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DrogArt - a retrospective

Mina Paš in Matej Sande (2011) DrogArt - a retrospective. V: Nightlife reconsidered. The Etnoblog Intercultural Association, Trieste, str. 12-20. ISBN 978-88-906909-0-7

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    In 1996, we put together a research team at the Society for the Development of Preventive Work under the direction of Dr. Bojan Dekleva. The team proceeded to devised a qualitative study entitled “The Methodology of Qualitative Research on the Negative Effects of Drugs among Young People”, which was the first study on the use of MDMA in Slovenia. The main objective was to gain insight into the use of so called ‘dance drugs’ in recreational settings, which we knew very little about at the time. What did we find? The results showed that Slovenia already had a relatively well developed rave scene, that synthetic drugs had made their way into raves, that users occasionally experienced problems with drug use, and that Slovenia lacked a program aimed at supplying young people with information and advice. This led to the realization of the need for a project to undermine the harmful repercussions of drug use at electronic music events.

    Tip vnosa: Del monografije
    Ključne besede: nočno življenje, DrogArt
    Število strani: 104
    Ustanova: Univerza v Ljubljani
    Fakulteta: Pedagoška fakulteta
    Oddelki: Oddelek za socialno pedagogiko
    ID vnosa: 690
    Datum vnosa: 06 Apr 2012 10:28
    Zadnja sprememba: 11 Apr 2012 08:44
    URI: http://pefprints.pef.uni-lj.si/id/eprint/690

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