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Špela Dragan (2019) Spatial orientation and effectiveness of solving written tasks in the cycling exam. MSc thesis.

Kristina Bogataj (2019) Teaching social studies contents through films. MSc thesis.

Lara Poljanšek (2019) Pedagogical work of youth firemen mentors. MSc thesis.

Luciana Legat (2019) Comparison between the Argentinian and the Slovene curriculum of environmental studies and the analysis of the comprised elements of citizenship and homeland education. MSc thesis.

Špela Lumpert (2019) Teaching traffic signs with didactic games. MSc thesis.

Kristina Božič (2018) Visualization ability of different art spaces in maps among year 6 pupils. MSc thesis.

Sara Šenica (2018) Immigrant children and intercultural differences at a primary level. MSc thesis.

Nina Sever (2018) Teaching about interculturalism in the social studies classroom. MSc thesis.

Jerneja Fefer (2018) Children's workshops about pile dwellers for the permanent exhibition Moja Ljubljanica. MSc thesis.

Vanja Resnik (2018) Gifted fifth graders in the social science lessons. MSc thesis.

Urša Malavašič (2018) System thinking development at social studies in 4th grade. MSc thesis.

Petra Stražar (2018) Comparison of social science education in elementary teaching in Slovenia and in Andalusia. MSc thesis.

Urša Dolar (2018) Achieving learning standards in social studies at the beginning of the third grade of the primary school. MSc thesis.

Ana Kovačič (2018) Adjustments of social science for students, who have difficulties with understanding Slovene language. MSc thesis.

Sara Masnec (2017) The comparison of social studies primary school curricula between slovenia and croatia. MSc thesis.

Mojca Debeljak (2017) Interdisciplinary dimensions of music education and social sciences through »Orff-Schulwerk« approach. MSc thesis.

Doris Vidic (2017) Learning through digital images in social science studies among year 1 pupils of the primary school. MSc thesis.

Eva Premrl (2017) Map drawing of pupils from the 1st to the 4th grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Katja Žibert (2017) Differentiated practice of Paukꞌs learning strategy in social science in 5th grade. MSc thesis.

Mojca Jamnik (2017) Concept of the Duke of Edinurgh´s international award – award in the fifth grade of elementary school as an interest activity programme. MSc thesis.

Ana Jurca (2017) Model evaluation of integrating the subjects of environmental studies and art from the first grader mindset´s point of view. MSc thesis.

Žiga Bokal (2017) Usage of information-communication technology in the teaching of social studies from first to fifth grade. MSc thesis.

Urška Frelih Meglič (2016) Teaching and learning environment with visual representations in the second grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Erika Leban Zaletelj (2016) Cooperative learning at social science lessons in primary school, year 4. MSc thesis.

Ana Kastelec (2016) Gifted students in social science instruction in the primary school. MSc thesis.

Greta Grošelj (2016) Achieving knowledge standards in social science topics in the first class of the primary school. MSc thesis.

Suzana Moder (2016) Developing social skills in the first grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Urša Koritnik (2016) Understanding and interpretation of social rules at first graders. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Brnot Kastelic (2016) Social themes in the single-subject and cross-curricular teaching materials in teaching environment in the first grade. MSc thesis.

Milena Rajšel (2016) Fieldwork in the 4th class at social science in Mirna Peč. Diploma thesis.

Nuša Rutar (2016) War concept development of year 9 primary school pupils attending a special program with lower educational standards. MSc thesis.

Marko Novak (2016) The European Union in the environment and society primary school subjects. MSc thesis.

Petra Sušnik (2015) Lessons outside the classroom focusing on social sciences. Diploma thesis.

Andreja Zupančič (2015) Diversity of questions in lessons of social studies in the 5th grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Ana Kalan (2015) The use of a notebook in social studies in year 4 and 5 from a contemporary instruction perspective. MSc thesis.

Anja Lahne (2015) Outdoor instruciton of social science to year 4 primary school pupils. MSc thesis.

Anja Lahne (2015) Outdoor instruciton of social science to year 4 primary school pupils. MSc thesis.

Špela Mramor (2015) Social science outdoor instruction in the second grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Jasmina Selko (2015) The use of an interactive whiteboard in the first grade of elemntary school to help children develop the concept of time. MSc thesis.

Pia Klančar (2014) Online collection of social games. Diploma thesis.

Metka Magajna (2014) Assessment of social studies in fourth grade. Diploma thesis.

Irena Hergan (2013) Development of cartographic literacy in ten-year-old pupils. PhD thesis.

Tadeja Resnik (2012) The quality of the lesson plans for online nature study. Diploma thesis.

Martina Gorenc (2012) Guided activities for the day of activities in the tourist farm in Hrastno. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kočevar (2012) Interdisciplinary integration of social studies in the fourth grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Anja Drobnič (2012) Cross-curricular integration of social sciences in the second grade of elementary school. Diploma thesis.

Teja Fuchs (2012) Comparison of teaching social studies with and without use of interactive whiteboard. Diploma thesis.

Diana Novak (2012) Discussion of selected themes of life. MSc thesis.

Barbara Lušina (2011) Leisure time. Diploma thesis.

Karolina Kobal (2011) Outdoor education in Kamp Vrhpolje. Diploma thesis.

Tadeja Prašnikar (2011) Time perception at children in the 4th and 5th grade. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Krautberger (2011) Environment and the integrated curriculum in the third grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Marija Urbas (2011) Cooperative ways of learning at environmental studies in the second class. Diploma thesis.

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