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On spending time in contemporary society through animation film.

Liza Cebe Podržaj (2022) On spending time in contemporary society through animation film.. Diploma thesis.

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    The dissertation presents the issue of spending free time through various theoretical aspects and with the help of a story created in the technique of animated film. The thesis consists of a short animated film titled Time, and two theoretical parts. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a broader context on the issue of time and leisure from the societal point of view (psychological, sociological and philosophical). Works of various different authors help describe the society in which we live and provide the framework for questioning the quantity and quality of time that we spend. For the purpose of this thesis, the notion of time is split into two parts, namely leisure and work. With the help of theoretical works we try to pinpoint to whom or what we dedicate most of our time. In understanding the value of spending time, in which work plays the central role, we draw on Karl Marx’s theory. The thesis also endeavors to describe how the perception of time and the use of it changed throughout history, and highlights the impact of technology on today’s society. We also touch on the position of children and youth today. The second theoretical part of the thesis refers to the chapters on animation and animated films. In this part we discuss different types of animation styles, its beginnings and history, and animation techniques with a focus on stop-motion animation. The importance and the function of animation itself and its position in the educational system is emphasized alongside the role of children and young adults in it. The research part of the thesis describes the process of creating an animated film and the author's reflection on the process and the content of theoretical work. Time is a socially conditioned concept that is abstract for both children and adults and encompasses many different perspectives that are strongly intertwined. Therefore it is crucial that we ponder and question what time is, because contemplation broadens our perspective. Time is especially precious in the present day and that is why the quality of the time we use, and what we decide to spend it on, is all the more important. Animation can bring a certain object, image, drawing to life, giving them new meaning and creating new narratives. Animated film can help us connect art, practical knowledge and certain social content. With its help, we can delve into social problems, the research of which can give rise to even more questions, and our task is to search for answers. Animation and animated film play a strong role in educational work, both from a practical and educational perspective. The educational aspect of animation highlights the content and helps us communicate with children and young people, allowing them to search for common solutions, voice opinions, express critical thinking; by gaining these faculties the children become more confident. Animated film is an ideal tool for learning values, but it is also an artistic genre that allows a child to start building a positive attitude towards other arts. The practical aspect allows children and young people to develop their creative abilities, a sense of aesthetics, cooperation, communication and the search for a common goal through the creation of animation. But arguably the most important part remains the feeling of satisfaction that accompanies a finished animated film. Creativity, which plays the central role in the process of filmmaking, as it drives the individual towards the final product, is a crucial skill; therefore the creative process, i.e. the production of an animated film, could and should also be adapted for kindergarten. Emphasis on the presentation of the animated film to others, along with the process of its creation, would help spread the excitement and interest for this artistic genre.

    Item Type: Thesis (Diploma thesis)
    Keywords: animated films, time, youth, child, modern society, stop-motion animation
    Number of Pages: 47
    Language of Content: Slovenian
    Mentor / Comentors:
    Mentor / ComentorsIDFunction
    doc. dr. Helena KorošecMentor
    Link to COBISS: https://plus.si.cobiss.net/opac7/bib/peflj/106565635
    Institution: University of Ljubljana
    Department: Faculty of Education
    Item ID: 7173
    Date Deposited: 06 May 2022 10:55
    Last Modified: 06 May 2022 10:55
    URI: http://pefprints.pef.uni-lj.si/id/eprint/7173

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