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Biserka Marjetka Adamlje (2016) The attitude of preschool teachers towards the catering of children in kindergartens. Diploma work.

Ana Ambrožič (2011) Attachment parenting. Diploma work.

Anja Ažman Janežič (2016) Promoting speech children aged 5 to 6. Diploma work.


Karin van Bakel (2016) Children's folk heritage through creative movement with the youngest kindergarten children. Diploma work.

Sanja Balažic (2015) Planning of physical activities for pre-school children in the region of Pomurje. Diploma work.

Jožica Banič (2012) The didactic materials at maths in kindergarden. Diploma work.

Katja Ban (2011) The use of checklist of recommended literature in the nursery age. Diploma work.

Martina Bedenčič (2016) Introduction and exploration of natures water cycle in preschool. Diploma work.

Nadja Belič (2016) An essay of fairy tale type of Mojca Pokrajculja atu 283c* in pre–school period. Diploma work.

Monika Benda (2014) Speech and language disorders in pre-school. Diploma work.

Mateja Bevc (2012) Children's physical play in the group 1−2 years. Diploma work.

Anita Bizjak (2011) Using waste materials at the kindergarten Idrija in the second age group. Diploma thesis.

Martina Bizjak (2012) Parenthood, partnership and professional career. Diploma work.

Tjaša Bobnar (2012) Participation of children in the project The New Year's fairytale wishes of children. Diploma work.

Saša Bogataj (2016) Pre-school reading badge and choice of picture book. Diploma work.

Janja Božič (2014) Teacher's attitude towards lessons of natural sciences. Diploma thesis.

Larisa Bračič (2016) The life and work in pre-school institution Danijelov Levček. Diploma work.

Olga Brandstatter (2012) Violence against children in families and role of kindergarden in discovering, suspect. Diploma thesis.

Marija Brank (2011) Technical activities in the holidays in kindergarden. Diploma work.

Dunja Bregar (2011) Motivation of pre-school children for learning English. Diploma work.

Elizabeta Brezovar (2013) Collaboration and communication between preschool teachers and parents of preschol children. Diploma work.

Karmen Brklje (2012) Connection of motion/sports activity with nutrition habits of preschool children and their parents in Bela krajina. Diploma work.

Maja Brvar Zupančič (2016) Reading Kosovel's poetry in the pre-school period. Diploma work.

Petra Brvar (2016) Microorganisms in the preschool period. Diploma thesis.

Tanja Burja (2011) Promoting speech in children aged 1 to 2. Diploma work.


Kristina Cerar (2011) Children with behavorial problem. Diploma work.

Urška Cetinski (2016) Integrating the past into life and work of a preschool institution. Diploma work.

Ana Cigale (2014) Early science for the very young – how to acquaint children aged from 1 to 2 years with natural objects and materials. Diploma thesis.

Janja Cimrmančič (2011) Use of educational books in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Tina Cunk (2013) Analysis of book colections Great picture book for preschoolers. Diploma work.

Helenca Cvetežar (2016) How am I protecting the environment, when i recycle?. Diploma work.


Petra Čelešnik (2013) Functional literacy of preschool teachers. Diploma work.

Andreja Črnagoj (2012) Constructing occasional toys from different materials in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Maja Čuden (2012) Guided visualization as stimulation for dance expression. Diploma work.


Eva Debeljak (2015) Point of view of kindergarten teachers and their assistants to working with special needs children in regular groups. Diploma thesis.

Adrijana Despotović (2011) Cochlear implants. Diploma work.

Mateja Dobnikar (2011) Herb gardening in kindergartens. Diploma work.

Saša Dular (2012) The influence of a puppet on the emotional and social development of preschool children. Diploma work.


Anastassia Felini (2016) Summer in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Tanja Ferjančič (2016) Riddle in preschool education. Diploma thesis.

Nina Filipan (2016) Talk about a fairy tale read between the teacher and children. Diploma work.

Jernej Filipič (2013) Games and toys from Prlekija. Diploma work.

Mateja Fortuna (2013) Parents views on child's transition to nursery school. Diploma work.

Maja Furlan (2012) Visit of the Zoo with preschool children. Diploma work.


Ana Gabršček (2016) How do kindergarten teachers read literary texts to children in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Urška Gabršček (2014) Center for school and outdoor education soča (Tolmin) program extention. Diploma work.

Milanka Gavrić Kušljić (2016) Science in kindergarten in conjuction with the elements of the concept of Reggio Emilia. Diploma work.

Sabina Germovnik (2016) Children's text of Janez Bitenc. Diploma work.

Vanja Gianini (2012) Preschool period of coordination process. Diploma work.

Tanja Gorenjak (2012) Subjective theories of educators of preschool children. Diploma work.

Dunja Gorišek Simončič (2015) Self-evalution of quality in preschool. Diploma work.

Darinka Grabljevec (2011) Differences in children's narratives according to parent's educational level. Diploma work.

Irena Grdešič (2012) Musical competence of preschool teachers. Diploma work.

Andreja Gregorčič (2012) Views of preschool teachers and their assistants on team work in preschool. Diploma work.

Tina Grilc (2014) A child's view of the moon. Diploma thesis.

Darja Grimšič (2013) Dance creativity as a response to images of imagination trees. Diploma work.


Tanja Hauptman (2014) Forest, meadow and stream as a stimulating environment for the development of pre-school children. Diploma thesis.

Anica Hudelja (2014) Physical activity and chosen healthy lifestyle factors of preschool children in Bela krajina. Diploma work.

Karmen Hudoklin (2014) Scent memorization, recognition and activities encouraging scent perception in children from 2-3 years. Diploma thesis.

Irena Humar (2014) Massages for children in preschool period. Diploma work.


Eva Ileršič (2012) Introducing soil animals in preschool. Diploma work.

Tatjana Imperl (2013) Construction based research project - shadow puppets in fairytales and children’s theatre. Diploma work.

Nika Ivančič (2011) Sex as a taboo subject in kindergarten. Diploma work.


Mateja Jagodić (2011) Knowledge of the slovene language as a condition for a successful integration of non-slovene children into slovene kindergartens. Diploma work.

Ružica Jagodić (2012) Distribution of geometric bodies in first age bracket. Diploma work.

Alenka Jalovec (2011) The reading habits of parents of preschool children. Diploma work.

Anja Valerija Jalšovec (2014) Creative movement in fifth grade. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Jamnik (2014) Dance dramatization of the russian folk tale The Rabbit’s House. Diploma thesis.

Klara Jarc (2012) Let us make our own fairytale and theatre performance: the child participation project. Diploma work.

Tjaša Jelnikar (2012) Puppets in early foreign language learning. Diploma work.

Ana Jeraj (2016) Exploring the effects of temperature changes on phase transitions of water with toddlers. Diploma work.

Ines Jesenovec (2012) Identifying differences in physical, psychological and social responses of children aged 2 to 3 years respect to two diferent implementing curriculum. Diploma work.

Anita Ješe (2013) The attitude of teachers towards singing in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Jasna Jug (2016) Children's ideas about nutrition and digestive system of humans, animals and plants. Diploma work.

Mirjam Juhant (2012) Planning, conducting and presenting a fair test in pre-school. Diploma work.

Sara Jurčić (2015) Literary analysis of selected poems set to music published in the children's magazine Cicido: between 1998 and 2015. Diploma work.


Tjaša Kadivec (2012) Five Tibetan exercises for preschool children in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Katja Kamnar (2013) Children' s storytelling in the second age group. Diploma work.

Beti Karakatič (2012) Acquisition of the language of environment with the help of puppets in a bilingual area. Diploma work.

Maša Kepec (2012) Design of packing waste with 3-4 years old children. Diploma work.

Maja Kilar (2012) What do we know about dinosaurs?. Diploma work.

Maja Klančar (2012) Aggressive behavior of children towards peers and preschool teachers in kindergarden. Diploma work.

Nina Klančnik (2015) Children learn about features of water and other liquids. Diploma thesis.

Alenka Klemenčič (2013) Project work: »From grass to ice cream«. Diploma work.

Tina Klemenčič (2011) From planning to the realization of the language activities in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Maja Kljajić (2011) Attachment of the child to his mother. Diploma work.

Tea Kocijančič (2016) The ideas of teaching cycling in the movement phase. Diploma work.

Anja Kokošin (2013) Aesthetic art compositions using given geometric shapes with children aged two and a half to four years. Diploma work.

Tadeja Kokot (2016) The influence of parents on the life and work of kindergarten. Diploma work.

Veronika Kokovnik (2011) Prescolar teacher's encouragement of the children's storytelling. Diploma work.

Petja Kolegar (2016) Movement games in the past and their usage in today's kindergarten. Diploma work.

Mojca Kolman (2012) Beverages intake among preschool children. Diploma work.

Vanja Konček (2012) Games and toys in the past and present. Creating old toys with children between age of 3 to 5. Diploma work.

Polona Kopač (2011) Influence of educator's behaviour on child's intergrated reactivity in physical activites. Diploma work.

Simona Koren (2011) The role of puppets in social adjustment during early childhood. Diploma work.

Jolanda Koritnik (2016) Pre-school children ideas about wolf. Diploma work.

Nataša Kos (2012) Promotion of healthy life-style in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Vesna Košir Pevec (2014) Children learn about ireland – international project Comenius. Diploma thesis.

Metka Krajnc (2012) Progress of a deaf child on the area of movement. Diploma work.

Jacinta Kraner (2013) Social learning with dance expression and movement. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Kremžar (2012) Prospects of emotional regulation at preschool teachers. Diploma work.

Eva Križnič (2011) Morphology of fairy tales by author Lea Fatur from Vladimir Y. Propp. Diploma work.

Katarina Kržič (2016) Literary magazines and newspapers for preschool children. Diploma work.

Jerneja Kržišnik (2015) The significance of mountaineering in pre-school period. Diploma work.

Pia Kuk (2011) Preschool children's opinions and experience with their participation. Diploma work.

Janja Kump (2016) The popularity of toys and play of pre-school children. Diploma work.

Matija Kunstelj (2012) Puppet - an assistant in preschool education. Diploma work.

Polona Kunstelj (2011) Inclusion of children with ADHD (Aattention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Tatjana Kuzma (2011) Punishment: necessity or harm in preschool education. Diploma work.

Branka Kužnik (2016) Theory of Clarissa Pinkola Estes and analyses of fairy tales – case study of the Red shoes. Diploma work.


Elvira Laharnar (2011) Ljubljansko barje - preschool children`s space for playing and learning. Diploma work.

Mateja Lah (2011) Working with fairytales in preschool period in different media. Diploma work.

Maja Lazar (2016) Paying attention during storytelling in public and montessori kindergarten. Diploma work.

Staša Lepen (2012) The analysis of certain factors of a healthy lifestyle among students of Preschool Education. Diploma work.

Tadeja Likar (2013) Imaginary trees as new encouragement for child's imagination. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Likar (2016) Opinions of skiing instructors on teaching in the fundamental and the sports movement phase. Diploma thesis.

Daša Lokar (2012) Same-sex parenting. Diploma work.

Marija Lukšič (2014) Encouraging creative reuse of shopping carrier bags in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Ester Lužnik (2013) Tolmin peasant uprising as dance dramatisation in kindergarten. Diploma work.


Jasna Maček (2011) Storytelling and fairytale hours in public libraries. Diploma work.

Mihela Maček (2012) Analysis of the performance of the preschool autistic girl. Diploma thesis.

Alja Mahkovic (2011) At the reilway station. Diploma work.

Barbara Majcen (2012) Study the conifers in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Natalija Majetič (2012) Analysis of opinion of parents and teachers on outdoor physical activities. Diploma work.

Darja Malovrh (2013) Injuries of pre-school children at locomotor activity in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Urša Marc (2011) Differences in adaptation to the water between boys and girls. Diploma work.

Suzana Martinjak (2011) Identification and expression of emotions at play with puppet. Diploma work.

Mateja Matjašec (2015) Production model of water wheel in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Anja Medle (2016) Book and literary education in the preschool period. Diploma work.

Barbara Meglič (2012) Inquiry in kindergarten: What is an accident?. Diploma work.

Monika Meglič (2013) Rest and sleep in kindergarten Tržič. Diploma work.

Irena Melinc (2016) Songs and musical fairy tales of Janez Bitenc. Diploma work.

Katarina Meža (2011) Handbook for an extracurricular activity in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Mojca Miko Zorman (2015) The suitability of picture books in achieving emotional literacy in preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Dijana Miladić (2012) The integration of Roma children into the kindergarten as the predictor of success in the educational system. Diploma work.

Katja Miloševič (2016) Eating habits of preschool children. Diploma work.

Mateja Mišmaš (2012) Daily rutine in Polish and Slovenian kindergarten. Diploma work.

Petra Mitar (2016) Encouraging participation and cooperation learning of preschool children by making theatrical performance. Diploma work.

Sandra Mlakar (2015) Family and kindergarten as partners in the education of pre-school children. Diploma work.

Darija Močnik (2014) Dance dramatization: Animals at Grandma winter. Diploma work.

Nina Modrijan (2016) Introduction of baby sign language for babies and toddlers in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Anja Mohar (2016) Puppets in the first age period. Diploma work.

Aleksandra Možina (2011) Social games making with children aged three and four. Diploma work.

Nina Mržljak (2016) Roma assistants in first grade of primary school. Diploma work.

Aleksandra Muhič (2012) Psychoanalysis through fairy tale. Diploma work.

Darja Muhvič (2016) The increase in social and cultural capita in areas with a Roma population. Diploma thesis.


Melita Naglič (2013) Eco project in the Kindergaten: reuse of packaging waste. Diploma work.

Biljana Nikoloska (2015) Professional burnout of preschool teachers – does it truly exist. Diploma work.

Damjana Nišandžić (2011) The role of a preschool teacher in the first class of the nine-year elementary school. Diploma work.

Anita Novak Valant (2011) How important is knowledge of Slovenian language for successful integration of non-Slovenian speaking children in Slovenian kindergarten. Diploma work.

Mateja Novak (2013) Animated movie in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Simona Novak (2011) The revelance of fairy tales with regard to moral development of pre-school children. Diploma work.


Klavdija Oberstar (2014) Exploring and playing with different materials in the first age group. Diploma thesis.

Neža Obid (2012) Hiking in motor/sports program Little Sunshine. Diploma work.

Lucija Ojsteršek (2011) Park Tivoli: stimulating learning environment for a young child. Diploma work.

Vesna Oseli (2012) The play of different aged children in kindergarten and the role of adult. Diploma work.

Sandra Osolnik (2012) Excursions and outdoor work. Diploma work.

Katja Osredkar (2012) Integration of motion and mathematical content in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Teja Ovčar (2014) Differences in heart rate between regular and irregular students of faculty of education. Diploma thesis.


Tjaša Pajek (2014) The impact of dance expression on interpersonal relationships. Diploma thesis.

Nuša Pajk (2011) Encouraging musical and theatrical creativity of preschool children with the help of puppets. Diploma work.

Pia Pal (2011) Literature as motivation of science activities. Diploma work.

Mojca Pavlič Drnovšek (2011) Music with puppets – puppets with music. Diploma work.

Liljana Pavlič (2014) Aesop's fables in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Saša Pavlin (2012) How kindergarten teachers express praise and reprimand?. Diploma work.

Renata Pavlovič (2012) Improving the guality of work in the kindergarden by using marionettes/pupets. Diploma work.

Silvija Pavšič (2012) My funny day in the kindergarten: children’s participation. Diploma work.

Anita Peklaj (2016) Planning dance activities for pre-school children in the Central Slovenia region. Diploma work.

Mateja Pellis (2016) Preschool teacher's role in helping preschoolers develop healthy eating habits. Diploma work.

Tatjana Penič (2016) Wool technology in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Helena Penko (2016) The role of puppets in the development of social relations. Diploma work.

Marjetka Perc (2011) The role of women educators in the social development of children in a daily routine. Diploma work.

Silva Perko (2012) Children, five to six year-old learn about textile. Diploma work.

Slavica Perpar (2013) Problem theme of (sexual) abuse of children in youth literature. Diploma thesis.

Simona Peršin (2015) Clay as toy in pre-school. Diploma work.

Urška Petač (2016) Science in montessori kindergarten. Diploma work.

Tina Peterka (2012) Exploring meadow with preschool children. Diploma work.

Petra Peterlin (2012) Interdisciplinary correlation in the project »Road traffic«. Diploma work.

Melita Petrič (2016) Differences in balance in preschool children aged 1 and 3 years. Diploma thesis.

Sonja Pezdirc (2012) Understanding and transforming fabric in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Anja Pikl (2014) Media education and preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Špela Pirc (2014) Including children aged one to two into motor/sport program Little Sun. Diploma thesis.

Anja Pišek (2012) Orientation games in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Nataša Pišek (2012) Integration of contents in orientation and language in the first age group of preschool education. Diploma work.

Janja Plečnik (2015) The importance of puppets as sources of motivation for children. Diploma work.

Jurka Podobnik (2016) Finger puppet games to encourage communication in the first age group(toddlers). Diploma work.

Uroš Podobnik (2016) Patriotism in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Urška Podobnik (2014) Patterns in nature. Diploma work.

Gašper Podstudenšek (2012) Preschool children's understanding of frame construction. Diploma work.

Pija Pohar (2014) Discovery learning in kindergarten: How does the baby grow. Diploma work.

Nina Popović (2011) The roll of television and book as media in language development of preschool children. Diploma work.

Tamara Praček (2016) Preschool teachers, speech therapists and parents: cooperation in recognition and treatment of preschool children speech disorders. Diploma work.

Tjaša Praček (2011) Orientation and mathematics in the pre-school education. Diploma work.

Andreja Prašnikar (2011) Correlation between sports activities of childcare workers with chosen factors of healthy way of living. Diploma work.

Katja Praznik (2011) Sights of our town. Diploma work.

Andreja Primožič (2012) Puppets help us learn about healthy way of eatting. Diploma work.

Nina Prokofjev Voga (2016) daily routine comparison between slovenian and belgian nursery. Diploma work.

Lidija Pugelj (2013) Improvisation with puppets and objects in the pedagogical process. Diploma thesis.


Anica Radaković (2014) First aid in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Tamara Rakar (2015) The children beetwen ages 5-6, making their own book. Diploma work.

Mojca Rebernak (2011) Recognizing the attributes of life while breeding the animals who are temporarily brought from nature. Diploma work.

Aljoša Rejc (2016) The importance of the natural environment and the kindergarten playground for the pre-school children's activity. Diploma work.

Urška Remškar (2016) Difficulty level of child carers' questions posed to children in kindergarten when dealing with a literary text.. Diploma work.

Zdenka Repanšek (2016) Creations of 5 and 6 year olds with the collection Makedo. Diploma work.

Janja Rogelj (2013) Activities with water in a group of preschool children. Diploma work.

Monika Rokavec (2016) Comparative analysis of Svetlana Makarovič's and Anja Štefan's fairy tales. Diploma work.

Katja Ropoša (2012) Paper and what you can do with it. Diploma work.

Tjaša Rozina (2011) Preschool children's prejudices towards animals. Diploma work.

Mateja Rozman (2014) Creation with movement and rhythm as a part of »Mali sonček« sports programme in Dobrova kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Jerneja Rožman (2013) Trees for imaginary stories and dance dramatization. Diploma work.

Mojca Rožman (2012) Sexual abuse of children and knowledge of professionals in this issue. Diploma work.

Suzana Ručman (2012) Participation of children in playroom planning. Diploma work.


Sabina Sečnik (2013) Developing the pre-writing competences in accordance with the convergente pedagogical principles at the Hans Christian Andersen kindergarten (˝Lastovica˝ group). Diploma thesis.

Manca Sever (2013) Gender identity formation and the role of the pre primary school teacher. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Simonič (2012) Games and toys through time. Diploma work.

Mirijam Skubin Juretič (2013) Kindergarten Mali svet. Diploma work.

Tjaša Skumavec (2016) The implementation of English into the Preschool period: the comparision between the kindergarten in Spain and Slovenian kindergarten in Ljubljana. Diploma work.

Manca Sladič (2012) Knowing about domestic fowl in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Sabina Stenovec (2011) Evaluating written communication from kindergarden teachers to parents. Diploma work.

Luka Sterle (2012) Functional literacy of preschool teachers. Diploma work.

Sabina Sterle (2011) Preschool teachers attitudes towards competition and cooperation between children. Diploma work.

Laura Strah (2013) Functional literacy of qualified pre-school teachers and registered nurses. Diploma work.

Barbara Stražar (2011) Encouraging preschool kids to eat fruit and vegetables. Diploma work.

Katja Suhadolc (2013) The emergence of emotions in class of three and four year old children in preschool. Diploma work.

Maruša Sušnik (2014) Develop reading interest at pre-school children in kindergarten. Diploma work.


Marjeta Šček (2014) The comparison of family types in fairy tales by brothers Grimm and H. C. Andersen. Diploma work.

Rebeka Šeme (2012) Socialization through the puppet. Diploma work.

Anja Šenica (2013) The parents' opinions on cooperation with kindergarten. Diploma work.

Katja Ševo (2016) Discovering the moon by means of didactic games in the second age group of preschool children. Diploma work.

Renata Šimic (2012) Living in rurar areas in the past. Diploma work.

Alenka Šiška (2012) We create didactic games from waste material with five to six year old children. Diploma work.

Tatjana Šiško (2012) Sleep and rest of children in a kindergarten. Diploma work.

Meta Šoba (2014) The impact of reduced detection on aesthetic design in children aged 2,5 to 3,5 years. Diploma work.

Ema Šorli (2014) Food advertising in children's magasines. Diploma work.

Katja Šteblaj (2011) Orientation of children aged 4 to 6 with a map. Diploma work.

Renata Šujica (2014) Communication of a child with autism. Diploma thesis.

Ana Marija Šuster (2015) Development of climbing in the preschool period. Diploma thesis.


Mateja Tanko (2015) Permaculture garden in kindergarten: a place where children learn and develope a positive attitude towards plant food. Diploma thesis.

Kristina Tavčar (2012) Drawing by model: development of human figures. Diploma work.

Mateja Terčelj (2013) Rituals among children aged from two to three years. Diploma work.

Lejla Testen (2012) The impact of family literacy on the early literacy process of children. Diploma work.

Saša Tičar (2012) Creatiing with various materials with children aged 3 to 4. Diploma work.

Polona Tomori (2016) Technical creativity in preschool period: testing creative thinking (TCT-DP) at performance of technical activities in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Petra Topić (2015) Children,s participation in puppetry. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Truden (2012) Promoting creativity of children when working with waste materials. Diploma work.

Sanja Trupi (2012) Introducing a child to kindergarten. Diploma work.

Nastja Turk (2012) Children's first age period paper research. Diploma work.

Žaklina Turk (2011) A mathematical walk with preschool children. Diploma work.


Nataša Udir (2014) The figure of the witch in the fairy tale – case study: Vasilisa the Wise. Diploma thesis.

Monika Uršič (2012) Cross-sectoral integration of mathematics in the project "Visiting alien". Diploma work.


Kristina Valentić (2013) Encourageing work with paper in kindergarden. Diploma work.

Mateja Vaz Fernandes (2013) Bilingualism in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Jolanda Vehar (2012) The development of autonomy and discipline in toddler. Diploma work.

Nina Velikonja (2012) Endurance running in preschool period. Diploma work.

Andreja Verbovšek (2012) Educators’ motivation and competence for working with musically gifted two-year-old children. Diploma work.

Petra Vesel (2012) Work with gifted children in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Mateja Viršek (2016) Observation of the Moon. Diploma work.

Jelka Vivod (2011) Treatment of light and shadow in the preschool education. Diploma work.

Špela Vodeb (2014) Stick insects in kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Gregor Vode (2013) Fruit-growing and acquaintance with the basics of fruit-maintenance in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Alenka Vodiškar (2012) Summer in conjunction with the expression of dance at children aged 2-3 years. Diploma work.

Polona Vogrinčič (2016) Preschool institutions liability for damages. Diploma work.

Sanja Vojnović (2015) Making of didactic toys with two- to four-year-old children. Diploma work.

Janja Vovk (2011) From milk to dairy products. Diploma work.

Maja Vrbinc (2014) Opinions of preschool teachers and educators of their competences to promote children's speech development. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Vrečko Zaplotnik (2011) Puppets and media in the kindergarden. Diploma work.

Maruša Vrečko (2012) Puppet at home and in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Simona Vrga (2012) From a tree to a toy in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Katarina Vrtač (2012) Learning about medical plants with preschool children. Diploma work.

Katarina Vučko (2012) The emergence of new fatherhood and the role of father in child raising prior to entering school. Diploma work.


Živa Zabret (2012) Preschool teachers' response methods when dealing with a stubborn preschool child. Diploma work.

Maja Zabukovec (2016) Yoga and its impact on children's behaviour. Diploma thesis.

Daša Zadnikar Rupnik (2016) The ability of conservation and seriation in the transition from the pre-operational stage to the stage of concrete logical operations. Diploma work.

Polona Zajc (2011) The success of results that steam from an activity programme dealing with child´s appearing ability to write, focusing on children between ages 4 and 6. Diploma work.

Stanko Zaletelj (2012) Discovering conifers with pre-school children. Diploma work.

Karmen Zalokar (2011) Attitude towards the environment in the kindergarten. Diploma work.

Polona Zrimšek (2012) Didactic cards in preschool education. Diploma work.

Tamara Zupan Velušček (2016) Traffic education of preschool children. Diploma work.

Meta Zver (2016) Mathematics in the curriculum and in the Reggio Emilia aproach. Diploma work.


Tanja Žagar (2013) Influence of parents on the development of children's reading literacy. Diploma work.

Martina Žemljič (2012) Games of confidence and cooperation among children. Diploma work.

Jasmina Žerdin (2012) Environmental awareness of pre-school teachers. Diploma work.

Marjeta Žitko (2013) First encounters with chemistry. Diploma work.

Sara Žitnik (2012) Deciduous trees on the kindergarten playground. Diploma work.

Lara Živec (2013) Children's folk dances which originate in folklore. Diploma work.

Alojzija Žnidarič (2011) The gradual introduction of children in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Neža Žnidar (2016) Adjusting the educational work with an autistic child. Diploma work.

Melinda Žvan (2011) Children in co-existence with puppets. Diploma work.

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