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Natalija Pek (2011) The effect of a Creative movement on hypoactive students. Diploma thesis.

Nives Bratina Furlan (2011) Interactive games and creative movement as a social pedagogical media for working with adolescents. Diploma thesis.

Nika Buček (2011) Integration of creative movement in the educational process of after school program. Diploma thesis.

Damjana Lončar (2011) Learning through creative movement in second grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Katja Pirnat (2011) Creative movement at teaching of selected mathematical contents. Diploma thesis.

Anja Ržišnik (2011) Creative movement in foreign language teaching and learning in primary school. Diploma thesis.

Eva Hudolin (2012) Fantastical trees as a stimulus for dance expression. Diploma thesis.

Maja Čuden (2012) Guided visualization as stimulation for dance expression. Diploma work.

Nina Štor (2012) Dance in physical education in second grade. Diploma thesis.

Tamara Božič (2012) Teaching with creative movement in the trird grade of primary school. Diploma thesis.

Polona Zrimšek (2012) Didactic cards in preschool education. Diploma work.

Darja Grimšič (2013) Dance creativity as a response to images of imagination trees. Diploma work.

Maja Jagodic (2013) Creative movement in learning geometry. Diploma thesis.

Kristina Živic (2013) Creative movement in extracurricular activities in first and second grade of primar school. Diploma thesis.

Tina Žakelj (2013) Learning adapting to wather according to the established method and by inclouding method of creative movement. Diploma thesis.

Manca Bokal (2013) The acquisition of learning content in fine arts lessons with the help of creative movement. Diploma thesis.

Petra Treven (2014) Expressive exercises as a motivational impulse in the learning of a foreign language. Diploma thesis.

Sonja Maček (2014) Dance dramatization of the story About the cock who was learning to crow, with 3 to 5 years old children. Diploma thesis.

Anja Valerija Jalšovec (2014) Creative movement in fifth grade. Diploma thesis.

Lucija Jamnik (2014) Dance dramatization of the russian folk tale The Rabbit’s House. Diploma thesis.

Nastasia Končina (2014) Making sense of the study exchange by including gained experiences into the third grade curriculum. Diploma thesis.

Mateja Rozman (2014) Creation with movement and rhythm as a part of »Mali sonček« sports programme in Dobrova kindergarten. Diploma thesis.

Darija Močnik (2014) Dance dramatization: Animals at Grandma winter. Diploma work.

Staša Berkopec (2014) Learning ballroom dancing through creative movement. Diploma thesis.

Marijana Jerković (2015) The five Tibetan rites in primary schools. Diploma thesis.

Vesna Geršak (2016) Creative movement as a holistic teaching approach in primary school. PhD thesis.

Žana Benedičič (2016) Experiencing a guided visualisation and preparation for dance expression. Diploma thesis.

Anja Tegelj (2016) A wheelchair-bound child integration in the class supported by dance workshops. MSc thesis.

Urška Sedevčič (2016) Experiencing dance-movement workshops by young adults in a context of Sonček – Cerebral Palsy Association. Diploma thesis.

Karin van Bakel (2016) Children's folk heritage through creative movement with the youngest kindergarten children. Diploma work.

Teja Vodušek (2016) Teacher´s attitudes to creative movement at the elementary schools in the Upper Savinja Valley. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Janežič (2017) Movement characteristics of elementary school second graders with integration of creative movement into lessons. MSc thesis.

Ana Jurca (2017) Model evaluation of integrating the subjects of environmental studies and art from the first grader mindset´s point of view. MSc thesis.

Kaja Ljubi (2017) Creative movement in youngest age group. Diploma thesis.

Špela Škerbec (2018) Through senses to creative movement in the forest. Diploma thesis.

Romana Šarec (2018) Primary school children's emotional expression during integration of creative movement into the classroom. MSc thesis.

Sandra Zelko Sitar (2018) Relaxing activities for children with mild intellectual disabilities in the after-school program. MSc thesis.

Sara Tomažin (2018) Effects of a creative movement programme on motor creativity in Elementary second graders. MSc thesis.

Nuša Jurjevič (2018) Integration of dance and fine arts into the learning process. MSc thesis.

Tanja Kovjenić and Ana Kveder (2019) Teaching Slovene to fourth graders with the help of creative movement. MSc thesis.

Maja Tušar (2019) Understanding diversity of people using creative movement in the second and fifth grade of primary school. MSc thesis.

Nika Lakič (2019) Consolidation of knowledge with creative movement in the educational after-school programme. Diploma thesis.

Tjaša Vadnau (2019) Unstructured waste material as creative movement incentive. Diploma thesis.

Nika Spruk (2019) Space development as an element of dance for children aged 1–2 years. Diploma thesis.

Katja Leben (2019) Introducing the concept of a house through creative movement in age group of four to five years. Diploma thesis.

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