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Items where Subject is "Bologna System > 1st Cycle University Study Programme (Undergraduate Study Programme) > Social Pedagogy"

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Nadja Arhar (2019) Mindfulness at work with primary students. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Atanasov (2022) Youth work in NGO youth centres. MSc thesis.


Edita Bajramlić (2014) Emotional competence of teachers and social pedagogues. Diploma thesis.

Urška Bedek (2014) The concept of death in a primary school. Diploma thesis.

Katja Begelj (2017) Using the mindfulness in conflicts in alcoholic family. Diploma thesis.

Irena Bilčić (2015) Extra-familiar upbringing and the experience of homelessness. Diploma thesis.

Daša Bitenc (2019) Figuralism in Expressionism and in Brutus Art. Diploma thesis.

Sabina Blažević (2017) Grieving adolescent: the death of a parent. Diploma thesis.

Nežka Bogataj (2014) Social pedagogue in local community. Diploma thesis.

Doroteja Bolko (2019) Third graders' emotional expression. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Božič (2014) Animal-assisted intervention and social skills strengthening. Diploma thesis.

Anja Božnar (2016) The impact of the experience of special sailing on the attitude towards people with special needs. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Bračič (2015) Use of puppet activity in frame of district youth center. Diploma thesis.

Nina Burja (2017) Family relations at the time of rehabilitation of illegal drugs in Therapeutic community Sopotnica. Diploma thesis.

Ajda Burnik (2014) Integration of foreign children into Slovene society. Diploma thesis.


Tina Čampa (2014) The youth centre in the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica – yes or no?. Diploma thesis.

Teja Černe (2017) Will I ever see you again? :death and grief in Slovene children literature. Diploma thesis.


Dida Debeljak (2014) The point of view of 9th year students of elementary school Simon Jenko Kranj about the use of illegal and legal drugs. Diploma thesis.

Slavica Docić (2014) Dealing with long-term unemployment. Diploma thesis.


Tjaša Frumen (2014) The impact of poverty on the social exclusion of children in elementary school. Diploma thesis.


Nastja Gabor (2019) Challenges of creating a parenting partnership after the child's birth. Diploma thesis.

Kaja Galič (2016) Creating a board game for encouraging emotional intelligence. Diploma thesis.

Ines Godeša (2014) The need for a youth center in the municipality of Cerknica. Diploma thesis.

Daša Grbec (2013) Parents' expectations to practitioners in selected elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Bernadett Gredlics (2014) Stress in helping professions and care for professional development. Diploma thesis.

Sanja Gregorc (2014) Managing stress in crisis situations. Diploma thesis.


Maja Hercog (2015) The introduction of animal-assisted method in educational institutions and its signification. Diploma thesis.

Nina Hočevar (2014) Student’s conceptions of academic success and failure in secondary and high school. Diploma thesis.

Teja Hojan (2014) Participation of children and youth in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Agata Hren (2018) Freedom of giving birth - subjective experience of giving birth in relation to the environment and to professional workers. Diploma thesis.


Špela Ivanuša (2014) Drug use in juvenile educational institutions. Diploma thesis.


Dijana Jagodić (2016) The construct of happiness in post-modern society. Diploma thesis.

Ines Jaušovec (2013) Fostering a sense of comunity in classroom. Diploma thesis.

Tamara Jelen (2013) Bibliotherapy in social pedagogical work. Diploma thesis.

Sara Justin (2017) The role of the professional worker with unaccompanied refugee minors. Diploma thesis.


Katja Kajič (2013) The teamwork skills of social pedagogues. Diploma thesis.

Monika Kalman (2013) Cocaine users in treatment programs. Diploma thesis.

Marija Klavž (2014) Trafficking in human beings in slovenia and vulnerability of slovenian secondary school pupils. Diploma thesis.

Kaja Klevišar (2018) Experiencing infertility. Diploma thesis.

Larisa Korva (2017) Position of siblings in a family with experience of addiction. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kovač (2019) Intergenerational trauma transmission and its impact on the family. Diploma thesis.

Karmen Kragelj (2018) Creative media in the process of help and support at coping with eating disorders. Diploma thesis.

Maruška Merisa Krajnc (2016) Children of alcoholics. Diploma thesis.

Ana Kralj (2015) Single man. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kramar (2014) Cooperation between parents and professional services during child's staying in institutional care. Diploma thesis.

Kristina Krnc (2015) Identifying the needs and aspirations of young people in Novo mesto. Diploma thesis.

Natalija Kujavec (2014) Teamwork between the social pedagogue and class teacher in creating a positive classroom climate. Diploma thesis.


Tjaša Leskovšek (2017) Return of adolescents to Slovenia after living abroad. Diploma thesis.

Ana Lovšin (2018) Accommodation of persons under international protection. Diploma thesis.

Tajda Lukan (2017) The educator's room as a stimulative place for individual work with the resident group youth. Diploma thesis.


Špela Marussig (2017) Uncertainty about the release and postpenal treatment for convict women. Diploma thesis.

Klara Medved (2021) Social pedagogue's role in the Ljubljana Centre for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Diploma thesis.

Nina Mezinec (2016) Preventive action in the field of sexual abuse in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Urška Mijatović (2013) Concept of the time in the modern short story by Bina Štampe Žmavc. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Mikluš (2016) The problem of too caring and loving parents and a lack of responsibility among children.. Diploma thesis.

Anja Mislej (2015) Parenting twins. Diploma thesis.

Marija Mitrović (2016) Violence among girls. Diploma thesis.


Lina Novak (2017) Equine-assisted social pedagogical work with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems. Diploma thesis.


Dominika Pajnik (2016) Teachers in primary school on parents' divorce and adjusting their work with children. Diploma thesis.

Neža Pavli (2014) Factors affecting children's motivation with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Diploma thesis.

Tine Pavšič (2014) Transactional theory in leadership and work motivation. Diploma thesis.

Sandra Pegam (2016) Tobacco usage among university students. Diploma thesis.

Nina Perger (2014) Gender and family-like education model in Slovenian residential care institutions. Diploma thesis.

Ana Petač (2014) Organizational culture in non-profit organization. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Pikl (2014) Comparison of attitudes towards ourselves among students – athletes and non – athlete students at first high school celje. Diploma thesis.

Eva Pintarič (2020) Motherhood as a free choice of a modern woman. Diploma thesis.

Jerneja Pirc (2013) The role of a social pedagogue in encouraging the use of effective emotion-focused coping strategies of schoolchildren. Diploma thesis.

Katja Podbevšek (2019) Medicalisation of the menstrual cycle. Diploma thesis.

Milka Podobnik (2015) Menstruality through individual experience. Diploma thesis.

Anja Poles (2014) The profile of social pedagogue in prison. Diploma thesis.

Petra Putre (2014) Self concept of blind and partially sighted children and children without seeing disabilities. Diploma thesis.


Julija Raišp (2016) The school counselor's support during parental divorce. Diploma thesis.

Maja Ramšak (2016) The role of the youth worker in various youth organizations. Diploma thesis.

Živa Rigler (2013) Youngsters about friendship. Diploma thesis.

Veronika Rogelj (2018) The usefulness of structured art therapy techniques in social pedagogical work with adolescents in a correctional institution. Diploma thesis.

Katarina Rozina (2013) Women and drugs. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Rusjan (2013) Management of voluntary work. Diploma thesis.


Nika Sedmak (2017) Good practices for implementing changes and professional development of pedagogical workers. Diploma thesis.

Tara Seme (2014) The needs of a potentially gifted pre-school child. Diploma thesis.

Eva Senica (2020) Youth participation process – a no phone day. Diploma thesis.

Kaja Sevčnikar (2015) Parenting educational styles in Slovenia and Finland. Diploma thesis.

Patricija Sirk (2013) Coping with infertility. Diploma thesis.

Tatjana Skerlep (2016) Position of siblings in families with children with special needs. Diploma thesis.

Sara Slokan (2016) Characteristics of online sexual harassment of girls. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Sotlar (2014) Primary school and the production of gender identities. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Sovdat (2015) Sensory theatre from the aspect of creators and participants. Diploma thesis.

Nina Steklasa (2014) Problems in social integration – a case study. Diploma thesis.

Urška Stepišnik (2013) Aggressiveness. Diploma thesis.


Alja Šafarič (2014) Sexuality trough the eyes of the elderly. Diploma thesis.

Greta Škarabot (2014) The change of students' social network after entering intimate relationship. Diploma thesis.

Greta Škarabot (2017) Cooperation of non-governmental organisations with school counselling services in dealing with domestic violence. MSc thesis.

Kristina Škerjanec (2017) Relationship with mother in the family after divorce. Diploma thesis.

Saška Škrubej (2014) Analysis of intervention in the treatment of children with special needs. Diploma thesis.

Alice Štampar (2020) Social pedagogical view on the ideas of Ivan Illich and his criticism of education in his book Deschooling society. Diploma thesis.

Špela Štraus (2022) Psychosocial distress of adolescents in families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Diploma thesis.

Nina Šturm (2015) Status of Islamic community in Republic of Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Ambra Šukljan (2013) Experiencing the influence of eating disorders on person's biografy. Diploma thesis.

Ana Šutar (2014) Coping with guilt after traumatic events. Diploma thesis.


Jera Telič (2014) Children dropped out of the system: autoaggressive and heteroaggressive disorder. Diploma thesis.

Anica Tikvič (2014) Partnership and love throughout life. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Tomažič (2016) Psychosocial characteristics of chronically ill child. Diploma thesis.

Alja Trdin (2014) Teachers points of view towards the educational plan in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Marija Trnovec (2014) Preschool teachers about their work with albanian speaking children. Diploma thesis.

Manca Trošt (2016) Reporting domestic violence – is it really so easy?. Diploma thesis.

Tina Turinek (2014) Life after release from prison. Diploma thesis.


Maša Valentič Ponikvar (2013) Impact of problems in mental health on quality of life of young adults. Diploma thesis.

Neva Vaner (2013) Family habits, rules and the meaning of family secrets. Diploma thesis.

Laura Velkner (2014) Youngsters and their parents experiencing out of home care. Diploma thesis.

Lea Verbič (2013) Family relationships and education styles. Diploma thesis.

Maša Viršček (2014) Strategies for working with socially disabled gifted underachievers. Diploma thesis.

Nežka Agnes Vodeb (2017) Basics of working with youth on public spaces and different approaches. Diploma thesis.


Tina Zabukovec (2013) Selective mutism – approaches and support. Diploma thesis.

Maja Zoran (2013) Wooden figures of various shapes. Diploma thesis.


Matej Žalig (2017) Sovereign violence against non-citizens in Hungary: bare life at the treshold of the fortress. Diploma thesis.

Zala Žežlina (2020) Fear of missing out and emerging adults. Diploma thesis.

Estera Žibert (2016) Dysfunctional family – one of the causes of emotional and behavioural disorders. Diploma thesis.

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