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Simona Agrež Franko (2019) Quality of monitoring child's developement and progress in planning and evaluating educational work in preschool. MSc thesis.

Teja Avguštin (2019) Professional development preschool teachers - mentors. MSc thesis.


Suzana Bajc (2018) Evaluation of the kindergarten teachers' planning and performances of geometric activities in the preschool education. MSc thesis.

Jera Balderman (2018) Experiencing of team work of preschool teachers and preschool teachers assistants. MSc thesis.

Maja Berčič (2018) Comparative analysis of Slovenian folk tales' collection »Golden bird« and their variants according to the theory of Vladimir Propp. MSc thesis.

Anja Bervar (2020) The role of promoting the moral development in preschool children's in kindergarten from preschool teacher's. MSc thesis.

Tea Blagus (2020) Opinions of parents and preschool professionals on functional literacy and the use of ICT in kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Jasmina Bunšek (2016) Understanding the concept of the number among 3-5 years old children. MSc thesis.


Darja Cencelj (2018) Playground in preschool as a place for children's active learning and play. MSc thesis.


Mateja Čadež (2013) Viewpoints and experiences of professional educators regarding participation of children in preeschool. MSc thesis.

Manja Čepin (2019) The differences between the child's storytelling near the book before reading and reading the Content. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Černe (2020) Effectiveness of individual movement exercise to improve strength of the hypotonic child. Diploma thesis.


Damjana Debenec (2020) Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in an extended elementary school programme. MSc thesis.


Špela Filipič (2022) Setting up a private music kindergarten with the Reggio Emilia concept elements. MSc thesis.

Zala Fister (2019) Formal and informal outdoor education of young children. MSc thesis.


Ema Gašperšič (2022) Outdoor activities in urban and suburban kindergartens. MSc thesis.

Taja Geč (2021) Covert discrimination in preschool education. MSc thesis.

Ana Gerčar (2014) Perception communication of pedagogical workers at teamwork in a kindergarten group. MSc thesis.

Karin Govek (2017) Preschool teachers' attitudes towards realising preschool Curriculum aims in the area of mathematics. MSc thesis.

Majda Grbec Plestenjak (2018) Free time spent together between parents and their preschool children. MSc thesis.

Tjaša Grozde (2020) Different ways of introducing children to kindergarten as viewed by preschool teachers and counsellors. MSc thesis.


Tanja Holcar (2017) Kindergarten teacher's changes of pedagogy practice through stages of innovation process. MSc thesis.

Meta Hostnik (2018) Children's optimal strain considering their physical efficiency. MSc thesis.

Vilma Hrovat (2019) The views on the inclusion of children with special needs in Slovenia and Sweden. MSc thesis.

Alenka Humar (2016) Influence of different kinds of moving activities on physical efficiency of slovenian five years old children. MSc thesis.


Branka Izda (2015) Subjective theories and treatments of kindergarten professional staff in the groups of first age period. MSc thesis.


Ivana Jakša (2018) Teamwork skills of preschool teachers and preschool teachers' assistants. MSc thesis.

Zdenka Jan (2016) Children,s participation in outdoor activities in preschool education. MSc thesis.

Gaja Jerovšek (2022) Institution culture and professional development of preschool teacher. MSc thesis.

Polona Juvan (2020) Preschool teachers' and assistant preschool teachers' reading habits. MSc thesis.


Barbara Karković (2016) Preschool managements and teachers views on innovation of educational practices in Slovenia and Croatia. MSc thesis.

Vanja Klanšek (2021) Collaboration of the Zagorje ob Savi kindergarten with the public library. MSc thesis.

Tanja Klemenšek Rakun (2014) Reasons for opening an onsite day care and its success factors. MSc thesis.

Maja Kljajić (2019) Pre-school teacher's introduction of changes in their pedagogical work as a factor in their professional development. MSc thesis.

Helena Klobasa (2015) Negative stress among pedagogical workers in preschool institutions. MSc thesis.

Mojca Kogoj (2021) Climate analysis and proposals for its bettering in the preschool at elementary school dobrova. MSc thesis.

Anija Kokot (2016) Promoting social-emotional development of children at preschool. MSc thesis.

Maja Komotar (2020) Developing pre-reading and pre-writing skils in preschool period. MSc thesis.

Lea Kosmač (2021) Preschool education through the eyes of the media and the lay public. MSc thesis.

Špela Kosmač (2021) Attitudes of preschool teachers towards the introduction of Montessori elements into work with children. MSc thesis.

Daniela Košalin (2015) Preschool teachers' attitudes to foreign language learning in kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Nives Krajnc (2019) Language barriers of immigrant children at their kindergarten integration in styria. MSc thesis.

Sabina Krajnc (2014) The impact of collegial cooperation of pre-school teachers on the professional development of individuals and organization. MSc thesis.

Katja Krk (2016) Participation of children in nutrition and sleeping in preeschool. MSc thesis.


Nina Lapanja (2018) Understanding of the chemical conceptions substance and gas in the preschool period. MSc thesis.

Eva Lederer (2022) Inclusively designed outdoor playgrounds for kindergartens. MSc thesis.

Maja Lenarčič (2021) Creative movement and social skills developement at children aged from 2 to 4 years. MSc thesis.

Monika Lužnik Črep (2017) Identifying learning potentials of three and four year old children in natural science activities. MSc thesis.


Mihela Maček (2017) Overburdening of preschool teachers. MSc thesis.

Petra Madronič (2014) Media education in kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Ana Maravič (2016) The role and tasks of mentor in public kindergartens. MSc thesis.

Valeriia Marianova (2017) Cultural differences and upbringing of pre-school children. MSc thesis.

Martina Marovšek (2022) Preschool teachers' attitudes towards digital literacy. MSc thesis.

Nina Mav Hrovat (2014) The role and social perception of male preschool teachers. MSc thesis.

Tamara Medja (2019) Science experiments in the first age group in kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Mojca Meke (2014) Attitude of professionals in kindergarten to immigrant children and their parents. MSc thesis.

Maja Melanšek (2021) Pre-school reading badge activities for non-Slovenian children in Slovenian kindergartens. MSc thesis.

Martina Mohorič (2017) The importance of preschool children's play in the natural environment for learning early science. MSc thesis.

Anja Moškerc (2020) Child's storytelling with neural response. MSc thesis.


Jasmina Novak (2013) The role of the kindergarden teacher at the assimilation of non-Slovene speaking children. MSc thesis.

Mateja Novljan (2017) Analysis of the implementation of organized physical activities for pre-school children in nature. MSc thesis.


Meta Oblak (2021) Kindergarten educational activities. MSc thesis.

Teja Oblak (2021) Preschool children's perceptions of bears and activities to improve coexistence with bears. MSc thesis.


Štefanija Pavlic (2014) Fibonacci project as a support for the introduction of science in kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Eva Petan (2016) The analysis of folktales from Notranjska region collected by Izidor Modic taken from Štrekelj's legacy. MSc thesis.

Petra Pezdirc Stopar (2016) Kindergarten as an inclusive community. MSc thesis.

Alja Pezelj Lusavec (2014) Cooperation of childrens fathers with kindergartens and primary schools. MSc thesis.

Jana Pintar (2020) Influence of competencies on job crafting of the preschool teachers’ work. MSc thesis.

Mateja Podgorelec (2018) Perception and experiencing job shadowing among preschool teachers. MSc thesis.

Lučka Postružin (2018) The views of profesional workers of Kindergarten Ledina on the importance of in – service education and training emloyee. MSc thesis.


Polonca Repovž (2018) Preschool children's knowledge of forest animal's ecology. MSc thesis.

Marta Rogelj Lipoglavšek (2015) Management for promoting the quality of preschool in southeastern Slovenia. MSc thesis.

Špela Rojc (2014) The role of the education in implementation of changes into pre-primary school teacher's pedagogical practice. MSc thesis.

Andreja Ropotar Jagodic (2014) The role of the puppet in creating curricular goals in kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Cveta Rošer (2016) Promoting family literacy. MSc thesis.

Tanja Rozina (2013) Preschool teachers and their assistants views on fathers role in child rearing. MSc thesis.

Melita Rožič (2018) Choral singing in the pre-school period. MSc thesis.

Suzana Ručman (2021) Professional development of a preschool teacher in the innovation process of creating a didactic toy. MSc thesis.


Anja Sečnik (2020) Importance of prescholl teachers resilience for his professional development. MSc thesis.

Ema Selič (2016) Rest and sleep in preschool from the perspective of legislation and practice. MSc thesis.

Erika Smrke (2019) Intergenerational collaboration between kindergarten and home for the elderly. MSc thesis.

Dunja Srdarev (2017) Pre-primary curricula analysis for pre-primary education in the area of language. MSc thesis.

Ana Srpčič (2014) Learning natural science terms in preeschool education by experiencing rocks and soils. MSc thesis.

Marina Stančić Nosonjin (2016) Slovene and Serbian perschool teacherʾs conceptualizations of career and professional development. MSc thesis.

Tilen Stenovec (2021) Implementing movement challenges in the chosen thematic orientation pathway »Secret of the storks of Preddvor«. MSc thesis.


Dražana Ševa (2022) Child's understanding of the concepts "live" and "not live" in various preschool environments. MSc thesis.

Timeja Šketa (2020) Introducing the elements of the Reggio Emilia approach in the Kindergarten Gornji Grad. MSc thesis.

Andreja Škulj (2014) The role of the discrimination in verbal expressions of the children in kindergartens. MSc thesis.

Andreja Škvarč (2014) Adults' violence against children in preschool. MSc thesis.

Maja Špenko (2019) Analysis of Anka Luger’s picture books. MSc thesis.

Špela Štebe (2022) Importance and creation of a vision in kindergarten: views of preschool teachers and management. MSc thesis.


Darinka Tomažin (2019) The influence of organisational climate on the contentment of the employees in posavje kindergartens. MSc thesis.

Maja Toplak Primc (2018) Preschool teachers' views on mathematics in the preschool Curriculum. MSc thesis.

Anja Trček (2019) Ensuring equal opportunities in the process of enrolling children in preschool institution. MSc thesis.


Mira Vladimira Vrankar (2013) Viewpoints and experiences of preschool professional workers towards children's participation in daily routine and play. MSc thesis.


Nika Zibelnik (2021) Preventive action to avoid deviant behaviour in kidergarten. MSc thesis.

Nina Zrimšek (2015) The understanding of print/book concept in the preschool period. MSc thesis.

Melita Zukić (2019) Parental needs for Islamic kindergarten. MSc thesis.

Janja Zupan (2020) Preschool reading badge from the viewpoint of preschool teachers, children, and their parents. MSc thesis.


Petra Žgajnar (2018) Preschool headmaster's role in determining and ensuring preschool quality. MSc thesis.

Maruša Žgank (2019) Kindergarten teacher professional development at work with special needs children. MSc thesis.

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