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Slovenia's best for young readers

Zarika Snoj Verbovšek in Katja Stergar in Kristjan Mavri in Anja Mrak in Milena Mileva Blažić (2014) Slovenia's best for young readers. Strokovna monografija. Slovenian Book Agency , Ljubljana.

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    Slovenian literature often reaches its creative peaks precisely with children’s and young-adult authors. Books intended for young people are usually their first signpost in discovering new and unknown worlds. They are the most important encouragement in developing creativity in the early period and an important tool in developing the child’s sensitivity and empathy for people and the world. But above all they develop a love of reading of all kinds. The joyous rapture that even the earliest reading experiences bring represents hope and promise for a more meaningful, freer and better future. Few expressions of human creativity can compete with the charm and effectiveness of children’s and young-adult literature. An in-depth contact with a quality book in one’s youth is a solid foundation for the later development of an individual’s reading culture, and with it also for the realization of inner potentials and creativity. Excellent and masterfully crafted books in particular can meet such expectations, books that will not easily release young readers from their mysterious labyrinths of words and images.

    Tip vnosa: Monografija (Strokovna monografija)
    Ključne besede: mladinska književnost, seznami, slovenski pisatelji, slovenski ilustratorji
    Število strani: 84
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    http://www.jakrs.si/fileadmin/datoteke/Nova_spletna_stran/Predstavitvena_gradiva/Katalogi/Slo_best_for_young_readers_2014-katalog-ang.pdfDrugo nahajališče
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    Ustanova: Univerza v Ljubljani
    Fakulteta: Pedagoška fakulteta
    Oddelki: Oddelek za razredni pouk > Katedra za slovenski jezik in didaktiko slovenskega jezika
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    Datum vnosa: 02 Feb 2016 07:39
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