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Monika Virant (2019) Integrating the process of sorting into other areas of curriculum in the first period of preschool education. Diploma thesis.

Martina Krušič (2018) Reading literacy in connection with teaching geometric concepts in the fourth grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Andreja Potokar (2018) Learning about round and regular shapes in a group of children 2−3 years of age. Diploma thesis.

Maja Toplak Primc (2018) Preschool teachers' views on mathematics in the preschool Curriculum. MSc thesis.

Anja Janc (2018) Identification of fifth graders' understanding of selected concepts from plane geometry. MSc thesis.

Nina Oblak (2018) Interdisciplinary connections of mathematics and music in the first triad of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Suzana Bajc (2018) Evaluation of the kindergarten teachers' planning and performances of geometric activities in the preschool education. MSc thesis.

Miha Okorn (2018) Identifying mathematical literacy of the fifth graders. MSc thesis.

Nina Tori (2017) Children`s understanding of mathematical concepts. Diploma thesis.

Janja Levičnik (2017) Maths corner in the kindergarden. Diploma thesis.

Petra Klinc (2017) Mathematical problem solving strategies among year 5 gifted students of the primary school. MSc thesis.

Nastja Jenko (2017) Mathematics of first civilizations for preschoolers. Diploma thesis.

Monika Tostovršnik (2017) The role of the teacher in dealing with students with dyscalculia. MSc thesis.

Vesna Balant (2017) Teachers' attitudes towards the concept of realistic mathematics. MSc thesis.

Ariana Dežman (2017) Project mosaic in kinderkarten. Diploma thesis.

Katja Kotnik (2017) Learning mathematical concepts in natural enviroment. Diploma thesis.

Karin Govek (2017) Preschool teachers' attitudes towards realising preschool Curriculum aims in the area of mathematics. MSc thesis.

Petra Družinec (2017) An evalvation of the teaching approach for written division in the 4th grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Jerneja Rojko (2017) Criteria for a teacher's selection of quality mathematics teaching materials in the 5th grade of elementary school. MSc thesis.

Petra Kastelic (2017) Teachers` and pupils` attitudes towards teaching approaches used for natural numbers up to 10 000 in fourth grade. MSc thesis.

Alenka Žnidaršič (2016) Understanding of number zero with sixgraders. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Jaklin (2016) Students' attitudes towards the use of teaching material in mathematics. MSc thesis.

Klara Mlinar (2016) Doing homework and consolidating mathematical knowledge in the after-school care class. MSc thesis.

Laura Koren (2016) Including mathematical content in English language instruction to year 1 pupils applying CLIL method. MSc thesis.

Anja Bizjak (2016) Teachers' attitudes towards realistic mathematics education approach with fractions in year 4 primary school students. MSc thesis.

Mihaela Mataič Šalamun (2016) Group support third grade pupils with learning difficulties in arithmetic. MSc thesis.

Meta Zver (2016) Mathematics in the curriculum and in the Reggio Emilia aproach. Diploma work.

Ana Mavec (2016) Strategies of solving mathematical problems in year 5 primary school students. MSc thesis.

Sabina Erjavec (2016) Fabric as a material for introducing some mathematical concepts. Diploma thesis.

Klavdija Turk Suka (2016) Promoting reading literacy in teaching mathematics of year 5 primary school pupils. MSc thesis.

Amela Jašarević (2016) Number sense and quantity in children prior to school entry. MSc thesis.

Jasmina Bunšek (2016) Understanding the concept of the number among 3-5 years old children. MSc thesis.

Tina Gačnik (2016) Connecting contents of measurements with different occupations in 5th grade. MSc thesis.

Irena Žerovnik (2015) Learning through mathematical play. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Kralj (2015) Introducing children to the world of solids. Diploma thesis.

Valentina Vučko (2015) Interdisciplinary correlation in the project "Ball" with toddlers. Diploma thesis.

Špela Urevc (2015) Simbolic representation of numbers in preschool education. Diploma thesis.

Ajda Šimonka (2014) Encouraging 4th graders' understanding and using of measuring units. Diploma thesis.

Tea Tavčar (2014) Knowledge of logic in association with knowledge of mathematics in fourth grade. Diploma thesis.

Katja Peterlin (2014) Learning mathematics in nature. Diploma thesis.

Aleksandra Bohinc (2014) Mathematical knowledge of preschool children before entering school. Diploma thesis.

Simona Klemenčič (2013) Effectiveness of teaching approach for teaching selected concepts of time. Diploma thesis.

Maja Jagodic (2013) Creative movement in learning geometry. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Berus (2013) Generalizations a solving a problem on perimeter. Diploma thesis.

Vesna Mlakar (2013) Flexible differentiation in mathematics in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Lidija Gačnik (2013) Investigating a half. Diploma thesis.

Veronika Hribar (2013) Learning about geometrical solids, shapes and lines in pre-school education. Diploma thesis.

Maja Škrbec (2013) Approach to geometry teaching according to van Hiele in the second triad of elementary school. PhD thesis.

Irena Gole (2013) The understanding of infinity in primary school. MSc thesis.

Petra Peterlin (2012) Interdisciplinary correlation in the project »Road traffic«. Diploma work.

Katja Osredkar (2012) Integration of motion and mathematical content in kindergarten. Diploma work.

Majda Vehovec (2012) Evaluation of the work with talented students. MSc thesis.

Viktorija Praštalo (2012) Comparison of students` knowledge of multiplication table between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Diploma thesis.

Manca Jelenc (2012) Numerical performances - understanding numbers up to one hundred. Diploma thesis.

Alenka Frank (2012) Comparison of curriculum and teaching materials at mathematics since eight-year school obligation until today. Diploma thesis.

Anja Alič (2012) The connection between mathematical talent and interest in music. Diploma thesis.

Maruša Ferjan (2012) The comparison of mathematical problem solving of patterns in year 3 and year 5 of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Staša Juršič (2012) The strategies of solving mathematical problems in the fourth grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Matejka Zelenc (2012) The comparison between Slovenian and Belgian mathematical curriculum. Diploma thesis.

Monika Uršič (2012) Cross-sectoral integration of mathematics in the project "Visiting alien". Diploma work.

Ana Slapar (2012) Second grade students understanding of the arithmetic operations. Diploma thesis.

Maja Vegelj (2012) The constructivist approach to teaching parts of a whole and introducing fractions. Diploma thesis.

Nataša Pišek (2012) Integration of contents in orientation and language in the first age group of preschool education. Diploma work.

Jožica Banič (2012) The didactic materials at maths in kindergarden. Diploma work.

Katja Mrak (2012) The role of the number zero in different contexts. Diploma thesis.

Sara Gluk (2012) Teachers' attitudes towards the use of didactic computer games for learning multiplication. Diploma thesis.

Barbara Letonja (2011) Use of computer in teaching of mathematics in the third grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Simona Jamšek (2011) Strategies of solving written division algorithms in fifth grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Praček (2011) Orientation and mathematics in the pre-school education. Diploma work.

Vesna Nadarević (2011) Teaching mathematics in primary school and primary school for adults. Diploma thesis.

Mojca Lokar (2011) Understanding of geometrical concepts according to Van Hiele theory in the 4th and 6th grade. Diploma thesis.

Sanja Prosen (2011) Mathematical homework in primary schools. Diploma thesis.

Katja Pirnat (2011) Creative movement at teaching of selected mathematical contents. Diploma thesis.

Žaklina Turk (2011) A mathematical walk with preschool children. Diploma work.

Emina Sekić (2011) Achieving mathematical literacy through tables and diagrams. Diploma thesis.

Maja Klemenčič (2011) The use of computer program »Become a master of math« at mathematics lessons. Diploma thesis.

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