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Nadja Apšner (2016) Tractrix. Diploma thesis.


Katja Bahorič (2011) Hyperbolic halp-plane and its boundary at infinity. Diploma thesis.

Renata Berce (2016) Pupils with special needs in the light of the national assessment of knowledge of physics in 2014. Diploma thesis.

Teja Bergant (2012) Hyperbolic functions. Diploma thesis.

Maja Bertoncelj (2016) Toys in physics education at lower secondary level. Diploma thesis.

Silva Bohinc (2014) Infinite series and infinite products. Diploma thesis.

Ksenija Božak (2012) Pupils, parents and teachers on individual learning aid in mathematics. Diploma thesis.

Vesna Brezar (2013) Cyclic quadrilaterals. Diploma thesis.

Simona Burkeljca (2012) Which textbook is right for me?. Diploma thesis.


Barbara Carli (2012) Tehnical day: solar energy. Diploma thesis.

Dušanka Colnar (2016) Statistics of dice throw at the elementary level. Diploma thesis.


Andreja Dolničar (2014) Physics of dance. Diploma thesis.


Kristina Gornik (2011) Liquid crystals formed by bent-core molecules. Diploma thesis.

Matej Gradišar (2012) Cooling of objects by convection and thermal radiation. Diploma thesis.


Katja Hočevar (2012) Pythagorean triples and Pell's equation. Diploma thesis.

Meta Hrast (2012) The ladder and the couch problem. Diploma thesis.


Ladislava Ježek Narobe (2016) Computer based experiments on heat and temperature in low secondary education. Diploma thesis.


Metka Kamnik Krek (2016) Physic, which can be learned from the functioning of the car. Diploma thesis.

Anja Klavs (2013) Physical characteristics of singing voice. Diploma thesis.

Martina Kranjc (2013) Comparison between pupils' expectations towards teachers and pupils' experiences with them. Diploma thesis.

Nina Krapež (2013) The dripping vessel as a model for earthquake occurrence. Diploma thesis.

Matjaž Kraus (2016) Roots of polynomial. Diploma thesis.

Katja Krnc (2014) Chosen thermodynamic experiments: depression of the freezing point of water with salt and supercooled water. Diploma thesis.

Katja Kuralt (2012) Moon observation in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Petra Kutnar (2012) Analysis of billiard ball collisions using video camera. Diploma thesis.


Tadeja Lah (2016) Quaternions and Euler angles. Diploma thesis.

Petra Lavrič (2013) Haga's theorems for silver rectangles. Diploma thesis.

Vesna Lindič (2013) Physical model of clarinet. Diploma thesis.

Polona Lužnik (2013) Pentagonal numbers. Diploma thesis.


Uroš Medar (2012) Experiments with superconductors on a magnetic track. Diploma thesis.

Darja Mihelčič (2013) Hooke's ellipses. Diploma thesis.

Zdenka Mihelič (2016) Circles and hermitian matrices. Diploma thesis.

Dijana Milinković (2016) Ellipse through history. Diploma thesis.


Vesna Nemet (2016) The concept of sequence in the history of mathematics. Diploma thesis.


Matevž Ocvirk (2014) Elastic properties of materials. Diploma thesis.

Rok Ozebek (2013) Attractive magnetic forces. Diploma thesis.


Anja Pantar (2016) Argumentation in elementary school geometry. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Pesjak (2013) Distance transitive graphs. Diploma thesis.

Sabina Pintar (2014) Johnson and Kneser graphs. Diploma thesis.


Mihaela Remic (2016) Routh's theorem. Diploma thesis.

Maruška Rovtar (2015) Mathematical investigations of interesting natural numbers. Diploma thesis.


Nataša Skenderija (2012) Cardioid. Diploma thesis.

Anja Smrtnik (2013) Classification of groups of small orders. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Starič (2016) Analysis of multiple choice questions in the elementary school physics competition. Diploma thesis.

Ian Stergar (2014) Seismograph and its use in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Petra Svetlin (2012) Mathematical investigation of polyhetra in elementary school. Diploma thesis.


Nejc Štamcar (2012) Total curvature of space curves and Fáry-Milnor theorem. Diploma thesis.

Sara Šuštar (2013) Newton's laws through a science adventure. Diploma thesis.


Maja Trček (2012) The impact of nanoparticles on liquid-crystalline order. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Turk (2012) Experiments with radioactive source. Diploma thesis.

Simon Turk (2011) Sound in brass instruments. Diploma thesis.


Nina Verdel (2013) The falling of a metal sphere in a liquid in a graduated cylinder. Diploma thesis.

Lara Vereš (2012) Knitted patterns as a model for anisotropic materials. Diploma thesis.


Borut Zdešar (2016) Reactors on controlled fusion – A solution to the energy crisis?. Diploma thesis.


Gregor Žagar (2013) Determination of the Moon's sidereal and synodic period with astrophotography and Jacob's staff. Diploma thesis.

Marta Žebovec (2011) Liquid crystal elastomers. Diploma thesis.

Tanja Žontar (2014) Light pollution of the sky. Diploma thesis.

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