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David Baler Petrović (2018) Distribution and abundance of invasive alien plant species along the river Ledava.. Diploma thesis.

Doris Barat (2019) Attitudes of pupils towards animals and work in a school vivarium. Diploma thesis.

Petra Bašek (2013) Changes in humidity and temperature gradients of ground in the area of Petelinjsko jezero. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Bergant (2016) Acetylcholinesterase activity in water extract of the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). Diploma thesis.

Petra Bezeljak (2016) The effect of Heraceleum mantegazzianum extract on germination of Raphanus sativus and Festuca arundinacea. Diploma thesis.

Yvonn Brčina (2019) Subspecies of common fumitory (Fumaria officinalis L.) in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Nina Brudar (2015) Effect of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles on the growth of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Diploma thesis.


Anja Cerovšek (2019) Isolation and identification of fungi, collected from Proteus anguinus and its immediate aquatic environment. Diploma thesis.


Tjaša Dernikovič (2014) Heavy metals contents in selected plant species from lake Cerknica. Diploma thesis.

Denisa Durić (2014) DNase activity of DNase I from bovine pancreas and B subunits of the bacterial cytotoxin CdtABC. Diploma thesis.


Tina Erznožnik (2015) Reflectance spectra and photochemical efficency of a tree moss (Pseudevernia furfuracea Zopf.). Diploma thesis.


Tina Fabijan (2017) Revision of the genus diplotaxis (Brassicaceae) in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Ana Ferjančič (2017) Binding of fluorescently tagged egerolysin proteins ostreolysin A and erylysin A on in vitro culture of differentiated brain cells and on human mucous membrane cells. Diploma thesis.

Katja Fink (2015) Heart rate in sequence of running and rest and use of Sports tracker application as motivation for pupils. Diploma thesis.

Tina Fornazarič (2017) Migration dynamics of garden warbler (Sylvia borin) in Slovenia on the basis of ringing data. Diploma thesis.


Špela Gaberšek (2016) Biology and endangerment of Southern Festoon (Zerynthia polyxena) in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Nika Glavina (2018) Understanding the concepts of living beeing and animal among Slovenian and Gambian pupils. Diploma thesis.

Tanja Gnidovec (2017) binding of fluorescently labelled aegerolysins ostreolysin A and erylysin A to in vitro culture of non-differentiated neurons and oral mucose cells. Diploma thesis.

Taja Gorenšček (2018) Knowledge of the human joints of 8th and 9th graders. Diploma thesis.

Debora Gorjan (2015) Students motivation for science learning. Diploma thesis.

Natalija Gruden (2019) Acetylsalicylic acid in the context of life situations in experimental chemistry in elementary school. Diploma thesis.


Ines Horvat (2017) Physicochemical properties of aqueous solution of decyltrimethylammonium decanoate. Diploma thesis.

Matic Hrastar (2016) Selective reduction of fused pyran-2-ones. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Hribar Skubic (2017) Modes of reproduction of invasive alien plants in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.


Bernarda Jamnik Zupančič (2014) Choosing the appropriate plants for discussing the stem during natural science class in elementary schools. Diploma thesis.

Jožica Janežič (2020) Optical properties of Sphagnum Moss. Diploma thesis.

Staša Jerman Zagorc (2017) Developing inquiry-based science education on the chromatography for primary school. Diploma thesis.


Urška Keber (2019) Histochemical determination β-glucans in barley grains. Diploma thesis.

Tatjana Keržan (2016) Analysis of testis-ova in the blind cave salamander (Proteus anguinus). Diploma thesis.

Nika Klobučar (2018) Analysis of species composition of plants in domestic herbal liqueurs. Diploma thesis.

Amedea Klopčič Vukšinič (2019) Human urinary system knowledge of the seventh graders, eight graders, and ninth graders. Diploma thesis.

Tina Klun (2014) Primary school pupils awareness of the significance of additives in food. Diploma thesis.

Anita Kočevar (2016) English video clips in teaching chemistry among year 9 primary school students. Diploma thesis.

Tadeja Kosi (2017) Toxicity and effects of aqueous solution of sodium chlorate(I) on water fleas (Daphnia magna). Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Košir (2015) Effects of ferrite nanoparticles on growth in ptuj red onion. Diploma thesis.

Saša Kramar (2014) Effect of Salix extracts on photosintetic pigments in japanese knotweed(Fallopia japonica). Diploma thesis.

Urša Krašovec (2013) Motivating to learn chemistry by experimenting at home. Diploma thesis.

Marinka Kržič (2015) The effect of lead on growth and development of pennycress (Noccaea praecox Wulf). Diploma thesis.

Špela Kržišnik (2013) Mercury contents in selected herbs from Idrija. Diploma thesis.


Miha Lampe (2019) Effects of a biological plant growth promoter on mineral nutrition of a sunflower. Diploma thesis.

Špela Likovič (2018) Cell knowledge of the sixth and seventh graders of elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Erika Lončar (2016) Knowledge of human evolution among the 8th and 9th grade primary school pupils in the Ljubljana region. Diploma thesis.


Hrvoje Malkoč (2018) Density and viscosity of ethanol and methanol binary mixtures. Diploma thesis.

Katja Malovrh (2016) Differentiation of the strawberry species (Fragaria L.) in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Urša Malovrh (2016) Optical properties of Salix rosmarinifolia L. leaves. Diploma thesis.

Alenka Medved (2014) Knowledge of invasive non-native species among 7th and 9th grade students of selected elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Nejc Mesesnel (2017) Natural science contests and competitiveness of pupils in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Tilen Miklavčič (2018) Liverworts from genus Conocephalum in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Mitja Močilar (2015) Biology and endangerment of Alcon Blue (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Kim Munih (2013) Qualitative tests for the determination of inorganic acids. Diploma thesis.

Tanja Murn (2016) Effects of different soil microbial communities on the uptake of mercury in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Diploma thesis.


Ksenija Nerat (2016) Differentiation and Individualisation in chemistry experimental work at school. Diploma thesis.

Anja Novak (2015) The effect of season on the optical properties of Vinca major leaves. Diploma thesis.


Urška Oder (2015) The analysis of historical elements of chemistry in Slovenian primary school textbooks. Diploma thesis.


Aleš Peternelj (2014) Bioplastics: experimental work in the school laboratory. Diploma thesis.

Vanja Petrena (2016) Comparison of direct and indirect measures of predation in different populations of primates. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Piberčnik (2014) The impact of invasive alien species Echinocystis lobata on the physical conditions in the habitat. Diploma thesis.

Monika Podpac (2015) Awereness of the inhabitants of Bled and its sorroundings about the zebra mussel dreissena polymorpha in lake Bled. Diploma thesis.

Ana Posavec (2017) The efectiveness of model of the lungs in biology classes in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Ajda Premrl (2019) The role of gamification and language in learning chemistry topics at primary school. Diploma thesis.

Maja Prešern (2016) Fear and knowledge of centipedes (Chilopoda) in primary school students. Diploma thesis.


Lucija Razinger (2018) Lower secondary school student's attitudes toward dragonflies. Diploma thesis.

Žan Rode (2018) Effectiveness of learning with the help of natural science textbook in 7th grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Bojana Ropret (2014) The impact of invasive alien species impatiens glandulifera on environmental conditions in the habitat. Diploma thesis.


Tamara Sakovič (2016) A comparison of primary school students' attitudes about the use of traditional print and e-textbooks in biology instruction. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Smrdel (2013) Project-based learning in chemistry teaching. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Sovdat (2015) Optical properties of thallus of the lichen Pseudevernia furfuracea. Diploma thesis.

Sandra Starešinič (2016) Synthesis of biodiesel from algae lipids. Diploma thesis.

Valentina Stojilkovič (2017) The influence of composting on germination of Ambrosia artemisiifolia seeds. Diploma thesis.

Alenka Stražar (2015) Public perception of chemistry. Diploma thesis.

Špela Svetičič (2014) Alginate microspheres for demonstration of controlled release in a school laboratory. Diploma thesis.


Leo Šamanić (2017) Changes in Adriatic ichthyofauna : selected species of fish, their socioeconomic relevance and possible influence on ecosystem of Adriatic sea. Diploma thesis.

Anja Šterk (2014) Effect of salix extracts on antioxidative enzyme in japanese knotweed (fallopia japonica). Diploma thesis.

Irena Šurla (2013) Construction of plasmids to study promotor activity of genes of bacteria Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans. Diploma thesis.


Ana Tadl (2016) The role of teacher in teaching long-term sick children. Diploma thesis.

Simona Trček (2013) Macrophytes of the river Ljubljanica. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Treven (2016) Revision of Vicia sativa agg. in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.

Primož Trontelj (2017) Copper(II) coordination compounds with quinaldinate and alcoholamines. Diploma thesis.


Ines Uršnik (2015) Design of a fermentation experiment of boza- a traditional drink from orient. Diploma thesis.


Špela Velše (2014) The estimation of the presence of pigment clusters in the ovaries of the Proteus. Diploma thesis.

Luka Vinko (2017) The effect of poly-L-lysine on mouse urinary bladder urothelium. Diploma thesis.

Marko Vrbec (2018) Content analysis of the national assessment of knowledge in biology in 2017. Diploma thesis.


Jana Zajc (2018) Discipline in a contemporary elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Urša Založnik (2013) Qualitative tests for the determination of inorganic bases. Diploma thesis.

Nina Zupanc (2018) Chemistry teacher's perceptions of the external assessments in Slovenian primary schools. Diploma thesis.

Marta Zupančič (2016) Biology and endargement of Fenton´s wood white in Slovenia. Diploma thesis.


Mojca Žemlja (2017) The effect of japanese knotweed extracts on the growth of radish roots. Diploma thesis.

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