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Mateja Andrinek (2018) Group dynamics impact on classroom violence. MSc thesis.

Ema Antončič (2019) Work with users of psychoactive substances within educational institutions and residential groups. MSc thesis.

Nadja Arhar (2021) Preventive action for youth psychosocial distress through the online programme. MSc thesis.


Edita Bajramlić (2016) Mental health problems and the use of social networking sites among adolescents. MSc thesis.

Urška Bedek (2018) Social exclusion of children in primary school. MSc thesis.

Ilma Begović (2019) Adolescent's experience of the period before his release from the correctional institution. MSc thesis.

Tina Benko (2021) Coping strategies of adolescents with psychosocial problems included in NGO support programmes. MSc thesis.

Karina Berginc (2019) Monitoring the process of support and assistance to vulnerable family. MSc thesis.

Ana Bešter (2020) Insight into the system of assistance to children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties through the programme Intensive mobile social-pedagogical treatment. MSc thesis.

Irena Bilčić (2019) Prevention of youth homelessness. MSc thesis.

Nežka Birk Dular (2021) Innovative assistance forms to address and reduce the emotional distress of adolescents. MSc thesis.

Lara Boštjančič (2022) Educator's experience with his educational work in correctional facility. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Božič (2018) Education of dogs in prisons. MSc thesis.

Anja Božnar (2021) Social anxiety in adolescents of general and sports gymnasiums. MSc thesis.

Katja Brečko (2022) Distress in adolescent romantic relationships. MSc thesis.

Lana Brezovec (2018) Experiencing the meaning of life among young unemployed person. MSc thesis.

Lara Brglez (2016) Audible world. MSc thesis.

Zarja Brumen Žarn (2016) Group dream work as a support for self – awareness. MSc thesis.

Nikolaja Bukovšek (2022) Long-term care for the elderly in Slovenia. MSc thesis.


Petra Čeh (2019) The use of drugs at after-parties. MSc thesis.

Neža Černe (2015) Identity of adolescent girls of immigrant origins. MSc thesis.

Teja Černe (2022) Happily ever after - Preschool learning about death and grief through fairy tales. MSc thesis.

Deja Čuk Hadalin and Anamarija Ferfolja (2022) The experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood during the COVID-19 epidemic in Slovenia. MSc thesis.


Dita Debeljak (2017) Parents` educational style and their attitude towards educational activities of kindergarten teachers. MSc thesis.

Marjana Demšar (2021) Socio-pedagogical family support - between support and control. MSc thesis.

Rok Demšar (2018) Use of social pedagogical concepts in planning local community support. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Dolinar (2017) Providing support to young people's transitions from out-of-home care to independence. MSc thesis.

Tea Dorić (2021) Immigrants as an overlooked group in the social housing sector. MSc thesis.


Sandra Erčulj (2020) Self-care of social pedagogy and social work students and practitioners. MSc thesis.


Pija Florjančič (2021) Stress management strategies for educational work in an educational institution. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Frančeškin (2021) Comprehensive support to the child with challenging behaviour in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Frumen (2017) The role of the family in development of perceptions about the values and attitudes of youth about the family. MSc thesis.


Maruša Gajić (2017) The challenges of street-based youth work in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Jan Gamberger (2021) A bird house for a tolerant Ljubljana: a pilot project for the integration of children residing in Asylum home Vič into the local community. MSc thesis.

Monika Ganić (2018) Enhancing social-emotional competency of the primary school children through visual arts. MSc thesis.

David Gobbo (2018) Participation in sports activities and the quality of life of homeless people. MSc thesis.

Simona Golob (2018) Introversion in education system. MSc thesis.

Sara Gorkič (2022) Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the homeless in Nova Gorica and the response of the local community. MSc thesis.

Daša Grbec (2021) Responses on disruptive behaviour in managing a group. MSc thesis.

Helena Grbec (2020) User's perspective on coming off psychiatric drugs Povzetek:. MSc thesis.

Sanja Gregorc (2018) Ways of coping with stress in emergency services. MSc thesis.

Tea Grill (2015) Professional identity of social pedagogues. MSc thesis.

Letizia Gržinić (2022) Experiencing the experts' attitudes and support by the parents who cope with the child's special needs. MSc thesis.


Jasmina Hajdinjak (2018) Changes in children's lifes after being appointed into education establishment, as they are perceived by children themselves, their parents and educators. MSc thesis.

Maja Hercog (2017) Perceptions of love and information sources for youngsters. MSc thesis.

Nina Hočevar (2017) Teachers' and parents' conceptions of students' academic success and failure. MSc thesis.

Sara Hočevar (2022) Barriers to gender equality and their impact on the advancement of female social pedagogues to leadership positions in management. MSc thesis.

Ines Hribovšek (2021) Responding to the use of psychoactive substances in educational institutions. MSc thesis.

Ema Marija Hudelja (2017) The significance of youth work for personal development and life course. MSc thesis.


Maja Istenič (2021) Experiences of special need assistants and professionals working with them. MSc thesis.

Špela Ivanuša (2016) Educational program of intensive mobile social pedagogical treatment. MSc thesis.


Nežka Janhar (2022) The experience of breastfeeding from the mother's point of view. MSc thesis.

Maruša Jarc (2019) Challenges and experience faced by parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. MSc thesis.

Ines Jaušovec (2019) Facing challenges of open drug scene by the Kings of the street society. MSc thesis.

Tamara Jelen (2021) Bibliomethod as a form of social pedagogical work with children with emotional and behavioural problems. MSc thesis.

Danijela Jelisavac (2019) Attachment styles of the teachers providing additional professional assistance and their relationship with the students. MSc thesis.

Maja Jevtić (2021) Growing up and cohabitation with siblings with autism spectrum disorder. MSc thesis.

Aurelija Jurca (2021) Psychosocial distress, existential vacuum and drug use of youth in correctional institutions. MSc thesis.

Tara Jurjaševič (2022) Men and masculinities in social pedagogical profession. MSc thesis.


Katja Kajič (2017) Teamwork of social pedagogues in terms of their experiences and attitudes. MSc thesis.

Monika Kalman (2018) Work club for young people as a form of assistance to unemployed youth. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Kapun (2019) Social pedagogical creation of changes in the interaction of young people in the rural settlement Črešnjevec. MSc thesis.

Laura Kerčmar (2019) Adolescent´s attitudes toward the process of institutional help and suport. MSc thesis.

Neža Kernel (2021) Infatuation and psychosocial distress of adolescent girls. MSc thesis.

Teja Kern (2018) Women facing breast cancer and living with experience of breast cancer. MSc thesis.

Marija Klavž (2020) Gender in Slovenian elementary and secondary school learning materials. MSc thesis.

Breda Knafelc (2013) Analysis of violence against primary and secondary schools students. MSc thesis.

Lora Kočan and Petra Zore (2019) Role and status of women in religious communities in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Tina Kogovšek (2018) The role of social pedagogue in implementation of inclusion in primary schools. MSc thesis.

Neja Komočar (2018) Attitudes of students and lecturers of the faculties of education towards addressing rainbow families. MSc thesis.

Tina Koren (2022) The role of social pedagogue with Montessory method expertise in identifying and relieving anxiety in children. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Koren (2022) Needs of Children and Adolescents in the First Six Months of their Stay in Residential Child Care Institutions. MSc thesis.

Rebeka Kos (2017) Parenting styles in families of children in residential care institutions from the perspective of care workers. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Kovač (2022) Connection between adverse childhood experience and the decision for the helper career. MSc thesis.

Vanessa Kozar (2022) Sexual life of the persons in care in the Hrastovec Social Protection Institution. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Kramar (2017) The methods of confronting violence committed by pupils and students against pedagogical workers. MSc thesis.

Tamara Kreft (2020) Children in foster care and their wavering between their biological and foster families. MSc thesis.

Eda Križnar (2022) Workload of an educator in a residential care facility.. MSc thesis.

Natalija Kujavec (2017) From foster care to institutional care. MSc thesis.

Katja Kurnik (2020) Application of the methods of sensory integration in motivation to achieve the set objects. MSc thesis.

Katja Kušar (2016) The stories and experiences of young adults living abroad. MSc thesis.

Bojana Kvartuh (2017) Teachers' expectations of primary school students identified as gifted. MSc thesis.


Marina Laharnar (2018) Mala hiša: the example of quality leisure time of children and youngsters. MSc thesis.

Lea Lah (2017) Understanding, functioning and experiences of youth care workers when dealing with self-injury among youth from their group homes. MSc thesis.

Taja Lampe (2017) Peer violence in school settings fom the viewpoint of students and school profesionals. MSc thesis.

Andrej Lavrič (2018) Impact of personal and social factors on individual and family overindebtedness. MSc thesis.

Kaja Leskovšek (2017) Providing support for vulnerable families at home. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Leskovšek (2020) National identitity of nationally mixed families of Slovenian emigrants. MSc thesis.

Klara Letnik (2017) Child participation in German and Slovene preschool. MSc thesis.

Helena Ločniškar (2019) Significance of community spaces: public living rooms from the users’ perspective. MSc thesis.


Eva Margon (2022) Perspectives of social pedagogy on prison. MSc thesis.

Leja Markelj (2018) Motherhood and intimate relationships of female sex workers in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Špela Marussig (2020) (Un)employability of incarcerated women after their release. MSc thesis.

Anina Matiš (2018) Educators' response and experience to self-harmed behaviour of children in residential care institution. MSc thesis.

Tina Matjaž (2022) Acceptance of asylum seekers' children among their peers in primary school. MSc thesis.

Neža Matovina (2020) Parents-teachers partnership in the case of long-term ill children. MSc thesis.

Nives Medved (2019) Experience of parents of children with autism spectrum disorder in treatment and co-operation with different professional services. MSc thesis.

Emina Mehanović (2018) Risk factors for alcohol use among Slovenian adolescents. MSc thesis.

Lea Metelko (2019) The primary school's educational plan from the point of view of social pedagogues. MSc thesis.

Nina Mezinec (2018) Psychosocial support for firemen, policemen, and paramedics with work-related stress. MSc thesis.

Lucija Mikelj (2015) Volunteering as a network of social support to young people. MSc thesis.

Mateja Mikluš (2019) Influence of family factors on development of juvenile delinquency behavior. MSc thesis.

Anja Mislej (2018) Health of adolescents after the placement in the residental care institution for the young with emotional and behavioural disorders. MSc thesis.

Martina Mole (2015) The Afghan youth in the Republic of Slovenia. MSc thesis.


Maruša Narat (2020) Hitchhiking as a counterpoise to the mainstream culture. MSc thesis.

Lina Novak (2020) Therapy dog as an assistant in the school counselling service. MSc thesis.

Sarina Novak (2022) Adolescent women and abortion. MSc thesis.

Seda Nur Ergül (2022) Emotion experiences and emotion regulation by social pedagogues working in primary schools. MSc thesis.


Laura Ovčar (2022) Psychosocial recovery of women with breast cancer with the help of the Journal Nekaj mojega. MSc thesis.


Dominika Pajnik (2019) Collaboration with families following the placement of juveniles in correctional facilities from the viewpoint of parents, juveniles and educators. MSc thesis.

Neža Pavli (2018) Preschool teachers and proffesionals recognising and responding to challenging behaviour of preschool children. MSc thesis.

Andreja Pavlovčič (2021) Psychosocial counseling for students of the University of Ljubljana. MSc thesis.

Sandra Pegam (2019) Self-harm behaviour among juvenile in residental institution. MSc thesis.

Neža Pegan (2021) Social meaning of coffee consumption. MSc thesis.

Nina Perger (2015) Perception of sexism in higher education. MSc thesis.

Tanja Perić (2021) Project »woman«: importance of reaching beauty standards to succeed in public and private life through the eyes of women. MSc thesis.

Nika Petek (2019) Custodial supervision from the viewpoint of convicts and professional staff, and the introduction of probation. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Pikl (2017) Postpartum mental disorders and different help forms in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Luka Piletič (2021) Work of medical clowns in the hospice facility. MSc thesis.

Jerneja Pirc (2017) Teachers' workload in upper-secondary school dormitories. MSc thesis.

Nika Pirc (2022) Growing independence of children from the perspective of parents in single-parent families. MSc thesis.

Helena Plazl (2018) Everyday life of of the people after 65 years. MSc thesis.

Špela Počivalšek (2016) Experiencing the transition to the labor market in terms of social pedagogues. MSc thesis.

Katja Podbevšek (2022) Male involvement in contraceptive decision making. MSc thesis.

Milka Podobnik (2016) Pilot project of working with people experiencing homelessness – »Invisible Lublana«. MSc thesis.

Katarina Poglajen (2016) Pregnancy, motherhood and drug use. MSc thesis.

Irina Pogorilić (2020) Presence and evaluation of gender treatment in the selected textbooks in slovenian elementary school. MSc thesis.

Anja Poles (2018) Career guidance from the viewpoint of school counselors and career guidance programme proposal. MSc thesis.

Urška Poljšak (2018) Importance of fairy tales for children's emotional development at start of school. MSc thesis.

Lea Potokar (2021) Stress and occupational burnout of educators in residential care facilities. MSc thesis.

Tadeja Pust (2020) Social network in adolescents' everyday life. MSc thesis.

Tanja Pušnik (2015) The use of play in school counseling environment. MSc thesis.

Petra Putre (2017) Preschool teacher's reactions to children disruptive behaviour and their view of cooperation with preschool counsellor. MSc thesis.


Iva Radulović (2015) Intimate relationship in context with imprisonment. MSc thesis.

Julija Raišp (2019) Possiblities for resolving the housing problem of the elderly in Maribor. MSc thesis.

Maja Ramšak (2018) Impact of social marketing on successful communication campaigns. MSc thesis.

Majda Rančigaj (2022) Virtual implementation of "social skills training" as an example of digital youth work. MSc thesis.

Eva Remec (2022) Celebrations in residential treatment centers. MSc thesis.

Sara Resnik (2018) How fathers cope with a separation. MSc thesis.

Anja Rezelj (2021) Diversity in primary school textbooks. MSc thesis.

Živa Rigler (2017) The experience of the dancers and their evalvation of the activities in the majorette group on the identity. MSc thesis.

Veronika Rogelj (2020) A child with an Asperger syndrome in a music school. MSc thesis.

Maruša Rozman (2021) Understanding psychosocial distress within a social context through artistic creation. MSc thesis.

Alja Rožman (2017) Teachers and counselors on aspects of pedagogy and stress at work. MSc thesis.

Sara Rukelj (2021) Experiences and attitudes of students and their parents toward peer relationships and collaboration during the Covid-19 epidemic. MSc thesis.

Katarina Rupar (2020) Visits of homeless women to the institutions. MSc thesis.


Suzana Sadar (2018) Elderly people on the quality of life and engaging in physical activity. Diploma thesis.

Alisa Selan (2018) Experiences of parents of children with learning difficulties. MSc thesis.

Mirjam Selšek Štanta (2021) Internalised emotional and behavioural problems of children and young people from the viewpoint of selected professionals from various educational institutions in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Kaja Sevčnikar (2017) Responses of teachers and professional workers to distress of children in kindergarden. MSc thesis.

Sandra Simić (2022) Climate and culture in schools with good practice models for addressing students' mental health issues. MSc thesis.

Veronika Simončič (2022) Cooperation of social pedagogues providers of additional professional assistance and parents in primary school. MSc thesis.

Patricija Sirk (2015) Life after partner's death in young adulthood. MSc thesis.

Tatjana Skerlep (2018) Growing up with a sibling with moderate intellectual disability. MSc thesis.

Manja Slak (2022) Physical activity and educational work in correctional institutions / juvenile facilities. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Slevec (2019) Teachers' and social pedagogues' emotional regulation strategies at educational work in primary school. MSc thesis.

Sara Slokan (2019) Under the same roof: experience of co-existence of mainstream students and special education programme students. MSc thesis.

Anthony Paul Smaga and Patricija Urlep (2019) Discrimination against immigrants in the Slovenian society. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Sotlar (2018) Institutional violence in obstetric care. MSc thesis.

Mojca Sovdat (2019) Generative themes of the camp by the institution. MSc thesis.

Ines Stajan (2018) Cyberbullying: new form of violence among peers. MSc thesis.

Anja Stanič (2015) Experiencing of social life of adults with autistic disorders. MSc thesis.

Nina Steklasa (2018) Approach to early school leaving – the case of Denmark. MSc thesis.

Miha Stele (2021) Responses of social pedagogues in primary schools during the COVID-19 epidemic. MSc thesis.

Urška Stepišnik (2016) Teachers authority through the eyes of students and teachers. MSc thesis.

Maja Strašek (2022) Importance of learning constructive conflict resolution in kindergarten for psychosocial well-being. MSc thesis.

Nina Strgar (2018) Social inclusion and support to elderly people in family homes for elderly throughout Croatia. MSc thesis.

Neža Sušnik (2020) Confrontation of educators with the aggression of children and adolescents in juvenile correctional facilities. MSc thesis.


Špela Šimenc (2019) Opportunities for Non-governmental Organizations to Collaborate with School. MSc thesis.

Blanka Šiško (2018) Use of lego bricks in social pedagogical work with socially disadvantaged children. MSc thesis.

Kristina Škerjanec (2019) The inclusion of Roma children in kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Klaudija Šket (2020) Social pedagogues' views on the reflection of their own practice in primary school. MSc thesis.

Saška Škrubej (2017) Significance of fairy tales for socio-emotional development of children. MSc thesis.

Ana Šlander (2021) Collaboration with parents in residential institution's treatment programme - parental viewpoint. MSc thesis.

Doris Špurej (2017) The role of volunteers in the integration of refugees. MSc thesis.

Ema Štokovnik (2017) Homelessness among immigrants in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Anja Šuligoj (2022) Role of the primary family in the onset of aggressive behavior and externalized behavioral disorder. MSc thesis.

Ana Šutar (2018) Personal distress in neoliberalism. MSc thesis.


Jera Telič (2016) The importance of dog participation in educational institutions: dog therapy in VZ Planina. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Tiršek (2016) Working with perpetrators of child sexual abuse in slovenian prisons. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Tomažič (2018) Experiencing and understanding the illness during early and middle childhood. MSc thesis.

Simona Tomše (2020) Teacher as a potential implementor of social and emotional learning programmes in elementary school. MSc thesis.

Maša Toplak (2020) Gender-sensitive youth work with girls. MSc thesis.

Marija Trnovec (2019) The life of young people with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. MSc thesis.

Tina Turinek (2017) Experiences of young people, their parents and teachers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. MSc thesis.

Lara Tušar (2021) Identification, understanding and reacting to emotions of kindergarten children. Diploma thesis.


Maja Urekar (2018) Cooperation between the social work center, child’s family of origin and foster family. MSc thesis.


Nika Valentinčič (2019) Promoting social and emotional development of a preschool child in the concept of forest pedagogy. MSc thesis.

Neva Vaner (2016) Body movement method for preventing overcoming stress among employees in primary school. MSc thesis.

Laura Velkner (2017) Transition from out of home care into independent life from the perspective of the youngsters and the educators. MSc thesis.

Lea Verbič (2019) Methodological challenges of residental care institutions. MSc thesis.

Maša Viršček (2018) Analysis of online forum discourse on the European refugee crisis. MSc thesis.

Nuša Vogrin (2018) Services network for homeless in Maribor. MSc thesis.

Klavdija Vovk (2021) Recognizing the grieving process in adolescents at juvenile correctional homes from the viewpoint of adolescents and caregivers. MSc thesis.


Claudia Wilke Pacek (2019) The role of counseling service in primary schools for children with mental health disorders. MSc thesis.


Tina Zabukovec (2015) Video Home Training method and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. MSc thesis.

Alja Zajec (2022) Introduction of children to kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Tamara Zaner (2017) Uporaba kreativnih medijev pri delu z mladimi v družbi tveganja. MSc thesis.

Urška Zgonc (2022) Unaccompanied children and guardianship system in Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Ana Zupanc (2019) Intercultural education in primary school- employees' and students' perspective. MSc thesis.


Tea Žagar (2016) Coping with job loss after the age of 40. MSc thesis.

Matej Žalig (2019) The emergence and development of social pedagogy from the viewpoint of biopolitics. MSc thesis.

Urša Železnikar (2017) Housing vulnerability among families. MSc thesis.

Nives Železnik (2016) Perspectives of performers and visitors on living library concept realization. MSc thesis.

Estera Žibert (2018) Emotional process characteristics of adolescents in a residental treatment institution. MSc thesis.

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