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Mateja Bavčar (2016) Music education syllabuses from 1944 to present and their implementation in practice. MSc thesis.

Maja Bregar (2013) Primary school class teacher's assignments and how teachers are qualified for this role. MSc thesis.

Mojca Brnot Kastelic (2016) Social themes in the single-subject and cross-curricular teaching materials in teaching environment in the first grade. MSc thesis.


Marjanca Confidenti (2014) How teacher - parent cooperation is associated with the child’s school performance. MSc thesis.


Andreja Černel (2013) Theatre is an important part of the educational process. MSc thesis.


Urška Drev (2015) Teachers' attitude to peer observations as a way of reciprocal learning. MSc thesis.

Vesna Drofenik (2016) Teacher's professional role and his professional development. MSc thesis.

Petra Duhannoy (2013) School practices at the intersection of student solidarity and multiculturalism from the perspective of school leadership. MSc thesis.

Rosana Dular (2016) Impact of extra curricular physical activity on body characteristics, motor abilities and physical habits in 7-9 year old children. MSc thesis.


Urška Frelih Meglič (2016) Teaching and learning environment with visual representations in the second grade of primary school. MSc thesis.


Neda Gačnik (2016) Primary students' comprehension of density concept. MSc thesis.

Urška Gale (2016) Moomins and kosovirs as the universals of humanistic values in children`s literature. MSc thesis.

Suzana Geršak (2012) Students' and teachers' awareness about climate changes. MSc thesis.

Matejka Glogovčan (2015) Sucessfull inclusion of immigrant pupils into primary school. MSc thesis.

Irena Gole (2013) The understanding of infinity in primary school. MSc thesis.

Mateja Gorše (2012) Communication strategies of primary school teachers in conflict situations. MSc thesis.

Vanja Guček (2013) The use of the tpr as a didactic approach in english in the second cycle of the primary school. MSc thesis.


Nina Jančič (2016) primary school teachers' attitudes to sport and the quality of teaching sport education. MSc thesis.


Petra Korošec (2013) Comparison of developing literacy skills following the Montessori method and developing literacy skills in the Slovenian language syllabus. MSc thesis.

Lucija Kupec (2016) Relationship between quality and intensity of physical/sport activity and motoric abilities of 6 to 9 years old children. MSc thesis.


Erika Leban Zaletelj (2016) Cooperative learning at social science lessons in primary school, year 4. MSc thesis.

Darja Lokar Govednik (2012) Comparison of the Slovenian and Spanish youth literature. MSc thesis.

Alenka Lukaček (2016) A classic fairy tale in the first triennial of the elementary school and the family literacy. MSc thesis.


Petra Maček (2016) Teacher's image and primary school quality. MSc thesis.

Evelin Malnar (2015) Parental involvement in children's initial literacy education. MSc thesis.

Adrijana Mastnak (2014) Prospective mathematics teachers' conceptions of informal formative assessment. MSc thesis.

Katja Medija (2012) Primary students' strategies for coping with school failure. MSc thesis.

Anka Menegalija (2012) How primary teachers handle misbehavior in classroom. MSc thesis.

Maja Mivšek (2016) The effectiveness of constructivist model of teaching literacy. MSc thesis.

Blanka Mlakar (2016) Treatment of students with severe specific learning disabilities in arithmetic in the third term of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Polona Mlinar (2016) The impact of learning styles on the results of an interactive whiteboard use in maths lessons in the 7th grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Milanka Munda (2012) Well-being of Romany pupils in primary school in Maribor. MSc thesis.


Judita Nemeček (2013) Cultural legacy – folk music in Litija. MSc thesis.

Diana Novak (2012) Discussion of selected themes of life. MSc thesis.


Dejana Omerza (2016) Intercultural education in curricula and teaching materials. MSc thesis.


Tatjana Pecin Završan (2016) Supporting elementary students in creating a positive attitude tovard the environment in year 6 geography lesson. MSc thesis.

Ksenija Pirih Tavčar (2016) Descriptive assessment for physical education. MSc thesis.

Tina Podgoršek (2016) Teacher`s confrontation with conflicts. MSc thesis.

Mihael Potočar (2016) Learning to learn: teachers' opportunities to develop pupils' learning strategies. MSc thesis.

Ivan Prgić (2014) Evaluation of peer mediation program in elementary school. MSc thesis.


Marjana Ražen (2016) The use of interactive whiteboards and tablets at english language instruction in the first triad of primary school. MSc thesis.

Polona Reberšek (2016) The use of role play in science and technology lessons. MSc thesis.

Tina Renko (2016) Comparative analysis of reading and knowing the authors and works from the renewed curriculum for Slovenian language in primary school (2011). MSc thesis.

Urška Romih (2014) Motivation of young pupils with difficulties in reading and writing. MSc thesis.

Urška Rupnik (2016) How family influences children´s interest in listening to different musical styles. MSc thesis.


Nataša Sadar Šoba (2016) Overcoming stereotypes and prejudice through multiculturality in folk tales. MSc thesis.

Simona Samida (2016) Analysis of literature texts in Ljubljana puppet theatre almanac (1948-2008) and Sapramiška project. MSc thesis.

Mija Selič (2012) The cooperative learning in the second and the first language acquisition in the first triad of the primary school. MSc thesis.

Zdenka Skrt (2012) Developing listening skills and comprehension in the third year of primary school. MSc thesis.

Anita Smole (2012) Evaluation of descriptive texts in the 4th grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Špela Elizabeta Soklič (2012) The status of students after immigrating into a new cultural society: Slovenia primary schools case studies. MSc thesis.

Barbara Starc (2016) Czech children's literature reception in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Karolina Strehar (2011) Pupil's community and pupil's parliament between idea and practise. MSc thesis.

Marjana Strgar (2012) Information and communication tehnology in fairytales teaching in the third grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Nina Svetič (2014) Differentiation and individualization from the perspective of teacher experience and self-assessment of competence. MSc thesis.


Manja Šalamon (2011) The introduction of the individual pupil`s work in the third and fourth class. MSc thesis.

Barbara Šantelj (2016) Youth and sports in group homes. MSc thesis.

Monika Šimenc (2016) School collaborative community establishment through the implementation of the educational plan. MSc thesis.

Urška Šimnic Novak (2016) Academic self-concept, attributions and the mindset of the students of the second triad of the primary school. MSc thesis.

Evelin Škof (2016) reading learning strategies' knowledge and use among year 6 primary school students. MSc thesis.

Tina Šlajkovec (2016) Competences of the primary school teachers to ensure high quality physical education. MSc thesis.

Vesna Špehar (2016) Comparison of pupils opinions about pedagogical behaviours of their teachers at swimming lessons. MSc thesis.

Fabijana Štih (2012) Implementation of inner differentiation and individualization in the first triad of primary school. MSc thesis.


Zarja Trček (2015) History and impact of the economic development in the life and work in the primary school Logatec. MSc thesis.

Mateja Turičnik (2016) Developing reading and writing competences of year 4 primary school pupils. MSc thesis.

Klavdija Turk Suka (2016) Promoting reading literacy in teaching mathematics of year 5 primary school pupils. MSc thesis.


Majda Vehovec (2012) Evaluation of the work with talented students. MSc thesis.

Jasmina Vodovnik (2014) Primary school teacher's sports activity in connection with the quality of physical education. MSc thesis.


Pavlica Žanet (2015) Content and language integrated learning in English in the 5th class of the primary school. MSc thesis.

Mojca Žvokelj (2012) Implementation of the project Education for Democratic Citizenship in primary schools and the possibility of implementation in primary schools with lower educational standards. MSc thesis.

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