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Optimizing physical education lessons in the second and third triennium of elementary school

Vesna Štemberger in Franc Krpač (2009) Optimizing physical education lessons in the second and third triennium of elementary school. Acta kinesiologica : međunarodni znanstveni časopis iz područja kineziologije, 3 (2). str. 26-30. ISSN 1840-2976

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    Since we are forced, by our lifestyles, to sit down most of the time, it is of extremely important to carry out physical education (PE) at the highest level possible. PE is, to many children, the only organized, professionally guided physical activity they will experience. The purpose of our investigation was to establish the duration of individual elements within PE lessons and to present elements that would, through optimization of their work, help teache rs put more attention on physical activities. Observations of 65 physical education lessons were performed and statistical data was processed with SPSS 16.0 for Windows. According to the results, the introductory time of the lessons is usually much shorter than suggested and not enough attention is put to special warm-up. The main part of the lessons is, theoretically, of approp riate length, whereas the last part of the lessons is again too short. Since teachers do not optimize the time spent on unnecessary activities, PE lessons are, as a rule, shorter than 45 minutes. As a cons equence of the above factors, students 19 effective involvement during physical education lessons is lower than expected. The results also show that time usage during physical education lesson could easily be improved, merely by applying some minor modifications to teachers 19 processes and by raising awareness of the importance of ph ysical education among teaching staff. Sufficient physical activity is crucial for child 19s healthy development.

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