urša Korbar (2021) Effects of direct and indirect teaching on communication in math lessons in a combined classroom. MSc thesis.

Urban Kordeš and Ema Demšar (2021) Being there when it happens : a novel approach to sampling reflectively observed experience. New ideas in psychology : an international journal of innovative theory in psychology, 60 (100821). pp. 1-13. ISSN 0732-118X

Anja Koron (2021) Developing computational thinking through Scratch projects. MSc thesis.

Špela Kosec (2021) Solid Edge for technical drawing in primary school technology classes. MSc thesis.

Katarina Kosmač (2021) Employment of people with moderate intellectual disabilities in occupational and daycare centers in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Lea Kosmač (2021) Preschool education through the eyes of the media and the lay public. MSc thesis.

Špela Kosmač (2021) Attitudes of preschool teachers towards the introduction of Montessori elements into work with children. MSc thesis.

Stojan Kostanjevec and Francka Lovšin Kozina (2021) Editorial: Home economics education as needed in the 21st century. CEPS Journal, 11 (4). pp. 7-11. ISSN 1855-9719

Lea Kos (2021) Perception and experience of the forest in children through free play and activities based on the flow learning method of Joseph Cornell. MSc thesis.

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