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Search help


You can browse the collections by various criteria, which are located on the top menu and in the area "Browsing". You can choose Browsing by authors, by departments, by mentors, by study programms, by year, by keywords and by projects. Clicking on the record name will display all the information held about that record.


PeFprints offers two levels of searching, simple and advanced. The advanced form enables you to search using more fields. Access the simple search or advanced search using the links on the front page.

Simple search

Simple Search allows you only to enter one or more search terms to search through the repository with. You can enter part of the title, the author or any other piece of information you would like to search for and click Search button.

Advanced search

Advanced Search enables you to perform very detailed and specific searches. The Advanced Search screen consists of a series of specific search boxes, you can enter search terms of only those fields you are interested in. You can leave the fields you don't want to search blank.

If you are looking for items on a particular subject, use one or more of these search boxes – Full Text, Title, Abstract, Keywords, or use the Selection list (Item type, Thesis type, Departments, Status, Format).

If you are looking for items written or created in a particular year, or date range, use the Date search box.

Search Results Display

You can determine how the retrieved records are ordered on the screen. The default is by year, with the most recent year displaying first. Other choices are: by year (by oldest displaying first); in alphabetical order of author´s name, mentor´s name or in alphabetical order of title.