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Nada Andrejčič (2012) Catacaustics. Diploma thesis.


Danijela Sanja Berložnik (2011) Cooperation between teachers of mathematics and parents in order to ensure effective learning of pupils. Diploma thesis.

Tina Bohinc (2011) Geometry terms of Greek origin. Diploma thesis.

Maja Bojanc (2013) Planar curves with names of Greek origin. Diploma thesis.

Mate Božinović (2016) Designing of an interactive web portal: a case of environmental content at Design and technology. Diploma thesis.

Anita Brolih (2011) Riccati differential equations. Diploma thesis.


Tina Curk (2011) Calculation of the circular constant using series. Diploma thesis.


Maja Dušič (2013) Review of robotic competitions. Diploma thesis.


Kristina Erznožnik (2014) Computer simulations and teaching mathematics. Diploma thesis.


Marijana Fidel (2013) Astroid. Diploma thesis.


Barbara Gantar (2014) Calculating circular constant in the 18th century. Diploma thesis.

Rok Gorjup (2014) Alhazen. Diploma thesis.

Petra Gulja (2014) Hippopede of Eudoxus. Diploma thesis.


Matjaž Homar (2011) An exotic topology on the set of intergers. Diploma thesis.


Gregor Ivanšek (2013) Adaptation of Drupal open source system for didactics of technology subject. Diploma thesis.


Darja Juršič Fir (2012) Overview and analysis of content of technical drawing in textbooks and working books in courses of Design and Technology. Diploma thesis.


Jaka Keše (2016) Technological literacy of fifth and sixth grade pupils of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Kristina Kleč (2013) Al-Kashi. Diploma thesis.

Tanja Kozjek (2012) Developing e-material for robotics based on Bascom programming environment. Diploma thesis.

Rok Krese (2014) Researching Fermat’s principle with GeoGebra. Diploma thesis.

Karmen Kuder (2013) Using webinar at Design and technology. Diploma thesis.

Denisa Kuduzović (2016) Using interactive whiteboard with sandbox software for primary school Design and technology teaching. Diploma thesis.


Sonja Lahajner (2012) Comparison of selected dynamic geometry software. Diploma thesis.

Andrej Lavrič (2013) Use of EPUB 3 for creating a teaching preparation at Design and technology. Diploma thesis.

Anita Logar (2013) Introducing topics at electronics into the curriculum of general high schools. Diploma thesis.


Ana Malavašič (2013) Heron's formula. Diploma thesis.

Neli Markočič (2012) Patterns as learning environment for learning mathematics. Diploma thesis.

Andreja Markuta (2011) Identify students background knowledge at Design and technology teaching. Diploma thesis.

Sara Matko (2016) Eaton lens. Diploma thesis.

Nastja Mihovec (2013) Software tools for 3d modeling as a part of design and technology in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Klavdija Modic (2016) Learning styles, attitude towards technology and creativity of students in 6th and 9th grade of elementary school. Diploma thesis.


Vesna Nadarević (2011) Teaching mathematics in primary school and primary school for adults. Diploma thesis.

Natalija Naglič (2011) Stereographic projection. Diploma thesis.


Mihela Orešnik (2016) Orthoptic curves. Diploma thesis.

Sabina Oven (2016) Review of journals relevant for engineering education. Diploma thesis.


Edita Pašagić (2016) Cissoid of Diocles. Diploma thesis.

Darinka Petrina (2016) Solar thermal collectors at design and technology activity days. Diploma thesis.

Matic Primožič (2015) Surfaces and curves in space with anaglyph pictures. Diploma thesis.


Marija Rihtaršič (2012) Models of temperature closed loop control for technology teaching. Diploma thesis.

Blanka Rončelj (2013) Attitude of pupils towards pocket calculators. Diploma thesis.

Petra Rotar (2012) Set theory in mathematics curriculum. Diploma thesis.

Teja Rozman (2011) Viviani's curve. Diploma thesis.


Ksenja Smolič (2013) "Mechanical properties of wood" as teaching e-material in HTML5 technology. Diploma thesis.

Katja Stojnšek (2015) Hippopede and its related curves. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Strnad (2011) Paradigmatic and narrative approach in teaching mathematics. Diploma thesis.


Petra Štepic (2016) Design and technology knowledge assessment by concept maps. Diploma thesis.

Anja Štulac (2014) Evaluation and suggestions for optional electrical engineering classes curriculum changes in elementary school. Diploma thesis.


Natalija Ugrinović (2016) Curricular and extracurricular technical activities in Slovenia and Croatia. Diploma thesis.

Matjaž Urbanč (2013) Mechatronics projects in engineering education. Diploma thesis.


Andreja Verdnik (2013) Regular polyhedron. Diploma thesis.


Karmen Zupan (2013) Observing in school geometry. Diploma thesis.


Nejc Žagar (2013) Development of the construction puzzle for teaching robotics in middle school. Diploma thesis.

Samo Žerjal (2011) Planning, organization and realization of activity days. Diploma thesis.

Alenka Žnidaršič (2016) Understanding of number zero with sixgraders. Diploma thesis.

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