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Mojca Andrejc (2011) The influence of family environment on children's language development and the role of language in shaping human view of reality. Diploma thesis.

Monika Arhar (2012) Validation of Slovene translation of Voice Handicap Index. Diploma thesis.


Tea Blažič (2013) Communication attitude of stuttering adults. Diploma thesis.

Anja Bolarič (2013) Anatomical and functional specifics of the orofacial area in children with mental disorders. Diploma thesis.


Sabrina Cirman (2013) Drawings of children with speech and language impairment. Diploma thesis.


Mojca Ferlež (2016) Analysis of written dictation of children with speech and language disorders. Diploma thesis.


Marjeta Godeša (2016) Risk factors responsible for the occurrence of voice problems in singers. Diploma thesis.


Marika Jauševac (2013) Use of the aphasia test with slovenian-italian and italian-slovenian bilingual persons. Diploma thesis.

Maja Jevšnikar (2012) The application of bilingual aphasia test at 65 to 75 years old Slovenian speaking persons without dementia diagnosis. Diploma thesis.


Tjaša Klančar (2011) Slovenian version of Bilingual aphasia test: norms for 50-60 years old speakers. Diploma thesis.

Jara Košuta (2016) Promoting preliteracy skills through play in preschool period. Diploma thesis.

Nina Kotolenko (2011) Predictors of effectiveness of stuttering therapy for preschool children. Diploma thesis.

Jasna Kovačič (2012) Storytelling of the five year old boy with minor speech language disorder. Diploma thesis.

Petra Kranjec (2014) Logopedic assessment of speech, language and communication in three years old children. Diploma thesis.

Kaja Krašna (2016) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and speech, language, communication obstacles in ALS. Diploma thesis.

Tanja Krenker (2016) Teachers' approaches to children with speech and language disorders in the elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Katarina Križan (2013) Holistic approach in muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) therapy: Rehabilitation program for people with deviation in the field of phonation after Kosmač. Diploma thesis.

Rozalija Kušar (2012) Etiological factors for muscle tension dysphonia. Diploma thesis.


Andreja Lončarič (2012) Narrative and evaluation of logopedist program of help for a child with a speech and language disorder: case study. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Loparnik (2016) The hand: communication support and substitute. Diploma thesis.

Katja Lovše (2013) Swallowing disorders in the elderly. Diploma thesis.


Lucija Mauko (2011) Functional communication in patients with progressive dementia. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Mihelčič (2014) The encouragement of communication, speech and language in the first three years. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Muznik (2012) Phonological development of 3 to 7 years old children (transcription). Diploma thesis.


Tina Oblak (2012) Feeding problems in children with developmental disorders. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Omahna (2011) The use of Bus story test for the assessment of childrens's pragmatic ability. Diploma thesis.


Mateja Plešic (2013) Speech and language skills of twin girls with Williams-Beuren syndrome. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Polutnik (2013) Voice disorders in children, aged 5 to 7 years. Diploma thesis.

Kristina Ponebšek (2012) Deictic gestures in toddlers. Diploma thesis.

Daša Popenko (2011) Early development of communication. Diploma thesis.

Anita Požin (2011) The influence of sensory integration dysfunction on a child’s abilities in the fields of speech, behavior, and learning. Diploma thesis.


Katja Raztresen (2015) Speech and language service delivery for members of non-Slovenian language and national communities in the Republic of Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Katja Rovan (2013) Fairystory »through the looking-glass« of psychoanalysis – fairystory as a therapeutic method for speach and language pathology treatment of selective mutism. Diploma thesis.


Jožica Sever (2016) Use of the aphasia test with slovenian-italian and italian-slovenian bilingual patients with broca aphasia. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Skledar (2014) Word comprehension in a hearing impaired student. Diploma thesis.

Teja Srpan (2016) The analysis of errors in writing of the third grade students of the nine-year primary school in comparison to the eight-year primary school. Diploma thesis.


Patricija Širca (2012) Speech in Parkinson's disease. Diploma thesis.


Mojca Trontelj (2014) The use of alternative forms of communication in children with Down syndrome. Diploma thesis.


Aleksander Vališer (2012) Functionality profile of five-year old children before entering school. Diploma thesis.

Benjamin Vogrič (2013) Swallowing disorders – diagnostic procedures and rehabilitation. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Vogrinčič (2013) Articulation and nasal resonance in speech in children with orofacial clefts. Diploma thesis.


Metoda Zaveršnik Štemberger (2014) An analysis of rehabilitation performance of speech therapy treatments and relapses with individuals that stuttered. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Zdovc (2011) Articulation disorders with pre–school children related to laterality. Diploma thesis.

Petra Zver (2011) Assessment of preliteracy skills of children. Diploma thesis.


Petra Žirovec (2014) Voice disorders among nurses. Diploma thesis.

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