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Blaž Abram (2019) Advanced functionalities for creating educational games in Unity. Diploma thesis.

Simona Agrež Franko (2019) Quality of monitoring child's developement and progress in planning and evaluating educational work in preschool. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Ajdovec (2019) Reading chapter books in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Laura Ambrožič (2019) Role of animals in the selected works of Franček Rudolf. MSc thesis.

Rebeka Androjna (2019) The relationship between the accessibility to English paper and digital materials and reading comprehension achievements of year 6 students in the Posavje region. MSc thesis.

Alja Andromako (2019) Wealth and youth. MSc thesis.

Ema Antončič (2019) Work with users of psychoactive substances within educational institutions and residential groups. MSc thesis.

Nadja Arhar (2019) Mindfulness at work with primary students. Diploma thesis.

Karolina Aškerc (2019) Primary teachers' competencies for teaching rhythmic gymnastics. MSc thesis.

Teja Avguštin (2019) Professional development preschool teachers - mentors. MSc thesis.

Stanislav Avsec and Slavko Kocijančič and David Rihtaršič and Roman Žavbi and Branko Kaučič (2019) Optimizacija pouka vsebin tehnike in tehnologije. Scientific Monograph. Univerza v Ljubljani, Pedagoška fakulteta , Ljubljana.

Ida Ažbe (2019) Teachers' views on violence prevention and reduction. MSc thesis.

Melita Ažman (2019) Stand-up Comedy as a Form of Rehabilitation Assistance to Physically Disabled People. MSc thesis.


Barbara Bajd (2019) Uvodnik. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (3). p. 2. ISSN 1318-9670

Barbara Bajd (2019) Listne reže. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (3). p. 37. ISSN 1318-9670

Nela Bajrović Petek (2019) Connection between creativity and motif in fine arts therapy. MSc thesis.

David Baler Petrović (2019) Analysis of the achievements of ninth graders at the 2017 National chemistry competition. MSc thesis.

Ana Banovec (2019) Effectiveness of forms of teachers' assistance to third graders, fourth graders and fifth graders with difficulties in learning maths. MSc thesis.

Doris Barat (2019) Attitudes of pupils towards animals and work in a school vivarium. Diploma thesis.

Sabrina Barbarič (2019) Students atittude to the healthy lifestyle habits. MSc thesis.

Ilma Begović (2019) Adolescent's experience of the period before his release from the correctional institution. MSc thesis.

Eva Benedičič (2019) comparison of the similar problems' results at the national Assessment of knowledge of physics and at the Čmrlj competition. MSc thesis.

Tamara Benko (2019) Metric characteristics of BNVR – the Butt non-verbal reasoning test. MSc thesis.

Petra Berčič (2019) Models of collaboration between parents and educational professionals in kindergartens. Diploma thesis.

Karina Berginc (2019) Monitoring the process of support and assistance to vulnerable family. MSc thesis.

Tanja Berkopec (2019) Familiarization with materials in the first and second age group with percussion instruments. Diploma thesis.

Ana Bezenšek (2019) A model for educating special education teachers for applying behavioural approach while working with children with autism spectrum disorders. PhD thesis.

Ivanka Bider Petelin (2019) Assessment of preliteracy competence in children aged five to seven years old. PhD thesis.

Irena Bilčić (2019) Prevention of youth homelessness. MSc thesis.

Daša Bitenc (2019) Figuralism in Expressionism and in Brutus Art. Diploma thesis.

Monika Bitežnik (2019) Impact of tasks »Silence game« and »Walk along the line« on the attention of pupils in public elementary school. MSc thesis.

Patricija Bizjak (2019) Technology-assisted critical thinking to develop technological literacy. MSc thesis.

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) Two models of women fairy tale creation in Slovenia - women fairy tale writers and women storytellers. In: Über Nachtfliegen, Zaunkönige und Meisterdiebe : Neue Beiträge zur Grimm- und Märchenforschung. Kassel University Press, Kassel , pp. 253-276. ISBN 978-3-7376-0548-9

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) Blaž Vurnik, Zoran Smiljanič: Ivan Cankar: podobe iz življenja. Ljubljana: Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane: Forum, 2018. Sodobnost : revija za književnost in kulturo, 83 (1/2). pp. 193-197. ISSN 0038-0482

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) Andrej Rozman Roza: Pesmi iz galerije. Ljubljana: Narodna galerija, 2018. Sodobnost : revija za književnost in kulturo, 83 (3). pp. 353-357. ISSN 0038-0482

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) O pobudah za posvet o pouku književnosti v slovenskem vzgojno-izobraževalnem sistemu. Jezik in slovstvo, 64 (1). pp. 3-6. ISSN 0021-6933

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) Učni načrt za slovenščino v osnovni šoli (2011) v luči sodobnih pogledov na pouk mladinske književnosti. Jezik in slovstvo, 64 (1). pp. 11-19. ISSN 0021-6933

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) Vinko Möderndorfer: Jaz sem Andrej. Ljubljana: Mladinska knjiga (Zbirka Odisej), 2018. Sodobnost : revija za književnost in kulturo, 83 (5). pp. 656-661. ISSN 0038-0482

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) Innovative approaches to studying and learning - mapping of the fairy tale Golden bird ATU 550. Philological studies = Filološki studii = Filološke pripombe = Filologičeskie zametki = Filološke studije, 17 (1). pp. 236-252. ISSN 1857-6060

Milena Mileva Blažić (2019) James Joyceʼs fairy tale Cat and the devil as a picture book for children. Socialʹnye i gumanitarnye nauki: teoriâ i praktika (1). pp. 16-30. ISSN 2587-9987

Petra Bobnar (2019) Attitude toward school of students with special needs in mainstream and specialized institutions. MSc thesis.

Kristina Bogataj (2019) Teaching social studies contents through films. MSc thesis.

Klara Bojc (2019) Preschool chlidren's perception of the Earth. Diploma thesis.

Doroteja Bolko (2019) Third graders' emotional expression. Diploma thesis.

Ana Bovhan (2019) Use of ultrasound in speech therapy with a boy with suspected childhood apraxia of speech. MSc thesis.

Valentina Božič (2019) Subject teachers attitudes towards inclusive education. MSc thesis.

Mirko Bratuša (2019) Razstava študentskih del pri predmetih Osnove keramike in Kreativna keramika v študijskem letu 2018/19. [Show/Exhibition]

Yvonn Brčina (2019) Subspecies of common fumitory (Fumaria officinalis L.) in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Anja Bregar (2019) Adults' attitudes towards healthy diet recommendations. MSc thesis.

Domen Brglez (2019) Machine learning in sports analytics. MSc thesis.

Maša Bricl (2019) Well-being of the first-generation immigrants' children in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Katja Bunderšek (2019) Teachers' experiences and attitudes fowards the use of stories in teaching English in the first cycle of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Maša Burger (2019) Comparison of the role of the preschool teacher in a daily routine in a public kindergarten and in a Maria Montessori kindergarten. Diploma thesis.


Ajda Centa (2019) Deception and thermal imagers. MSc thesis.

Tanja Cerar (2019) Participation of elementary students and preschool children in early science experimentation. Diploma thesis.

Anja Cerovšek (2019) Isolation and identification of fungi, collected from Proteus anguinus and its immediate aquatic environment. Diploma thesis.

Teja Cimperman (2019) Study of the Slovenian tale »Kekec« through project-based learning. MSc thesis.

Andreja Cole (2019) Motives of companions of children with intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy for work in summer camps. MSc thesis.


Nika Čater (2019) Collaboration between fourth graders from Jurij Vega elementary school in Moravče and the local community societies. MSc thesis.

Petra Čeh (2019) The use of drugs at after-parties. MSc thesis.

Mojca Čepič (2019) Identification of gifted students with underprivileged background by doing experiments. In: Dílny Heuréky, 21. - 23. 9. 2018, Jiráskovo gymnázium, Náchod, Češka.

Kaja Čepin (2019) The analysis of educational plans of primary schools. MSc thesis.

Manja Čepin (2019) The differences between the child's storytelling near the book before reading and reading the Content. Diploma thesis.

Aleksandra Čergan Ristić (2019) The helping process based on the needs of families with children with special needs. PhD thesis.

Boštjan Čerin (2019) Learning computer programming in slovenian elementary schools. Diploma thesis.

Gaja Črnac (2019) Student's knowledge and misconceptions about snakes and their willingness to participate in their conserevate. Diploma thesis.

Anita Čujec (2019) Formative feedback as self-regulated learning encouragement. MSc thesis.


Maja Dacar (2019) Influence of colour on food and drinks selection of elementary school students. MSc thesis.

Ana Dejak (2019) The importance of cognitive conflict and scaffolding in constructivist teaching of physic. Diploma thesis.

Alenka Demšar (2019) Social inclusion of children with special needs - case study. Diploma thesis.

Ana Deutsch Sodnik (2019) Sports activities for special and rehabilitation pedagogues as a professional stress preventative measure. MSc thesis.

Iztok Devetak (2019) Editorial. CEPS Journal, 9 (1). pp. 5-7. ISSN 1855-9719

Špela Dimič (2019) Outdoor Experiences of Three Different Generations Aged up to 12 Years. MSc thesis.

Maja Dobravc (2019) Impact of ultraviolet radiation and drought on the content of biominerals uptake in leaves of barley. MSc thesis.

Karmen Dolenc (2019) The ability of the fifth graders to form summaries. MSc thesis.

Mira Dolenc (2019) Musculoskeletal disorders of preschool teachers. Diploma thesis.

Janja Dovč (2019) Preschool dance activities. Diploma thesis.

Špela Dragan (2019) Spatial orientation and effectiveness of solving written tasks in the cycling exam. MSc thesis.

Urška Drolc (2019) Speech development and the importance of listening attention in preschool children. Diploma thesis.


Nuša Erjavec (2019) Rocket – inquiry-based learning. Diploma thesis.

Tina Erznožnik (2019) Selected properties of Saxifraga hostii plant exposed to different UV-B treatments along an altitudinal gradient of Kobariški Stol. MSc thesis.

Nika Eterovič (2019) Developing technical correct handling of pre-school children with toys. Diploma thesis.


Anka Ferkolj (2019) Critical analysis of science and biology teachers’ lesson plans about cellular anatomy of organisms. MSc thesis.

Tinka Ferkolj (2019) Quality of life of people with the Usher syndrome. MSc thesis.

Vesna Ferk Savec (2019) Use of ICT and innovative teaching methods for STEM. In: SLET 2019, 20 - 23 May 2019, Stavropol-Dombay, Russia.

Daša Ferš (2019) Preparation of a travel guide for Maribor in easy-to-read form in collaboration with people and for people with intellectual disabilities. MSc thesis.

Ana Filipič (2019) Assistance to secondary school student with non-verbal learning disabilities. MSc thesis.

Zala Fister (2019) Formal and informal outdoor education of young children. MSc thesis.

Ana Fon (2019) Analysing light with colour in painting. Diploma thesis.

Klara Fon (2019) Introduction of the term cause-consequence through project work in the age group 5-6 years. Diploma thesis.

Ana Forjan (2019) Contemporary portrait in printmaking. Diploma thesis.

Tina Fornazarič (2019) Effect of experiential lessons on sixth graders' knowledge of plant seeds and fruits. MSc thesis.

Teja Franko (2019) Programming Sphero robot in the last educational period of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Črtomir Frelih (2019) Zaključna razstava 4. letnika Oddelka likovne pedagogike. [Show/Exhibition]

Mihael Furjan (2019) Board games in art education. MSc thesis.


Blažka Gaberc (2019) Encouraging the development of phonological awareness through musical activities by Edgar Willems. MSc thesis.

Špela Gaberšek (2019) Impact of extensive meadows management on butterfly diversity in the Rečica valley near Laško. MSc thesis.

Slavko Gaber and Veronika Tašner (2019) Robotisation, automatisation, the end of work and the future of education. CEPS Journal, 9 (3). pp. 5-9. ISSN 1855-9719

Nastja Gabor (2019) Challenges of creating a parenting partnership after the child's birth. Diploma thesis.

Jan Gačnik (2019) The role of working memory and task types in English listening comprehension of Slovenian year 6 students. MSc thesis.

Alenka Gartnar (2019) Preschool children concentions about molds. Diploma thesis.

Alja Gašparut (2019) Parent-teacher collaboration in helping students with learning difficulties in mathematics. MSc thesis.

Janja Gašper (2019) Sexual education in easy-to-read texts for young people with moderate intellectual disability. MSc thesis.

Aljaž Glavina (2019) Use of wax in fine arts. MSc thesis.

Saša Glažar and Katarina Senta Wissiak Grm and Iztok Devetak (2019) Učitelj raziskovalec za prenos raziskovalnih spoznanj v pouk kemije. Scientific Monograph. Univerza v Ljubljani, Pedagoška fakulteta , Ljubljana.

Tanja Gnidovec (2019) Herbariziranje cvetov : priložnost za poglobljeno spoznavanje zgradbe cveta. Naravoslovna solnica, 24 (1). pp. 24-25. ISSN 1318-9670

Tanja Gnidovec and Gregor Torkar (2019) Primary school studentsʼ conceptions about owls, experiences with owls and their sources of information. Journal of Baltic science education, 18 (2). pp. 254-263. ISSN 2538-7138

Veronika Gnidovec (2019) Interdisciolinary approach to sculpture activities in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Lara Godec Soršak (2019) Pomen povratne informacije bodočim učiteljem o njihovih govornih nastopih. In: Obdobja 38, 23 - 25 Oct 2019, Ljubljana, Filozofska fakulteta.

Margaret Godec (2019) Training of strategies for mathematics written knowledge test-taking of pupils with learning disabilities. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Golobič Štucin and Darja Skribe Dimec (2019) Branje strokovnih revij in profesionalni razvoj učiteljev razrednega pouka na področju poučevanja naravoslovja. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (2). pp. 4-6. ISSN 1318-9670

Jana Golob (2019) Organization of the extended reading of literary texts in after-school programs. MSc thesis.

Katja Gorenčič (2019) Teaching science in fourth and fifth grades of elementary school using information-communication technology. MSc thesis.

Taja Gorenšček (2019) Viewpoints of biology teachers on biology learning objectives for eighth graders. MSc thesis.

Nastja Gosar (2019) Discussing and recreating selected folk songs from Štrekelj's collection Slovenian folk songs in the third grade. MSc thesis.

Katja Gospeti (2019) Children's response to the illustrations in different versions of the picture book Little Red Riding Hood. MSc thesis.

Ana Gostinčar Blagotinšek (2019) Kako deluje indukcijsko kuhališče. Naravoslovna solnica, 24 (1). p. 36. ISSN 1318-9670

Maša Govednik (2019) Comparison of preschool curriculum in Slovenia and public preschool curriculum in California focusing on technical education. Diploma thesis.

Petra Grabljevec (2019) Learning through the game in the playroom and forest. Diploma thesis.

Anita Grčman (2019) Gender stereotypes in preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Veronika Grebenc (2019) Personality traits of special education and rehabilitation teachers at work. MSc thesis.

Vanja Grišin Šertelj (2019) Classroom theatre and the fairy tale Snow White. MSc thesis.

Urh Grobljar (2019) Creating an UV-visible spectroscope and its use in education. MSc thesis.

Natalija Gruden (2019) Acetylsalicylic acid in the context of life situations in experimental chemistry in elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Patricija Gruden (2019) Peer violence from the perspective of students of primary school. MSc thesis.

Urška Gutnik (2019) Preschool teacher´s role in telling fairy tales to preeschool children. Diploma thesis.


Maja Hafner (2019) Assessment of Products in Technology and Engineering Lessons. Diploma thesis.

Miha Hančič (2019) Miha ha: prostrane krajine domišljije. [Show/Exhibition]

Vanja Hanžekovič (2019) Effectiveness of special education writing diagnostic tests for identification of pupils with writing difficulties at the end of the first triad. MSc thesis.

Maja Hladnik (2019) Complex orthogonal matrices. MSc thesis.

Špela Homan (2019) Waldorf kindergarten puppetry. Diploma thesis.

Eva Horvat (2019) The topological biquandle of a link. Pacific journal of mathematics, 302 (2). pp. 627-644. ISSN 1945-5844

Ines Horvat (2019) The effect of an experiential lessons on sixth grade student's knowledge and understanding of the sexual reproduction of plants. MSc thesis.

Ema Hostnik (2019) Observing and documenting a child's progress and development in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Ana Hribar (2019) Roller as a matrix in high printing technique. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Hrovat (2019) Assessment of listening skills in hearing children and children with cochlear implant prior to or at the school entrance. MSc thesis.

Vilma Hrovat (2019) The views on the inclusion of children with special needs in Slovenia and Sweden. MSc thesis.

Erik Hrvatin (2019) Graph spectrum and its applications. MSc thesis.

Ines Huber (2019) Developing of technological literacy using forest pedagogy of design and technology subject matter of sixth graders. MSc thesis.


Magdalena Jagiełło-Kowalczyk and Stanislav Avsec and Karolina Szczepara (2019) Regenerating space within the historic tissue of the city. Valencia. Środowisko Mieszkaniowe (27). pp. 94-101. ISSN 2543-8700

Ana Jagodic (2019) Number and quantity sense of students in year 3 with significant learning difficulties in Mathematics. MSc thesis.

Uršula Jaklič Žagar (2019) Hundred square in the number sequences research in the third grade of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Živa Jakšić Ivačič and Helena Grbec and Nika Bedek and Nina Popovič and Rok Gumzej and Nina Zupanc and Sara Danilovska (2019) Moč pedagoškega dela. Technical Monograph. Ljubljana, Pedagoška fakulteta.

Maja Jamnik (2019) Quality pre-school environment as a decreasing factor of speech and language difficulties of pre-school children. Diploma thesis.

Ana Jančigaj (2019) Confronting pluralism of values and beliefs in a public school. MSc thesis.

Eva Janečko (2019) Much ado about nothing: understanding of the zero number of preschool children and the first graders. Diploma thesis.

Irena Janžekovič Žmauc (2019) Preschool teachers' attitudes towards their professional autonomy and towards promoting children's autonomy in kindergartens. PhD thesis.

Maruša Jarc (2019) Challenges and experience faced by parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. MSc thesis.

Manca Jasenc (2019) The role of leadership and colleges' support in professional development by teachers' judgment. MSc thesis.

Ines Jaušovec (2019) Facing challenges of open drug scene by the Kings of the street society. MSc thesis.

Špela Jazbar (2019) Innovation-entrepreneurial readiness of pupils in 8th grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Julija Jazbinšek Jenko (2019) Preschool teachers' knowledge of first aid procedures for preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Sanja Jedrinović and Anja Luštek and Vesna Ferk Savec (2019) Online course as an encouraging tool for didactic use of ICT in higher education. In: SLET 2019, 20 - 23 May 2019, Stavropol-Dombay, Russia.

Danijela Jelisavac (2019) Attachment styles of the teachers providing additional professional assistance and their relationship with the students. MSc thesis.

Monika Jensterle (2019) Use of the didactic game Mundus at web safety tests. MSc thesis.

Natalija Jeraj (2019) Good graphic prints. Diploma thesis.

Matjaž Jerala (2019) Stellarium software and its use in school. Diploma thesis.

Klavdija Jerovšek (2019) Applying a TPR storytelling method in teaching english in preschool. Diploma thesis.

Patricia Jert (2019) Children's participation in the daily routine. Diploma thesis.

Jan Jug (2019) Emergence of communication among agents based on deep learning with predictive processing. MSc thesis.

Sara Jurčič (2019) Use of storybooks at primary English teaching to address interculturalism. MSc thesis.

Maja Jurgalič (2019) Speech-language development and mobility incentives in the pre-school period. Diploma thesis.


Špela Kalan (2019) Resources of support at pedagogical work. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Kapun (2019) Social pedagogical creation of changes in the interaction of young people in the rural settlement Črešnjevec. MSc thesis.

Nina Kasagič (2019) A textile as a technical material through a play of children aged 2-3 years. Diploma thesis.

Urška Keber (2019) Histochemical determination β-glucans in barley grains. Diploma thesis.

Laura Kerčmar (2019) Adolescent´s attitudes toward the process of institutional help and suport. MSc thesis.

Pika Kerpan (2019) Analysis of the warm-up part of the physical education lesson taught by primary teachers and physical educators. MSc thesis.

Petra Kic (2019) Strenght and climbing in the preschool period. Diploma thesis.

Nika Kikelj (2019) Subjective assessment of the quality of life of adults with moderate intellectual disabilities. MSc thesis.

Jerca Kirn (2019) Teachers' attitudes toward the importance of movement and its inclusion in the learning process. MSc thesis.

Tina Klemenčič (2019) Wordless picturebooks in Slovenia: the child as a (co)creator of the narrative. Diploma thesis.

Kristina Klinc (2019) Fosterin relationships among pupils with social games. MSc thesis.

Maja Kljajić (2019) Pre-school teacher's introduction of changes in their pedagogical work as a factor in their professional development. MSc thesis.

Urša Klobčar (2019) Ability of storytelling and retelling stories in preschool period. Diploma thesis.

Amedea Klopčič Vukšinič (2019) Human urinary system knowledge of the seventh graders, eight graders, and ninth graders. Diploma thesis.

Klavdija Klopčič (2019) Opinions of biology teachers about the National assessment of biology knowledge in 2017. Diploma thesis.

Anja Knežević and Matija Čufer (2019) Web application to encourage face to face communication. MSc thesis.

Lora Kočan and Petra Zore (2019) Role and status of women in religious communities in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Urška Kodila (2019) "Me" project: active learning with closed type research. Diploma thesis.

Monika Kogoj (2019) Re-use of materials in technology and engineering lessons. Diploma thesis.

Enja Kokalj (2019) Identifying attribute interactions by interpreting model predictions: the case of grapevine yellows disease. MSc thesis.

Julija Kokalj (2019) English teachers' experiences with developing initial literacy in English as a foreign language in the third grade. MSc thesis.

Jasmina Kolbl (2019) The influence of guided active learning on conceptual change in chemistry. PhD thesis.

Aja Komel (2019) Boys' representation in proposed and compulsory literature of Slovene authors in a nine-year program primary school (Curriculum, 2011). MSc thesis.

Melita Kompolšek (2019) Fostering programming with problem-based learning. MSc thesis.

Maruša Koren (2019) Importance of executing physical activities before guided activities in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Tina Koren (2019) Song repertoire in the second triad of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Tine Koron (2019) Physical computing in Scratch. Diploma thesis.

Helena Korošec and Jože Zajec and Urška Jeraj (2019) Razstava ob svetovnem dnevu lutkarstva : Galerija PEF, Ljubljana, 21. 3. 2019. [Show/Exhibition]

Sanda Kostelac (2019) Use of nutritional cards in nutritional education. MSc thesis.

Marjanca Kos and Janez Jerman (2019) Gardening activities at school and their impact on childrenʼs knowledge and attitudes to the consumption of garden vegetables. Problems of education in the 21st century, 77 (1). pp. 270-290. ISSN 2538-7111

Milena Košak Babuder and Saša Jazbec (2019) Exploring pre-service and in-service teachers' perceptions about early foreign language learning and dyslexia. Porta linguarum (32). pp. 87-102. ISSN 1697-7467

Veronika Koščak (2019) Preschool children's facing death as a taboo issue. Diploma thesis.

Tanja Košir (2019) Primary school teachers' opinion on interdisciplinarity of science and fine arts. MSc thesis.

Gloria Kovač and Gregor Torkar (2019) Naravoslovna igra : Čigava je stopinja živali?. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (3). pp. 34-36. ISSN 1318-9670

Klavdija Kovač (2019) The analysis of experiments in teaching mixing colours (pigments) in the first and the second triennial of primary school. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Kovač (2019) Intergenerational trauma transmission and its impact on the family. Diploma thesis.

Maja Kovič (2019) Training of guided reading in english with students with dyslexia. MSc thesis.

Tanja Kovjenić and Ana Kveder (2019) Teaching Slovene to fourth graders with the help of creative movement. MSc thesis.

Katja Kovše (2019) Comic – motion – animation. MSc thesis.

Mateja Koželj (2019) Problems with the introduction of digital technology in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Meta Koželj (2019) Role of the Slovenian School Museum in learning about the educational system history in the fourth and fifth grades of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Nives Krajnc (2019) Language barriers of immigrant children at their kindergarten integration in styria. MSc thesis.

Gloria Krapež (2019) Textile techniques – interesting facts and usefulness from the point of view of elementary schoolers. Diploma thesis.

Veronika Krečič (2019) Individualized planning of independent living for person with physical disability. MSc thesis.

Sandra Kregar (2019) Biba(games)and finger games for todllers. Diploma thesis.

Janez Krek and Hodnik Tatjana and Janez Vogrinc (2019) The primary school moral education plan in Slovenia ten years after its introduction. European journal of educational research , 8 (4). pp. 1229-1243. ISSN 2165-8714

Ingrid Križaj (2019) Music content analysis of songs in the English course books in the 4th and 5th grade primary school. MSc thesis.

Peter Križman (2019) First steps into programming through LEGO Mindstorms activities. MSc thesis.

Dušan Krnel (2019) Uvodnik. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (2). p. 2. ISSN 1318-9670

Dušan Krnel (2019) Vreme in kroženje vode. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (2). p. 37. ISSN 1318-9670

Dušan Krnel (2019) Pozimi narava počiva. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (3). p. 38. ISSN 1318-9670

Dušan Krnel (2019) Zakaj rubrika "Mislil sem ... ". Naravoslovna solnica, 24 (1). p. 37. ISSN 1318-9670

Dušan Krnel (2019) Uvodnik. Naravoslovna solnica, 24 (1). p. 2. ISSN 1318-9670

Dušan Krnel and Gregor Torkar (2019) 5 R ali pet korakov v eni učni uri. Naravoslovna solnica, 23 (3). p. 13. ISSN 1318-9670

Katja Kugonič (2019) Comparison of didactic board games and didactic computer games as a method of mathematics knowledge consolidation. MSc thesis.

Jera Kunčič (2019) Match analysis of inclusive judo for people with special needs. MSc thesis.

Eva Kunej (2019) Setting evaluation and assessment criteria for primery students' fine art products. MSc thesis.

Sara Kurbus (2019) Homework at literature lessons from the first to the fifth grade. MSc thesis.

Nastja Kurež (2019) Use of learning resources in teaching English to the third graders. MSc thesis.

Petra Kvas (2019) Fostering picturebook reading. MSc thesis.


Nika Lakič (2019) Consolidation of knowledge with creative movement in the educational after-school programme. Diploma thesis.

Damjana Lampe (2019) Testing the knowledge on spices and herbs acquired with learning by experience. MSc thesis.

Miha Lampe (2019) Effects of a biological plant growth promoter on mineral nutrition of a sunflower. Diploma thesis.

Marta Lampič (2019) Comparison of pupils opinion about pedagogical behaviours of their teachers at physical education and other subjects in the 4th and 5th grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Bojan Latin (2019) Emerging literacy in the second age group in the Kočevje kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Sara Lazar (2019) Introduction of 3D-Printing to preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Teja Lazar (2019) Merging photography and drawing. Diploma thesis.

Katja Leben (2019) Introducing the concept of a house through creative movement in age group of four to five years. Diploma thesis.

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Mojca Vrhovski Mohorič (2019) Načrtovanje didaktičnih pripomočkov za 7. razred osnovne šole s prilagojenim programom z nižjim izobrazbenim standardom za predmet Družboslovje: Usmeritve za načrtovanje in primeri načrtovanih pripomočkov - študijsko gradivo za izvedbo vaj pri predmetu Učenje in poučevanje otrok s posebnimi potrebami: družboslovje. [Teaching Resource]

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Ines Wolf (2019) Team work of education professionals at offering professional assistance and support to pupils with specific learning difficulties in elementary school: a comparative study of Slovenia and E England. MSc thesis.


Jana Zajc (2019) Pupils' opinions of teachers' educational styles and authority in modern elementary school. MSc thesis.

Lara Zajc (2019) A summer camp in kindergarten Vrhnika as a way of promoting children social interactions. Diploma thesis.

Nastja Zalašček (2019) National external assessment of the Slovene language in the third grade of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Petra Zalaznik (2019) Kindergarten teacher’s knowledge and execution of pre-number activities. Diploma thesis.

Živa Zalokar (2019) Informing parents of people with intellectual disabilities about their further opportunities in life after finishing elementary school. MSc thesis.

Eva Zavrl (2019) Differences in mountaineering activities between kindergarten and primary school. MSc thesis.

Maja Zelič (2019) Collaboration between a Special Education Teacher and a PE Teacher at Teaching Special Needs Students and Their Professional Development. MSc thesis.

Vanja Zidar (2019) Let’s make our own children's play – participation in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Nina Zoran (2019) Developing competencies of composing texts of the fifth graders in Slovene and English elementary school. MSc thesis.

Nika Zrilić (2019) Sixth graders' opinion on the teacher's use of mother tongue (Slovene) in teaching English. MSc thesis.

Melita Zukić (2019) Parental needs for Islamic kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Ana Zupanc (2019) Intercultural education in primary school- employees' and students' perspective. MSc thesis.

Elina Rafaela Zupanc (2019) Transcending traditional gender roles and problem-orientated topics in contemporary Slovenian children's litrature. MSc thesis.

Nina Zupanc (2019) Analysis of current elementary chemistry textbooks based on developed quality criteria. MSc thesis.

Katja Zupančič (2019) The role of a preschool teacher in intercultural education in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Maja Zupančič (2019) Development of hypothalamic dopaminergic neurons and their role in anxiety-like behaviour in mice. MSc thesis.

Katja Zupanič (2019) Emergence of visual consciousness in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). MSc thesis.

Lara Zupan (2019) Facilitating of preschool children’s sensual perceptions with technical activities. Diploma thesis.

Manca Zupan (2019) Verbal abuse in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Neja Zupan (2019) Collaboration and competition in preschool. Diploma thesis.


Tina Žakelj (2019) Equidecomposability of polygons. Diploma thesis.

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Urška Žunič (2019) Importance of gross motor for a boy with haemophilia. MSc thesis.

Tanja Žura (2019) Preschool teacher's role in introducing media education to preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Sara Žvab (2019) The impact of postural and dynamic reflex integration on a child's developement according to dr. Masgutova nevrosensorimotor method. Diploma thesis.

Ema Žvokelj (2019) Gardening experience of fifth graders and its impact on their attitude towards home produced vegetables. MSc thesis.

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