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Polonca Amon (2013) Residential colonies in central Sava Valley. Diploma thesis.


Teja Bajt (2012) A comparison of different cytotoxicity assays for determination of antitumour effect of chemoterapeutic cis-diamminedichloridoplatinum (II). Diploma thesis.

Lea Bartha (2013) Leaf optical properties in Myosotis scorpioides agg. and Veronica anagallis-aquatica. Diploma thesis.

Maja Bavdek (2014) Children spending active leisure time with their parents. Diploma thesis.

Maja Brate (2012) Economical, ecological and esthetic factors in the use of fireplace in houskeeping. Diploma thesis.

Nina Brčon (2013) The distribution of selected alien invasive plant species in the riparian zone of the river Krka from Krška vas to Otočec. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Brezovšček (2016) Knowledge of human evolution among the 8 th and 9 th grade primary school pupils in Štajerska. Diploma thesis.

Urška Brunšek (2016) Economic aspects of provision country household with food. Diploma thesis.

Alenka Buh (2014) Encouraging children to eat vegetables. Diploma thesis.


Katarina Danilov (2014) Teachers opinions on experimental learning in the domestic science. Diploma thesis.

Jolanda Debevec (2013) Factors that define the election of housing building types. Diploma thesis.

Ana Lea Dornik (2013) Nutrition behaviour of secondary school students during school-year. Diploma thesis.

Andreja Dragoš (2014) Gestational diabetes. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Drobnič (2016) Conceptions of students in the special program about amphibians and reptiles. Diploma thesis.

Iva Džudović (2015) Primary school students' awareness of high-salt foods. Diploma thesis.


Martina Erjavšek (2013) Cooperative learning in home economics. Diploma thesis.


Metka Farkaš (2016) Isolation and genotypisation of Salmonella enterica from captive reptiles. Diploma thesis.

Bernarda Finžgar (2012) Isolation of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae from unusual natural habitats. Diploma thesis.


Eva Gašperšič (2014) Preparation and evaluation of information panels for nature trail. Diploma thesis.

Metka Goričar (2012) Concept maps for home economics in the secondary school nursing programme. Diploma thesis.

Jernej Grdun (2013) The nutrition of the students at the Ljubljana Secondary School of Catering and Turism. Diploma thesis.

Nina Gregorič (2012) Didactic game »TURN AND TELL« in household class. Diploma thesis.

Nuška Grošelj (2011) Situation and care for elderly in Republic of Slovenia. Diploma thesis.


Jelena Ilišin (2016) Understanding of photosynthesis among primary school pupils in Primorska. Diploma thesis.

Blaž Iršič (2013) Žerjavinski potok – biology and nature science classroom in the field for children. Diploma thesis.


Matejka Jakob Oven (2016) Role of textile topics in individual's quality of life as seen by pupils and parents. Diploma thesis.

Anja Jakše (2014) Dealing with diabetes topics in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Simona Janžekovič (2016) Understanding and acceptance of evolution among high school students in Dolenjska. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Jordan (2016) The distribution of selected invasive alien plant species in the riparian zone of the river Krka from Otočec to outflow in Krška vas. Diploma thesis.

Janja Jug (2016) Food literacy of college students. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Jurjevec Štok (2016) Interest in useful plants among primary school pupils in Štajerska. Diploma thesis.


Petra Kalan (2013) Hygiene habits through time. Diploma thesis.

Katjuša Kanalec (2014) Understanding of photosynthesis among pupils of technical grammar schools. Diploma thesis.

Katja Kastelic (2011) Bread's oven and baking bread. Diploma thesis.

Nina Kavčič (2012) Hyperaccumulation of cadmium in different populations of pennycress (Thlaspi praecox) and its significance for phytoremediation. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Klemenčič (2014) Sugar in the diet of adolescents. Diploma thesis.

Janja Koblar (2011) Beekeeping didactic way. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Kodrič (2016) Meat consumption among adults in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Doris Kokalj (2012) Vegetable of Slovene origin and consumers. Diploma thesis.

Nika Kompara (2016) Understanding of photosynthesis among primary school pupils in Idrija. Diploma thesis.

Nina Koren Maček (2015) Materials of the kitchen equipment. Diploma thesis.

Lea Kosmač (2014) Women’s unpaid work in the eyes of different generations. Diploma thesis.

Špela Kos (2011) Modern diets and youth. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kotar (2014) Organization and planning of external living space. Diploma thesis.

Polona Kotnjek (2016) Interactions between bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and fishing activites in the northern adriatic sea. Diploma thesis.

Andreja Kovačić (2015) Causes and frequency of white ferret's (Mustela putorius furo) bites. Diploma thesis.

Urška Kranjec (2016) Nutritional skills of primary school students. Diploma thesis.

Mirjam Kristan (2014) Hunting facilities. Diploma thesis.

Tina Kurent (2013) Invasive alien species of plants as an object of biology and science classes in primary school. Diploma work.


Maša Lepša (2016) Students` strategies to overcome the fear of speaking in class. Diploma thesis.

Tatjana Likar (2012) Students' attitudes towards amphibians and their knowledge of amphibians. Diploma thesis.

Živa Logar (2016) The extent of environmental burden in use of wood in interior equipment. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Lončarič (2012) Identification gluten-free products. Diploma thesis.

Brina Lorger (2012) Children's attitudes towards brand names of clothing and footwear. Diploma thesis.


Darja Makoter (2016) Pupils' knowledge of foods with more carbohydrates. Diploma thesis.

Katja Malus (2014) Paleolithic diet. Diploma thesis.

Nina Martinc (2012) Use of extract of bark of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) for preparing of beekeeping products. Diploma thesis.

Erika Medvešek (2016) Plenty of space kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Ema Mitevski (2016) Knowledge of human evolution among the 1th and 2th grade secondary school students in Ljubljana. Diploma thesis.

Mirjam Mlakar (2014) Properties of soil and hydroponicaly grown lettuce. Diploma thesis.

Blaž Mlinšek (2016) Integration of native animal species in the teaching of biology and science in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Mihaela Modrijan (2011) Relations between learning strategies and test anxiety. Diploma thesis.


Maja Napret (2011) The green household. Diploma thesis.

Anja Novak (2012) Textile ecology at home economy. Diploma thesis.


Jana Oblak (2015) The development of farm tourism in the valley of Poljanska dolina. Diploma thesis.

Jana Oblak (2016) Students’ attitude toward and conceptions about spiders and cockroaches. Diploma thesis.

Vesna Oražem (2013) The effects of periphyton on optical properties of submerged leaves in Rorippa amphibia and Sagittaria sagittifolia. Diploma thesis.

Tim Osmak (2016) Knowledge of food labels among primary school students. Diploma thesis.

Petra Osterman (2013) The foliar effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticels on growth and development of sunflower. Diploma thesis.


Neža Pahor (2013) Understanding the living environment by honoring traditions on the case of Kras. Diploma thesis.

Petra Pavić (2014) Understanding of photosynthesis among pupils of technical secondary schools. Diploma thesis.

Petra Pavlin (2011) School subject Home economics and the usefulness of its content. Diploma thesis.

Suzana Pavlin (2016) Recycling plastic bottles in a creative way. Diploma thesis.

Anja Pelko (2012) Students´ response to the experimental work of the subject home economics. Diploma thesis.

Irena Perko (2013) Effectiveness of teaching mitosis through the learning cycle in secondary school. Diploma thesis.

Sonja Petelin (2014) Nature conservation aspects of the wetland flora in Prušnica Valley. Diploma thesis.

Maja Podboj (2014) The effect of impatiens extracts on growth and development of selected plant species. Diploma thesis.

Pina Podgoršek (2013) Implementation of modifications in pre-schoolers' diet. Diploma thesis.

Jani Polak (2013) The role of an assistant of a physically impaired child at natural science, biology and home economics. Diploma thesis.


Gabrijela Raztresen (2013) The attitude of school children towards the functional foods. Diploma thesis.

Nina Rimahazi (2014) Usefulness of the permanent animal collections in biology class. Diploma thesis.

Maja Rozman (2014) Reduce the occurrence of abnormal behaviour of chimpanzees with the addition of gaming devices in Ljubljana ZOO. Diploma thesis.

Nataša Rustja (2016) Problem-based learning at home economics in the 6th grade of elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Urška Rušnjak (2014) A new didactic board game in home economics class. Diploma thesis.


Tina Saje (2015) The diet of children with chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Diploma thesis.

Katja Stamenković (2016) The characteristics of the science classroom and students well being. Diploma thesis.

Katja Stamenković (2016) The characteristics of the science classroom and students well being. Diploma thesis.

Nina Strohsack (2016) Diet for dialysis patients. Diploma thesis.


Klaudija Šeruga (2013) Integrated waste management. Diploma thesis.

Veronika Škedelj (2014) Nutrition care of prescholl children. Diploma thesis.

Andrej Štembergar Zupan (2014) Use of electronic hive for observation of changes in environment. Diploma thesis.

Petra Štrajhar (2013) Nutrition behaviour and student's attitudes to nourishment. Diploma thesis.

Meta Šuligoj (2016) The effect of dissection on knowledge and emotional response of students. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Šušteršič (2016) The use of the study goals of the subject Home economics in the field of sports and athletic clothing. Diploma thesis.


Živa Tavčar (2015) Balconies. Diploma thesis.

Maja Tifengraber (2013) Nutrition and primary school pupil. Diploma thesis.

Vesna Toman (2016) Beds through time. Diploma thesis.

Tea Turk (2014) Obesity and slimming down with the Slim-Fit programme. Diploma thesis.


Maja Uranič (2015) The influence of leaf surface structures on light reflectance in selected plant species. Diploma thesis.

Tina Ušeničnik (2012) The impact of interactive whiteboards on teaching and learning. Diploma thesis.


Katarina Vene (2016) Effect of different methods of teaching on children concepts about living and non-living in a public kindergarden and montessori kindergarden. Diploma thesis.

Natali Veršič (2016) Identity and immovable cultural heritage. Diploma thesis.

Helena Vidmar (2011) The attitude of pupils of the Gorenjska region towards healthy nutrition. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Vrhunc (2015) Interest in useful plants among primary school pupils in the Škofja Loka region. Diploma thesis.


Aleksandra Zabavnik (2012) The impact of the economic situation on purchasing food products. Diploma thesis.

Polona Zakrajšek (2014) Metals and radionuclides in mushrooms from selected areas in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.


Tea Žmavčič (2016) Preparation of an experiment to illustrate the process of evapotranspiration in the 6th grade of Elementary school for subject Science. Diploma thesis.

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