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Gregor Torkar in Milan Kubiatko (2017) Editorial. CEPS Journal, 7 (1). str. 5-8. ISSN 1855-9719

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    The theme of this issue of the CEPS journal is Challenges for Biology Education in the 21st Century. In recent decades, biology has evolved from a classical (descriptive) to modern (explanatory) science. Following the era of engineering (19th century), chemistry and physics (20th century), biology has started to play a key role in tackling the global/complex problems of the 21st century. These problems or challenges must be tackled in an integrative way. Integrating knowledge from various disciplines will permit deeper understanding of biological systems and help us find better biology-based solutions to societal problems. The main purpose of this issue is a discussion of the challenges biology educators face with new discoveries and global ecological and societal changes. In the thematic part of this issue, five papers from authors from Finland, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom, discuss the abovementioned challenges with which biology education is faced.

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    Oddelki: Oddelek za biologijo, kemijo in gospodinjstvo > Katedra za biologijo in kemijo
    ID vnosa: 4422
    Datum vnosa: 28 Mar 2017 08:23
    Zadnja sprememba: 28 Mar 2017 08:23
    URI: http://pefprints.pef.uni-lj.si/id/eprint/4422

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