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Blaž Abram (2019) Advanced functionalities for creating educational games in Unity. Diploma thesis.


Mateja Bevčič (2015) Use of Beaver competition tasks for teaching computer science in primary schools. Diploma thesis.

Domen Brglez (2017) Designing educational video games in Unity. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Bukovec (2018) The usage of LEGO Mindstorms ev3 robots at teaching physical computing in slovene primary school. Diploma thesis.

Saša Bukovec (2016) Teaching encryption in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Nuša Butala (2017) Hamiltonian factorization of a graph and children's dances. Diploma thesis.


Viktorija Capuder (2021) Transformations in Euclidean Geometry. Diploma thesis.


Anton Dimic (2020) Multiplayer mode in educational games. Diploma thesis.

Sara Drožđek (2015) Mayer's principles in teaching programming. Diploma thesis.


Ida Femc (2014) p-adic norms and p-adic numbers. Diploma thesis.

Sara Ferlin (2016) Modeling the influence of student characteristics on successfull solving of algorithmically based exercises. Diploma thesis.

Teja Franko (2017) Simple board games as Markov chains models. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Friškovec (2016) Mathematical anxiety in the primary school. Diploma thesis.


Marko Glavan (2017) Dihedral symmetry. Diploma thesis.

Rozalija Grešak (2013) Construction of the real numbers. Diploma thesis.


Nik Hlade (2015) Specification and software tool implementation for computer supported collaborative work among people in the field of special education. Diploma thesis.

Maja Hladnik (2017) Discrete harmonic and analytic functions. Diploma thesis.

Maja Hladnik (2018) Transition from block- to text-based programming. Diploma thesis.

Mitja Hočevar (2015) Ramsey theory. Diploma thesis.

Nika Hren (2013) Integrals of rational functions. Diploma thesis.

Klaudija Humar (2014) Identifying difficult concepts in introductory programming. Diploma thesis.


Sanja Jedrinović (2015) A model of assisted proving in geometry. Diploma thesis.

Anja Jeglič (2017) Numeracy with Scratch. Diploma thesis.

Monika Jensterle (2016) Modeling the factors that influence understanding of concepts in introductory programming course. Diploma thesis.

Natalija Juvan (2014) The impact of cognitive styles and cooperative relations on group learning results in computer-supported environment. Diploma thesis.


Anka Katrašnik (2018) Controlling tilting maze with Arduino. Diploma thesis.

Alen Kopić (2013) The Monty Hall problem and its generalizations. Diploma thesis.

Teja Koprivc (2018) Boundary behavior of power series. Diploma thesis.

Anja Koron (2018) Maze game in Scratch. Diploma thesis.

Tine Koron (2019) Physical computing in Scratch. Diploma thesis.

Luka Taras Korošec (2016) Analysis and an improvement of an application for graph manipulation. Diploma thesis.

Blaž Kos (2015) Solvable groups. Diploma thesis.

Miha Krašna (2018) Calculating sums of infinite series. Diploma thesis.

Dejan Krejić (2015) Group actions and blocks of imprimitivity. Diploma thesis.

Peter Križman (2015) Raspberry pi projects for early-learning of programming. Diploma thesis.


Mihela Lekše (2014) Computer science in the primary school and cross–curricular integration. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Likozar (2015) Partitions. Diploma thesis.

Anja Luštek (2015) Development of problem-based learning materials for computer science in the second three-year cycle of primary school. Diploma thesis.


Tjaša Marinič (2019) Integration of computer science topics into the elementary and secondary school curriculum. Diploma thesis.

Ines Medved (2013) The principle of inclusion and exclusion and its applications. Diploma thesis.

Matej Mencin (2017) Random graphs. Diploma thesis.

Rebeka Mežan (2018) Takagi factorization. Diploma thesis.

Mariza Močnik (2015) Learning programming: treasure hunt. Diploma thesis.


Tadeja Nemanič (2016) Activities on circular geoboard. Diploma thesis.


Tina Orejaš (2017) Uncountable sets and an real number game. Diploma thesis.


Lidija Pečar (2017) Detecting test anxiety in the third part of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Sabina Perenič (2015) Teaching safe use of the internet in primary school by constructivist approach. Diploma thesis.

Julija Petek (2018) Formative self–assessment in mathematics with sections. Diploma thesis.

Vanessa Pipan (2016) Use of applications in early-stage computer programming education. Diploma thesis.

Janja Pogačar (2015) Virtual manipulatives for learning algebra. Diploma thesis.

Katarina Polc (2017) Invariant subspaces of linear operators over R. Diploma thesis.

Nina Potočar (2017) Riemann mapping theorem. Diploma thesis.

Darja Prevc (2015) Teaching programming in Python in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Janez Puntar (2018) Functions of several variables: examples and counterexamples. Diploma thesis.


Luka Viktor Rogač (2015) Finite automata. Diploma thesis.

Maja Ropret (2017) Early programming learning with programming language Scratch Junior. Diploma thesis.

Anže Rozman (2016) Developing pupils' algorithmic thinking with Lego Mindstorms in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Nežka Rugelj (2017) Shor's algorithm. Diploma thesis.


Sandi Sečkar (2019) Applicability of augmented reality in education. Diploma thesis.

Katja Skubic (2014) Continued fractions and infinite series. Diploma thesis.

Gregor Spačal (2015) Introduction to computer arhitecture with Raspberry Pi. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Stopar (2013) Activities for developing algorithmic thinking among primary school students. Diploma thesis.


Teja Šavs (2013) RSA cryptology. Diploma thesis.

Urša Šega (2017) Stick number and its use. Diploma thesis.

Nina Šere (2017) 3–edge colorable graphs. Diploma thesis.

Katarina Šifrer (2017) Didactic aspects of working with gifted children in mathematics class. Diploma thesis.

Špela Šmitek (2015) Learning programming with LEGO WeDo. Diploma thesis.

Žiga Štamcar (2016) Designing a Plone based web tool for managing parent-teacher conferences. Diploma thesis.

Tajda Štrukelj (2014) Teaching recursion in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Alja Šubic (2016) Nowhere-zero flows. Diploma thesis.


Žan Ternik (2018) Learning analytics in serious games. Diploma thesis.

Anja Tisovec (2016) Arc length in planar p-metric. Diploma thesis.

Marina Tomažič (2015) Plane ordered geometry and Sylvester`s problem about collinear points. Diploma thesis.

Sandra Toni (2017) Algorithmic thinking abilities at different levels of cognitive development. Diploma thesis.


Petra Uranič (2016) Error analysis of pupils in calculating with fractions. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Uršič Rutar (2016) Graph-theoretic tasks in Bebras competition. Diploma thesis.


Gorazd Vasiljević (2014) Symmetric bicirculants. Diploma thesis.

Gloria Vidmar (2015) The construction of nowhere differentiable continuous function. Diploma thesis.

Katarina Vidmar (2017) Combinatorial proofs of Fibonacci and related identities. Diploma thesis.

Danuša Vižintin (2020) Introduction of smart phones into primary education. Diploma thesis.


Manca Zaviršek (2013) Analysis of activities for learning computer science unplugged. Diploma thesis.

Špela Zavrl (2017) Early teaching computer science in English primary schools. Diploma thesis.

Ana Zgonc (2016) Teaching variables in programming using problem based learning approach within 4th and 7th grade students. Diploma thesis.

Katja Zupančič (2013) Mathematical logic and logical puzzles. Diploma thesis.

Sašo Zupanec (2013) Max-plus algebra. Diploma thesis.

Davor Zupan (2015) MOOC – Internet safety. Diploma thesis.


Tina Žakelj (2019) Equidecomposability of polygons. Diploma thesis.

Aleša Žandar (2014) Desining materials for teaching programming with Scratch. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Žnidarič (2014) Semidirect product of groups. Diploma thesis.

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